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Nov 30, 2022
Dec 7, 2022


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Pigster Crypto
1 Feb, 2022
Adding a little bit more to $LUNA and $SNX . Also adding $ETH and $ANT to our strategy at low %. Things looking better right now, let's hope the bottom is in.
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Alpha Digital
20 Jan, 2022

Crypto is showing relative strength compared to equity markets lately.

It seems to be slowly bottoming out, so this might be an excellent region to dip our toes back in the water.

I'll cut on a lower low/add on a higher high. Let's see how it goes.

I've added "SoLunAvax" ($SOL, $LUNA, $AVAX) because I believe we'll see some rotation back into the "former" leading L1s.

$NEAR and $ATOM are my favorites of the recently hyped "FOAN" ($FTM, $ONE, $ATOM, $NEAR) L1s, so I added them as well.

$RUNE, $ANT, and $FET are speculative projects I'm a big fan of, which will hopefully have their time soon.

As always, this is not financial advice.

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Going 100% stables when breaking 40.3k. Fingers crossed

But ser, you are my financial advisor. And my fund manager 😛

1 Jan, 2022

Happy New Year 2022. The Eigernord portfolio pursues a long-term strategy. The circa semi-monthly rebalancing was performed on 1/1/2022 according to the following principle: The trend strength/performance of each cryptocurrency in the portfolio over the last period (~15 days) is taken as a basis and the weighting (strategy) of each asset is adjusted up or down accordingly (rounding +/- 0.25%). Cryptocurrencies < 0.75% are removed from the portfolio. The best performance in the last period was achieved by ARAGON $ANT with a whopping gain of 125%, followed by Oasis Network $ROSE with around 65%. Terra $LUNA continues to be the weightiest currency with 10.5%.  The 3-month return on January 1, 2022 is around 27%. The 6-month return is approximately 134%.  The portfolio consists of 42 currencies in total.

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28 Dec, 2021

Good evening,

I know i promised a report as often as i can, but it was nearly impossible to write anything.

I belive now $LUNA have tested the support level is on the way up again. $CRO made some impressive moves with buying Staples Centre, making it inevitable for broader public to ignore the crypto market. Also $ANT as a good short term asset.

I know last week was rough but i still believe we are on the right track.

Thank you for supporting me and lets turn this trend around!

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Crypto Rockets
16 Dec, 2021

Rebalancing in progress, took 41% profit from $ANT and redistributed it. In general there are very nice setups for $ETH and a few other projects, but we still need to break out of the bearish move of the crypto market in general.

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Took profits from $ETH and added DAO infrastructure $ANT and $PNT small percentage. The strategy we have picked seems to be outperforming $BTC and has good steady progress. We aim to choose projects with stable team/site/development #crypto #btc #cryptorocks

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Alpha Digital
8 Apr, 2021

Even though I listed $ALPHA among the weaker looking alts I'm keeping it as the strategy's main investment. This is due to it starting a run right before $BTC crashed, continuous consolidation so no higher time frame technical weakness (daily chart looks good) and it's gonna launch on Binance Smart Chain soon.
Adding $ANT, $SXP and $FTT keeping fingers away from $XRP

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As long as $BTC stays above 17500 usd and below 20000 usd, I see alts outperform in the short run. I expect $LINK and $ADA to break out soon. If $XRP and $ANT continue to rise fast I'll take some profits.

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Green Machine
23 Oct, 2020

$AAVE and $ANT both up 10%+ since last rebalance so taking profit. Market in general mostly green after a great week. Expecting $BTC to bleed out a bit over the weekend looking at charts but when it makes these big moves it attracts a lot of interest which can render short term charts useless.

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9 Oct, 2020

Lowering a further 20%. Adding back in $ANKR $IRIS $SNX and $ANT.

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