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Sep 28, 2022
Oct 5, 2022


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30 Sep, 2022


Moving to the FX market. Here is the list of currencies and their losses against the USD over the past year📉 The numbers are shocking so it would not be surprising if people would start to lose trust in the government-issued currencies and start to turn to crypto🤔 The volumes are increasing and this may be the first signs of the crypto revolution. $BTC $ETH $BNB $USDT

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30 Sep, 2022


As a result of the chaos we are seeing in the FX market, the tone towards crypto is starting to change👀 This is another bullish observation. If enough media companies will start to talk about this, more people will get interested and will use crypto in order to preserve their wealth when their local currencies will start to devalue📉 Now is time for the crypto to shine🚀Fingers crossed this plays out in our favor🤞$BTC $ETH $BNB $USDT

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28 Sep, 2022


Morning update:

Yesterday’s call was epic and we made some nice profits That being said, we are staying cautious here as the grand finale of this bear market could be around the corner. SPX is retesting June's bottom, 200-day moving average and Apple is at the same time at $150 which marks its major support. The bulls still have some chances of defending those lines and they better do. If we lose those levels, stocks will dump hard and crypto will likely go down as well📉$BTC $ETH $BNB

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@DirtLof seems like you do not understand how the platform works. There is nowhere you can cash out as we are not setting profits aside. Now there are simply more dollars and more $BTC in the strategy. If you copy it, also in your account😉

when i can cash out?

Our LOW FEE Schillebeeckx Strategy is coping well with this downtrend by staying out of alts and hedging our portfolio with $USDT.

Remember that bear markets can make you rich. So stay postive, even on these deep red days. It's just a buying opportunity.

We will add to our $BTC and $ETH position and we will initiate a small $BNB position if $BTC dips below 18k.

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19 Sep, 2022


Overall, we plan to remain cautious and watch the grand finale of this bear market mostly from the sidelines. Once everyone will be bearish and start to panic sell their coins at a loss, we will start to deploy capital and buy the coins for the next bull cycle📈$BTC $ETH $BNB $ATOM $USDT

Last but not least, have a great start of the week!🙌

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Very glad we sold our $BNB and a chunk of $BTC this morning before the markets broke down.

Higher than expected CPI numbers are scaring investors away from risk-on assets.

Our 'buy the blood orders' are ready to be filled at lower levels.

A next big panic downleg will make us very greedy.

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We lowered risk once more by taking profits in $BNB and $BTC in this bear rally.

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As we might see another big leg down, we've set up price based rules to get back in the market. We will now automatically and gradually increase our allocations to $BTC , $ETH , $BNB and many other alts once we go lower.

We do not intend to buy the absolute bottom, but we will buy and hold our favourite crypto's for the long run at these very opportunistic prices (if they occur).

Stay confident and be patient. Once this cryptowinter is over, the brave holders will be rewarded!

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We decided to even increase our $USDT holdings as we expect $BTC to break below its 2017 highs. We can still participate in some upside but we strongly hedged the downside by this action, so we will be able to buy the blood in the alts-street after a next big leg down.

We keep a 4% allocation to $BNB and $ETH as well.

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As expected we are bouncing, but we don't think this will last, so we take quick profits in $ETH, $BNB and $BTC.

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