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SEI GBP price chart / performance

SEI GBP price chart / performance

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Feb 24, 2024
Mar 2, 2024



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Sei (SEI) History and Overview

Sei (SEI) History and Overview

Sei is a layer-1 blockchain rooted in the Cosmos ecosystem that's redefining the landscape of digital asset trading, particularly within the decentralized exchange (DEX) sphere. Its core mission is to blend the efficiency and speed of centralized exchanges with the foundational principles of security and decentralization inherent to blockchain technology.

Unlike centralized exchanges, which often have limited service offerings, Sei stands out with its asset and application-agnostic approach. This versatility enables access to a myriad of tokens across various blockchain applications within its ecosystem, facilitating seamless trading across diverse sectors like decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and Game Finance (GameFi).

Sei's emergence is timely, considering the explosive growth and challenges in the crypto space post the 2021 boom. The existing layer-1 and layer-2 infrastructures have struggled to keep pace with the burgeoning demand, a gap Sei aims to fill. The platform addresses the ‘Exchange Trilemma’ which encapsulates the challenges faced by decentralized applications (dApps) in maintaining security, efficiency, and decentralization.

Sei's innovative solution leverages the Twin Turbo consensus mechanism, a combination of the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint Core, to offer decentralized trading apps the necessary speed, security, capital efficiency, and decentralization. This approach ensures a seamless user experience akin to Web2 applications, without compromising on trustless and permissionless transactions.

In terms of performance, Sei outshines established blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. With a transaction finality of just 500 milliseconds, it offers a highly scalable protocol for rapid digital asset trading. This speed advantage is crucial in addressing issues like front-running and maximal extractable value (MEV), which have plagued decentralized exchanges.

Sei's primary aim is to address the limitations of general-purpose layer-1 blockchains in supporting DEX platforms, particularly in terms of throughput and network congestion. By focusing on trading-specific infrastructure, Sei offers a scalable template for various dApps and DEX platforms, enhancing performance without sacrificing security or interoperability.

The platform's native token, SEI, plays a pivotal role in its ecosystem. With a total supply of 10 billion tokens and an initial circulating supply valued at $2.30 billion as of January 2024, SEI is integral to the platform's operation. It serves as the payment method for transaction fees, a staking mechanism for network security, and has been listed on major exchanges, experiencing significant value surges since its debut.

How To Buy Sei or Add it to your Strategy

The fastest, most convenient way to purchase Sei is to purchase it on ICONOMI. We check Sei live prices on 10+ crypto exchanges and buy it at the best market price.

You can buy Sei by adding it to your private Crypto Strategy (crypto portfolio). You can also use our recurring buy feature that tends to level out cryptocurrency price volatility effects. You can find out more about how to benefit from smaller investments at regular intervals on our blog article.

We recommend you do your own research and cryptocurrency analysis. Experienced crypto traders use fundamental and technical analysis to evaluate if Sei is a good buy/sell. Fundamental and technical analyses are the two most common types of analysis used in trading traditional assets (e.g. stocks and bonds).

If you are unfamiliar with analyzing cryptocurrency prices and want to buy Sei, we recommend you read the next section, as copying might be a better approach.

Add Sei to your portfolio by copying a Strategy

If you are not skilled at these, consider a different approach to investing in cryptocurrencies. You can learn from and copy seasoned crypto traders on ICONOMI who regularly share their insights and manage their public Crypto Strategies. Go to the strategies page and use the “ticker” filter to find out which public Crypto Strategies have Sei in their structure.


Here you can read and comment on all posts made by Strategists about Sei SEI. See all Sei price predictions in real time and make the best use of their crypto knowledge.

The actual Bitcoin run is mostly driven by institutional Money which is flowing into Bitcoin via the ETFs. BlackRock alone added +9000 BTC yesterday. And this money will eventually flow into altcoins as outlined in the “Crypto Money Flow Chart”down below. I wonder how hard altcoins will pump when time is due?! The clock is ticking! $BTC $SEI $SUI $IMX

Post image
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WCI top altcoins
28 Feb, 2024

Sold $KNC as we didn't get hoped pump. I decided to buy different altcoins, because distributed portfolio could be the right play at the moment. Why? Because we could see different alts popping up and it could be frustrating if we hold only one or two assets that don't move that much.

So we bought $SEI, $OSMO, $NEAR, $GMX , $FXS and $DYDX.

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Diversitas EW
19 Feb, 2024

Regular weekly rebalance was just performedGreat week for some of the altcoins🚀$SEI is a weekly winner and is up over 40%🔥

Have a great start of the week🙌

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18 Feb, 2024

We are moving up! #Bitcoin dominance dropping, with $BTC showing strength! Perfect conditions... It has been 46 days since our last 'profit take rebalance'. Let's do our fourth now. Rebalance, lowering our monthly top performers: $SEI and $RNDR some to add a extra 0.5% to: $USDC $PAXG and $BTC. We now hold 2% GOLD and USD and 16% BTC in our crypto strategy, slowly lowering risk from higher risk reward holdings.

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Beautiful retest completed

Great you take profits. Everybody will be thankfull in the next bearmarket or in a sudden unexpected black swan correction.

15 Feb, 2024


Morning update:

The ETFs continue to fuel the rally and the $BTC price continues to climb up📈More importantly, we continue to print green dots above the trackline 🟢

P.S. Altcoins like $RUNE and $SEI also started to print some epic gains🔥

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@Fish Great scaling solution at the moment but could be irrelevant once $ETH scales. And secondly, its tokenomics are bad.

Whats your opinion about Arbitrum?

After 2 years since the last epic gains for alts, finally gotten to even on the investment. Please focus on the big players this time around ;)

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What Is the Highest Price of Sei in GBP?

Sei price UK history shows the highest value of 0.83 GBP . We recorded this price on February 18, 2024, but we cannot exclude that a higher price was registered before January 29, 2024.

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