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Dec 3, 2023
Dec 10, 2023

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THORChain (RUNE) History and Overview

The THORChain crypto protocol allows users to exchange assets across blockchain networks using decentrilized liquidity. It supports an ecosystem of services and products which use the THOR crypto network's cross-chain infrastructure. Cross-chain swaps are made possible through platforms like THORSwap, the first multichain DEX that uses THORChain's network as a front-end interface. Users can select the two assets they want to swap using THORSwap, and the protocol automatically determines the costs depending on network activity.

Powering the THORChain network is the THORChain coin RUNE. Each asset in the platform's liquidity pools has a matching token called RUNE that goes along with it. In this way, RUNE contributes to the network's utility and value by acting as the second token that users deposit in the liquidity pool to conduct transactions against. Additionally, RUNE is employed to protect the THORChain network, collect fees, and serve as a foundation for governance.

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2022/23 OVERVIEW

I was in crypto also in 2018/19 but the 🐻 cycle of 22/23 was the toughest. We've seen so many projects make multi yearly lows, capitulations of biggest funds, exchanges, many companies closed etc....

Last bull cycle winners were exposed as biggest frauds. Even though we were never directly exposed to those projects, the size and effect they've had on entire crypto ecosystem caused a domino effect of liquidations.

Most projects dropped -95%+, even though fundamentals were still strong with them. This has impacted us alot aswell.

In end of 2022 & 2023 we were accumulating $RUNE heavily, But due to the hard nature of market we were shaken out of it's rally from 0,9$ --> 1,6$ . We sold all of our position at 1,6$, later $RUNE teleported to 7$+. Even though our cherry picking of quality & fundamentaly strong projects seems to work, the trading part was impacted by emotions. We learned a lesson here.

While I didn't post many updates, I was still heavily researching, learning behind the scenes. I was silently accumulating $NEAR & $ROSE and few smaller altcoins that are not listed on ICONOMI. Summer & autumn of 2023 was accumulation time for us. 💰

I know we'll be back stronger than ever, but the market teached us a lesson, which we'll try to use into our advantage in near future.

I'll continue to stick to fundamentaly strong projects that are focused on problem solving and real world solutions.

I've had many people make fun of my investing methodology in 2018/19 and guess what happened in 2020 to 2021.

I was confronted with same events in 2022/23.

I'll do my best to find new quality gems and bring us all back to new highs. The road will be bumpy. Expect the unexpected in 2024. Thanks for all followers that have continued to stick with us.

Analysis and prediction report for 2024 will be released before new year.

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Stable WCI
8 Dec, 2023

During the recent bull run, Stable WCI experienced an impressive nearly 20x surge, primarily fueled by the remarkable performance of $LUNA. Sadly it ended how it ended. But I've never lost an interest about crypto and during bear market carefully selected my favorites: $LINK, $RUNE, $INJ, and $ROSE, and I am actively seeking to augment our positions in these tokens. Additionally, there are promising gems yet to be featured on @ICONOMI, and I am committed to incorporating them into our strategy at the earliest opportunity. 🚀

Predicting the future in the crypto realm is challenging, but the prospects of ETFs and halving events appear notably bullish. Consequently, I anticipate that the dark days are behind us for now. Any market dips, in my view, present buying opportunities. Notably, tokens like $LINK and $RUNE remain approximately 70% below their peaks, while $ROSE still down 80%. 👀 In the rapidly evolving landscape of #crypto, staying abreast of developments is crucial to avoid falling behind. However, this doesn't imply reckless decision-making.

Currently, $BTC is positioned at $37.7k with a dominance of 54%. While there is potential for it to rise, the onset of altseason could see its dominance dwindle to 40%. Importantly, we have outperformed $BTC by over 100% over last 6 months, providing a favorable position for the near future.

Have a nice weekend 😉

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Took profits from $TIA and $RUNE. Loaded up on $SOL and $NEO as they look ready for a big move. $ETH has a lot of lost ground against $BTC to make up for but we still think our alts will outperform ETH.

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6 Dec, 2023


So first of thank you all who kept faith in me when things went south.

We made some decent effort with $RUNE and we are now using some of that profit to diverse and become less dependant on one sole asset.

I will keep $RUNE as the base and build around with a mix of $BTC $ETH together with some alts. The rebalancing will be done once or maybe two times per month, depending on the development of the market.

Take care and stay safe!

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Its only shown to copiers, i cant copy you or see your strategy

Dear valued clients,

We would like to inform you that on December 04, 2023, we will be automatically executing a rebalancing of the Digital Asset Array (DAA) within the Crypto Assets DAA strategy.

The current active DAA structure will be as follows:








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What Is the Highest Price of THORChain (RUNE) in USD?

THORChain (RUNE) price history shows the highest value of 20.26 USD . We recorded this price on May 19, 2021, but we cannot exclude that a higher price was registered before August 19, 2020.

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