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Sep 25, 2023
Oct 2, 2023


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THORChain (RUNE) Overview

The THORChain crypto protocol allows users to exchange assets across blockchain networks using decentrilized liquidity. It supports an ecosystem of services and products which use the THOR crypto network's cross-chain infrastructure. Cross-chain swaps are made possible through platforms like THORSwap, the first multichain DEX that uses THORChain's network as a front-end interface. Users can select the two assets they want to swap using THORSwap, and the protocol automatically determines the costs depending on network activity.

Powering the THORChain network is the THORChain coin RUNE. Each asset in the platform's liquidity pools has a matching token called RUNE that goes along with it. In this way, RUNE contributes to the network's utility and value by acting as the second token that users deposit in the liquidity pool to conduct transactions against. Additionally, RUNE is employed to protect the THORChain network, collect fees, and serve as a foundation for governance.

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Stable WCI
19h ago

Just one comment about sentiment right now. $BTC halvening is getting closer (April 2024). The last time it was in May 2020 - and just before that (March 2020) $BTC dumped from 10k to 3k, other assets were no exception. The reason was Covid fear.

Many, many people are waiting for this dump again. And if it'll come they'll want a bigger one. But market doesn't work that way. At one point we'll just leave those people behind us ... History doesn't always repeat.

And don't forget we already had $BTC 15k ... $RUNE was at 0,77$ ... but greed works both way and people were screaming we'll see 8k $BTC.

We'll see what future brings us. But avoid too confident people - bulls or bears.

4 people like this
Stable WCI
29 Sep, 2023

What? $BTC gained 10% dominance since new year? 😛 $RUNE $LINK

Post image
3 people like this
Stable WCI
29 Sep, 2023

I like this battle between $LINK and $RUNE 😏🔥

3 people like this
Stable WCI
28 Sep, 2023

Since new year $BTC did around 60%, while our fund managed to do 54%. But what you have to know is that at the beginning of the year, $BTC dominance was at 39%, while now sits at 50%. Meaning we managed to do well even when alts were bleeding. Special thanks to $RUNE and $LINK 🔥

$BTC dominance will drop eventually and we can expect alt run then. Till then we have to preserve our capital. 🚀

3 people like this
WCI top altcoins
25 Sep, 2023

The #crypto market is the most boring when we are at the bottom. And last few weeks it was boring as hell. True projects are building anyway, but people don't recognise that as bullish. The thing is that there won't be any clear trigger that will make things bullish. That's why it's important to invest during boring times.

Investing 100$ $RUNE right now is like investing 1000$ at the peak. The same goes with $LINK, $ROSE, $HBAR, $INJ and many other actually. The point is to accumulate now and start selling when others start buying and FOMO.

During this dull times, we managed to make 20% profits in the last 3 months. We are nr. 2 performer in the last 3 months and nr. 8 performer in the last month 🔥

The thing is that good projects will do well in the future. It's important to recognise them, when they are undervalued.

Have a nice day!

5 people like this

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THORChain Price FAQ

What Is the Highest Price of THORChain (RUNE) in USD?

THORChain (RUNE) price history shows the highest value of 20.26 USD . We recorded this price on May 19, 2021, but we cannot exclude that a higher price was registered before August 19, 2020.

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