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1,47 $US

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481,67M $US

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mars 26, 2023
avr. 2, 2023


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THORChain(RUNE ) Aperçu

Le protocole cryptographique THORChain permet aux utilisateurs d'échanger des actifs à travers des réseaux de blockchain en utilisant des liquidités décentralisées. Il soutient un écosystème de services et de produits qui utilisent l'infrastructure multichaîne du réseau cryptographique THOR. Les swaps inter-chaînes sont rendus possibles par des plateformes comme THORSwap, le premier DEX multi-chaînes qui utilise le réseau THORChain'comme interface frontale. Les utilisateurs peuvent sélectionner les deux actifs qu'ils souhaitent échanger à l'aide de THORSwap, et le protocole détermine automatiquement les coûts en fonction de l'activité du réseau.
Le réseau THORChain est alimenté par la pièce de monnaie THORChain RUNE. Chaque actif dans les pools de liquidité de la plateforme est accompagné d'un jeton correspondant appelé RUNE. Ainsi, RUNE contribue à l'utilité et à la valeur du réseau en agissant en tant que deuxième jeton que les utilisateurs déposent dans le pool de liquidités pour effectuer des transactions. En outre, RUNE est utilisé pour protéger le réseau THORChain, collecter les frais et servir de base à la gouvernance.

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La façon la plus rapide et la plus pratique d'acheter THORChain est de l'acheter sur ICONOMI. Nous vérifions les prix en direct de THORChain sur plus de 10 bourses de crypto-monnaies et les achetons au meilleur prix du marché.

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Nous te recommandons de faire tes propres recherches et analyses sur les crypto-monnaies. Les traders de crypto-monnaies expérimentés utilisent l'analyse fondamentale et technique pour évaluer si THORChain est un bon achat/vente. Les analyses fondamentales et techniques sont les deux types d'analyse les plus courants utilisés dans le trading d'actifs traditionnels (par exemple, les actions et les obligations).

Si tu n'es pas familier avec l'analyse des prix des crypto-monnaies et que tu veux acheter THORChain, nous te recommandons de lire la section suivante, car la copie pourrait être une meilleure approche.

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Ici, tu peux lire et commenter tous les messages publiés par les Stratèges sur THORChain RUNE. Vois toutes les prédictions de prix THORChain en temps réel et fais le meilleur usage de leurs connaissances en crypto.

Added $LRC , $NEAR and $RUNE as we expect an altrunweekend. Stop losses in place as well as take profit targets and rules.

3 personnes aiment ça
Stable WCI
17 mars, 2023

$BTC's still the king. The sentiment is funny right now. Crypto twitter is actually pretty quiet ... It looks like many are sidelined and still waiting for $BTC to go lower. We'll see.

Still holding $RUNE $NEAR $LINK $ROSE

2 personnes aiment ça
Stable WCI
13 mars, 2023

Crazy times. $BTC went up 21% since our last rebalance.

There are some rumours that FED is actually going to CUT rates. Few days ago the prediction was 0,5 bp. I guess they are afraid to break even more banks lol.

$BTC loves this situation. Dominance is now at 45% and is going 🆙

I still believe $BTC needs to do a nice rally before we can start to hope about another alt season.

And don't forget ... 364 days til the next $BTC halving.

Staying with $NEAR, $RUNE, $ROSE $LINK $BTC


Post image
6 personnes aiment ça

Of course. Nothing has changed actually. But it's interesting how manipulated this market is.

lets wait for CPI and PPI...

Stable WCI
11 mars, 2023

You know the FUD is strong when stablecoins start to depeg. $USDC and $DAI losing it. Down 10%. This is not the same as luna and $ust one year ago. 8,25% of their reserves are stuck in the collapsed Silicon Valley bank. But this is it, I believe market is overreacting. We are in $USDT, so no worries for us.

There are so many bad news coming out last few days, it's crazy. We'll stay mostly in $BTC, but I'll be buying $RUNE, $LINK, $NEAR, $ROSE discounts.

Good luck!

3 personnes aiment ça

Reason for big shift in portfolio structure:

$ATOM was one of the best L1 performers of the bear cycle in 2022 & it was our main holding. Sure we felt the pain but we outperformed overall the market. Recently we dumped $ATOM . Reasoning is simple.

$ATOM belongs to the coins that have the least correlation to $BTC & other part of crypto,.

Most L1's got hit extremely hard in bear cycle --> most suffered more than 90% loses

We are hard believers in $ETH but it has few technical disantvantages that other L1 have solved. This was the reasoning for our $ATOM pick.

Since $BTC is on rampage lately, we can see that $ATOM is slowly underperforming it, while some altcoins are having crazy runs.

$NEAR was heavily impacted due to VC & Institutions like DCG have had big positions in it & they had to liquidate assets due to bankruptcy of their subsidiary Geneis. NEAR PROTOCOL is already live with sharding, has one of highest developer activity, very strong treasury and one of the biggest support from VC Firms. Seeing it down nearly 90% from ATH is a perfect point to enter.

$RUNE is extremely complicated to explain in 1 sentence so we will summarise it.

Thorchain is a crosschain DEX agregator. It works like a liquidity blackhole for entire crypto space. Offers self custory, directly from your hardware wallet, beeing able to swap to any chain, take a loan, earn yield etc... And best part it's part of $ATOM Ecosystem. Once liquidity and high volumes return to crypto so will $RUNE's price. Recently biggest & most trusted wallet providers have implemented or have announced they are implementing $RUNE in it's backend (TrustWallet, Ledger,...)

We'll say it in a simple way: YOU WILL USE $RUNE & YOU WILL BE HAPPY WITHOUT KNOWING YOU ARE USING IT. With THORCHAIN there is no more need to CEX's like Binance, Coinbase etc... 😉

$MKR Is the 2nd biggest protocol on Ethereum and biggest decentralised stable coin project

$DOT Is a crosschain L1 protocol that fullfils our multichain thesis.

We believe some of our picks will outperform $BTC heavily in following weeks. $ATOM has lately alot of drama in governance so we have exited it due to risk reward. We believe our picks are primed for a heavy run to the upside.

Post image
8 personnes aiment ça

RUNE is a beauty. Adoption by stealth being added to back end of apps to to facilitate native transactions across blockchains.

Good call on Atom. Some of the finest tech around but unfortunately the most toxic community/environment I’ve ever seen in crypto

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Quel est le Prix le Plus Élevé de THORChain (RUNE) en USD ?

L'historique des prix de THORChain (RUNE) montre la valeur la plus élevée de 20,26 USD. Nous avons enregistré ce prix le 19 mai 2021, mais nous ne pouvons pas exclure qu'un prix plus élevé ait été enregistré avant le 19 août 2020.

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