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Aug 7, 2022
Aug 14, 2022
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Passive strategy, to be made private after the Luna/UST crash and possibly delisted. Don't expect rebalancing. Expect DAOs and AI to be big in the future.

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11 May, 2022

The $LUNA market cap has been destroyed, and a lot more will be minted and sold to try to get $UST back to its peg. I think it is a reasonable assumption that once the plan is in place and it seems solid, buyers will come in and push $UST back to $1. Usually projects like this find a reasonable way forward. Maybe they never get back to their former glory, but they do ok. I expect to be in Terra for the coming days.

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congratulations, you are ICONOMIs worst fund manager 👌

Ballsy move from your side, to bad iconomy doesn't allow adding funds to strategies with luna.

23 Mar, 2022

I just made the first rebalance for a while, just taking $FET gains and redistributing them to the others. The day charts of all four assets are looking good again.

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@DharmaWheel The sources I have lead me to think we will see a recession. The price falls are led by growth assets - just look at the Nasdaq and crypto as a whole. Once a recession really kicks in, stocks are not usually negative from that point, as people start to price in 'better times'. This is what I see happing after summer, and crypto would be on the leading edge of that. Sadly, this strategy like many others has suffered from the crazy falls of the last few days, and I am not managing it as actively as I used to. Close management can be a curse as well as a blessing. I was debating moving some of the strategy into TerraUSD some days ago, which would have been a terrible move. On the other hand, going into another stablecoin would have been great. I expect to keep with my core assets that I think will do well long term, and occasionally try to take advantage somehow of situations like these.

Hey @frank , hope you are doing well. What are your thoughts on the current macro situation? Are you still actively managing your strategy? Thanks

23 Mar, 2022

A longer note on the macro situation: Of course this has an impact on the crypto market, and the impact it has is complex, but I see no reason to change fundamental strategy or pull out of the market. It is however, important to keep an eye on the main narratives.

The narrative of investors pulling out of crypto, going 'risk-off', was most prevalent at the start of the year. If we see more signs of recession around the world, we should keep an eye on this. For now, crypto seems to run more sideways since the outbreak of war. During periods of macro instability you have essentially a battle between Bitcoin as a kind of extreme form of reserve currency, to protect oneself from national currency inflation/bank runs/'world order'/sanctions VS escaping Bitcoin as a risk-on asset, and treating it like tech stocks. This battle reverberates across the whole sector, and the result so far I think is a stalemate.

Another narrative we are seeing is the one around regulation. As regulators and governments become better educated and experienced in the blockchain space, they will also come to treat the space with greater care, to make sure they are not stifling innovation and competitiveness. The short-medium term risk, though, is knee-jerk legislation that makes operating in certain countries hard/prohibitive.

The huge investment in the space and building out of tooling and apps continues in a way not seen in historical bear markets. Adoption continues at a fast pace. This bullish narrative is of course the main reason to stay in this space, have a medium-long term view, and keep a cool head.

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5 Feb, 2022

Happy with the last few days. $GALA pumped ~25% and a rule set up triggered, reducing its share from 30% of the portfolio to 22%. I think it has a big upside ahead medium term,

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Sorry I overlooked the comment @ShowSunshin. I am writing a short update now given the events fo the last month.

are you planning any changes considering the current situation or just hoping for the best?

1 Feb, 2022

$ANT taking a break gives the strategy a chance to rebalance and take profit, and introduce new assets. As explained previously, DAOs, gaming, DeFi (especially around liquidity) and AI have huge potential. Therefore I have chosen one asset from each sector.


Gaming: $GALA

DeFi: $CRV


Assets are subject to change! I have swapped $KAVA and $YFI for $CRV and $GALA. $CRV has shown great price appreciation recently, until a big dip during the sell off. The tokenomics are better than $YFI right now, but this may change soon, and I love what $KAVA are doing, so I will keep them on my watchlist. $GALA is developing a lot of games, growing user base and a good price entry.

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31 Jan, 2022

Being honest I called the bottom too early and you can see like PLANE Trend the majority of strategies were risk-on and suffered quite a lot around the 20th-22nd January. Fortunately $ANT is in profit since the last rebalance - the entry was solid and this has cushioned the blow. Now the strategy is in a position to make up for the market dump.

I have just slow rebalanced to take a little profit from $ANT and support $FET - the worst performer since the last rebalance.

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20 Jan, 2022

Sideways. My view i that the market is bottoming out here and will begin to break to the upside.

$KAVA 9 has launched with more onboarding of assets and the platform seems way undervalued after a recent 'sell the news' correction. Moreover, $ANT has lost almost 50% of its value against BTC this year so far despite being in one of the hottest crypto sectors for 2022 - DAOs. See Aragons end of year post here to get informed about the project. I have dropped $FET and $COMP for now, but will watch them as always.

When the market rises, I would expect these assets to do really well. I may be wrong about this being the end of the market downtrend, and if so I will adjust. But the risk here is worth it.

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15 Jan, 2022

Decent performance in an uncertain market. $KAVA performed great and protected the strategy. I rebalanced the gain, removed it for now in place of $LUNA which is showing new upside.

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4 Jan, 2022

Happy New Year. Ok performance the last week, but mostly due to $YFI. I have rebalanced to equal weights and swapped $SAND (risk of a pullback) for $KAVA. I think more and more people are realising the DeFi sector is relatively undervalued after a wave of NFT & metaverse hype. I'd like to get back to DAO tooling if I can find some good projects at good prices that are on Iconomi.

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27 Dec, 2021

Return of the DeFi. Despite potential upcoming regulatory headwinds, DeFi continues to grow, and assets like $YFI and $COMP are finally showing upside. I have slowly added those, replacing sideways performing $RSR and $ANKR. I will however reduce them again to add $LUNA if it solidly breaks its previous high.

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