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Jan 14, 2022
Jan 21, 2022
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Actively managed strategy with regular rebalancing, investing in undervalued sectors and low/mid-cap assets with great potential.

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Sideways. My view i that the market is bottoming out here and will begin to break to the upside.

$KAVA 9 has launched with more onboarding of assets and the platform seems way undervalued after a recent 'sell the news' correction. Moreover, $ANT has lost almost 50% of its value against BTC this year so far despite being in one of the hottest crypto sectors for 2022 - DAOs. See Aragons end of year post here to get informed about the project. I have dropped $FET and $COMP for now, but will watch them as always.

When the market rises, I would expect these assets to do really well. I may be wrong about this being the end of the market downtrend, and if so I will adjust. But the risk here is worth it.

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15 Jan, 2022

Decent performance in an uncertain market. $KAVA performed great and protected the strategy. I rebalanced the gain, removed it for now in place of $LUNA which is showing new upside.

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4 Jan, 2022

Happy New Year. Ok performance the last week, but mostly due to $YFI. I have rebalanced to equal weights and swapped $SAND (risk of a pullback) for $KAVA. I think more and more people are realising the DeFi sector is relatively undervalued after a wave of NFT & metaverse hype. I'd like to get back to DAO tooling if I can find some good projects at good prices that are on Iconomi.

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27 Dec, 2021

Return of the DeFi. Despite potential upcoming regulatory headwinds, DeFi continues to grow, and assets like $YFI and $COMP are finally showing upside. I have slowly added those, replacing sideways performing $RSR and $ANKR. I will however reduce them again to add $LUNA if it solidly breaks its previous high.

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24 Dec, 2021

Good returns and a good market right now. My prediction of upside into Christmas was correct. Now $LUNA has broken $100 I have removed its 35% share unless it makes a new clean break on the BTC chart. This protects against a pullback, but we would not lose much profit if we reenter around 0.00202 BTC.

I am slowly rebalancing to other assets and have added $SAND which I have been watching for a while and looks to be breaking upwards again. It's about time we considered gaming as this trend is only going to get stronger (as is DAOs) in 2022 in my view.

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20 Dec, 2021

1st place in the trading contest! Thanks to those copying the strategy, and congrats to the other winners. The win was largely due to following decent runs up with ~60% allocations, first in $ANT and then $LUNA. It was great to see that work out this time.

Now I am scouting for the next opportunity.

I am also curious to see how the stock market drops now will affect the space, not today, but in the short to medium term. I think on balance, crypto, although affected, is not controlled by macro indicators per se, and will have its own cycles. We have seen a pullback in the past days, and my bet is on a new increase during Christmas, so the strategy moves to a higher risk selection now, dropping Bitcoin for more $LUNA $RSR and $FET. I'll be watching.

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Thanks all. Seeing as it goes well in competitions I am looking to find ways to incorporate shorter term trading and gamification ideas into my method, but I want to avoid overtrading and too much rebalancing, so it is all about finding that sweet spot. I have invested quite a bit of my own money into this too, so we are all in the same boat!

Excellent performance and decent fee levels, should pay off for both you and us copiers!

you are expert for contest 2nd and 1st place congrats 

19 Dec, 2021

Some de-risking needed today for a few reasons.

There is a risk $LUNA is forming a short-term double top vs. BTC at this level. I am very bullish on $LUNA overall, but have cut it's share for now to lock in the gains. If it starts exploding upwards I will increase it again.

$BTC is showing strong support at current prices and it seems like a safe place for now, but even if it does drop lower, the other assets I am in will likely do even worse.

Sunday night in my experience (and maybe it is just me), can be a time when direction is set for the week ahead. There can be big moves either way, first when liquidity is low, and then later when Asia wakes up.

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@NastyWaffle Thanks! It was great fun. I just posted a bit more about how it went.

@TheCGF I read there is no transfer cost if you are buying with BTC or ETH. I never thought about minimum orders but I guess it is really really small. Just set up a transaction and you can see all the details before you complete the transaction. See

18 Dec, 2021

Great performance over the past week, and a warm welcome to new followers!

As you may have seen, the biggest project in the strategy, $ANT, was reduced and then dropped completely at around 0.000140 BTC due to overshooting too much. The current price is 0.000125, so this was a great exit near the top (Possible re-entry later!).

From $ANT I mostly added to $LUNA which has done great, and added $RSR to further beef up DeFI/stablecoins. $ANKR is often quite uncorrelated and added for balance, and it is a well respected staking platform. $FET has underperformed, but has a bright future, so it retains its place, but I am not rebalancing profits into it.

No big change today; Just a little reduction in $LUNA to redistribute its great performance.

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15 Dec, 2021

As $ANT is climbing today I am reducing it to 30% to de-risk, redistributing to $LUNA and $ETH. I don't normally include $ETH or $BTC in the strategy, but now I do think if the Fed meeting ends as expected we could have a return to 'normal' where the narrative is more of the same for some time yet - namely money printing and inflation - and Bitcoin and Ethereum will restart their climb first. Let's see how it plays out though!

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It turned out pretty much as I expected, except Bitcoin so far is slow to gain. Everything else got a boost, but now has paused. At this stage it makes sense to take $ETH off again, and go for an outlier, and it's $ANKR I have added and increased $FET.

14 Dec, 2021

$ANT has performed great during the downturn the last few days. I have moved from 67% to 50% $ANT and given most of that to $LUNA. We'll continue with the same assets for now, which are best in class DAO platforms $ANT , DeFi $LUNA and AI $FET. These are sectors with a lot of growth ahead.

I am also watching the NFT, metaverse, L2 scaling and staking sectors, but feel they are still overhyped or lack momentum. This could change quickly as always in the crypto space.

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