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€2.07 Market Cap


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FET EUR price chart / performance

FET EUR price chart / performance

May 22, 2024
May 29, 2024



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0.00% (FET) History and Overview (FET) History and Overview (FET) is a decentralized, open-access machine learning network built on blockchain technology, designed to foster the growth of a digital economy without human intervention. This innovative network aims to connect devices, services, and individuals to the Internet of Things (IoT), facilitating seamless data sharing and collaboration. At the heart of's digital economy are suppliers and consumers interacting within a dynamic ecosystem of agents and ecosystems tailored for various purposes and use cases. The live to EUR conversion is € 2.07.

Launched in 2017 by a team based in Cambridge, UK, was co-founded by Toby Simpson, Humayun Sheikh, and Thomas Hain. The project's vision is to create an autonomous environment that seamlessly connects people, organizations, devices, and services through AI and machine learning. This unique blend of technologies enables to offer solutions across a wide range of industries, including smart cities, supply chains, transport, energy, and decentralized finance, among others. operates using three core components: Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs), the Open Economic Framework (OEF), and the Fetch Smart Ledger. AEAs act on behalf of devices, services, organizations, and individuals within the ecosystem, learning from past actions to enhance system efficiency through AI. These agents are connected to data sources and hardware, utilizing the predictive capabilities of the system. The OEF serves as the network layer where data and information are stored, facilitating interaction between AEAs, while the Fetch Smart Ledger, a combination of distributed ledger technology and a directed acyclic graph, processes transactions through sharding.

The network's unique proposition lies in its integration of DAG, DLT, smart contracts, AI, and machine learning, supporting a diverse range of AI-enabled use cases. stands out as one of the few blockchain projects leveraging AI to improve solutions within the digital economy it represents. Users can create, deploy, and train agents for various purposes, fostering a decentralized digital economy that evolves alongside the network.

The intrinsic value of is derived from its technology, technical capacity, use cases, and the execution of the project. The FET crypto token, central to the ecosystem, is used for node operator incentives, as the primary payment method on the network, and to facilitate all operations within the network. Despite market volatility, the demand for FET is influenced by the network's usage rate. has a finite supply of tokens, similar to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which prevents devaluation by inflation. The total supply of FET crypto tokensis capped, making it a scarce asset. The market cap of, determined by the circulating supply of FET multiplied by its current market price, ranks the cryptocurrency in comparison to its peers and indicates its market share and dominance. The current price of 1 FET in EUR is € 2.07.

Secured through a variant of Proof of Stake based on Cosmos' Tendermint consensus mechanism, alongside AI and DAG technologies, employs differential privacy and cryptography to maintain user privacy while ensuring decentralization and transparency. The network's security is further enhanced by the nodes responsible for validating transactions on the ledger. enables the creation of a decentralized digital economy where users can develop agents that represent individuals, organizations, devices, and services. These agents can transact and communicate within the network, leveraging AI to revolutionize and enhance various industries. From decentralized finance to supply chain management and beyond,'s technology holds the potential to significantly impact a wide array of sectors.

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Project DMB
22 May, 2024

ETH developments have created a lot of opportunities, including AI which took a breather for a while. Still bullish on $SOL ecosystem and meme's cannot be ignored.


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21 May, 2024

Assets listed on @ICONOMI and classified within the Infrastructure Applications sector

[Generative AI, AI & Big Data, IoT, DePIN, Distributed Computing, Sharing Economy, Filesharing, Oracle, Storage, Identity]


























▪️ Generative AI and AI & Big Data focus on advanced artificial intelligence and data analytics capabilities.

▪️ IoT (Internet of Things) and DePIN represent interconnected devices and decentralized infrastructure networks.

▪️ Distributed Computing involves computational processes distributed across multiple locations.

▪️ Sharing Economy and Filesharing highlight the collaborative consumption models and data exchange mechanisms.

▪️ Oracles bridge real-world data with blockchain systems.

▪️ Storage and Identity pertain to data storage solutions and digital identity management.

You may disagree with me regarding the classification of some assets, such as THETA, POWR, QNT, ADX.

But you must match me with the rest of the assets because they are only one group based on set theory.

🔵The Strategist


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17 May, 2024

$AR breaking the previous highest price before $BTC.

The infrastructure applications sector will recover the fastest in the market than other sectors.

$LINK is included in this sector, but it is not included in this crypto strategy, because it is Oracle.

The strategy mainly focuses on data platforms, cloud computing AI, IoT,ML and DePin. Like $AR,$RNDR, $FET,$OCEAN,$GRT, $AGIX $GLM ..etc

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Bitaitus 30
13 May, 2024

Current structure:

$BTC 13.13%

$SOL 11.02%

$FET 9.13%

$RUNE 8.1%

$INJ 6.26%

$DOGE 5.87%

$USDT 4.79%

$TVK 4.17%

$ICP 3.85%

$ATOM 3.76%

$ETH 3.4%

$FTM 2.96%

$RNDR 2.73%

$SHIB 2.67%

$NEAR 1.99%

$JASMY 1.7%

$GRT 1.59%

$AGIX 1.55%

$AR 1.53%

$OCEAN 1.5%

$OSMO 1.38%

$WIF 1.1%

$BONK 1.1%

$FIL 1.04%

$LINK 1.02%

$FRONT 0.93%

$MATIC 0.88%

$RLC 0.85%

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Divine Investing
9 May, 2024

We are rebalancing everything back to original weights with one major change - we are swapping our $FET holding for $RNDR. The decision for this is that FET is merging their token with $OCEAN and $AGIX to form Superintelligence Alliance and a new token called Artificial Superintelligence ($ASI).

We could not find any info on when exactly this will happen, however that means that the FDV of the new token will be over two times bigger than FET's current FDV. Because of this uncertainty we have decided to rotate into Render, which also covers the AI narrative in the market and has had one of the stronger bounces recently.

Below we are attaching $FTM's chart from 2021. We want to use it as an example of what could happen in the coming months. You can clearly see large drawdowns which are very painful to hold through and our belief is that this is happening again to some extent.

The large majority of coins have already seen huge drawdowns, but due to the fact we have entered the positions early in the bull market we remain in the green. A great example of this is $INJ which is about -55% down from the all time high, but our expectation is that it is just one of these large drawdowns as we can see on Fantom's graph. These are quite difficult to trade or to time. Many people trading with leverage get liquidated on such moves, that is why just holding spot positions is much better for the large majority of investors.

We will see what happens, but we remain optimistic and think that the largest and volatile moves still lie ahead of us. As always - not financial advice and do not risk what you are not willing to lose fully.

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Correction, they are scheduled to merge on May 24.

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