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Sep 29, 2022
Oct 6, 2022


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Mentions and Ethereum price predictions by strategists

3h ago

Increased our position in $NEAR, going from 12% to 20%. Lowered $ETH 8% to do this.

Truly impressed with all development and partnerships coming from NEAR. Long term position, betting mostly on $ATOM, NEAR and Ethereum now.

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Markets are rallying on nothing but bad news. The trend is still down and crypto looks weak and trades with very low volatility. This most often preceeds a big move, probably to the downside.

We sold some extra $BTC at a small profit from where we bought it, because we expect another downmove.

We stay 26% in the market, mainly $BTC with a small tablespoon-position in $ETH as well.

Our 10% $PAXG could prove to be a great diversifier in the next few weaks as gold is rebounding strongly and is still one of the best performers this year, outshining crypto and stocks.

Our orders to buy the blood automatically are set up at lower levels.

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16h ago


If not earlier, we may see a reversal once we get the unemployment data. If this will not reverse the market, then the CPI data and Powell’s speech next week will do the job😉 It is clear that this bounce is a bear market rally and will come down fast. The only question that remains is what will be the trigger for the reversal?📉$BTC $ETH $USDT

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Rebalancing Info 04.10.2022 

Strategy Performance September: -3.3%  vs BTC -1.61%

Strategy Performance Q3 22: +8.64%  vs BTC +2.53%

Best in September: $SOL +8.5%

Worst in September: $ETH -14.46% 

Number of copiers no change comparing to August.

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3 Oct, 2022

Not surprised to see $ETH $ATOM $DOT and $NEAR as the most developed projects in crypto...

Its is a core reason why I hold these projects. Building now for more bullish times!

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Stable WCI
2 Oct, 2022

Last few days we have seen stock market dropping hard. Since 19th of September SP500 dropped 8%. On the other hand, $BTC actually didn't lose any value. Of course it's hard to say, if this is so called decoupling, but it looks good. Exchange reserves are dropping and are actually at all time low 👀

Hard to say if the worst is behind us, but we should be buying when things look bad. It looks like good accumulating phase. Crypto twitter looks dead, exchange volume is really low, some coins are down 95% although they are building. Many people were hyped when those coins were at ATH, but they are too afraid to buy now.

I'll try to accumulate $LINK over this period. Also waiting for $SYS to become available on iconomi. SYS is buliding on zksync. They should deliver mainnet in a month, so this will be a big thing. #zkrollup narrative will change $ETH. I'm eying a project (well, actually heavily invested) that builds on zksync. MUTE - It's low cap coin, so not yet available on Iconomi. Maybe one day it'll be :)

Good luck to all. Bear market will end eventually. Just position yourself wisely. I'll do my best.

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30 Sep, 2022


Morning update:

Today, there are a lot of things to cover. First of all, we would like to mention that yesterday, we made a mistake in our morning update and talked about PCE data as well as Bitcoin Futures. Both event will happen today so, we expect volatility this afternoon👀 $BTC $ETH $USDT

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@babawoods you are probably looking at EUR value and Tether is pegged to dollar. Over the past 24 hours dollar lost a bit over 1% against EUR.

if I look at the 24hr fund results, I see a decline of 1.2% while we are 100% in tether. how is this possible?

30 Sep, 2022


Moving to the FX market. Here is the list of currencies and their losses against the USD over the past year📉 The numbers are shocking so it would not be surprising if people would start to lose trust in the government-issued currencies and start to turn to crypto🤔 The volumes are increasing and this may be the first signs of the crypto revolution. $BTC $ETH $BNB $USDT

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30 Sep, 2022


As a result of the chaos we are seeing in the FX market, the tone towards crypto is starting to change👀 This is another bullish observation. If enough media companies will start to talk about this, more people will get interested and will use crypto in order to preserve their wealth when their local currencies will start to devalue📉 Now is time for the crypto to shine🚀Fingers crossed this plays out in our favor🤞$BTC $ETH $BNB $USDT

Post image
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28 Sep, 2022


Morning update:

Yesterday’s call was epic and we made some nice profits That being said, we are staying cautious here as the grand finale of this bear market could be around the corner. SPX is retesting June's bottom, 200-day moving average and Apple is at the same time at $150 which marks its major support. The bulls still have some chances of defending those lines and they better do. If we lose those levels, stocks will dump hard and crypto will likely go down as well📉$BTC $ETH $BNB

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@DirtLof seems like you do not understand how the platform works. There is nowhere you can cash out as we are not setting profits aside. Now there are simply more dollars and more $BTC in the strategy. If you copy it, also in your account😉

when i can cash out?