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Davidaiz (pronounced ˈdeɪvədz aɪˈdiːəz ) is a strategy with the majority of its crypto holding in strong blockchain projects at the top of its category.

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16 Oct, 2021

BTC dominance.

This week few positive news causes BTC dominance to rise again. BTC is preferred over gold and SEC set to allow BTC futures (ETFs).

Bitcoin is over $60K again, a six-month high.There are four phases of the crypto market. The first phase is the flow of fiat money into BTC, causing the price to surge. After phase one, the money flows into other coins. Note, this does not mean that we go straight up, watch out for flash crashes. Over-leveraged betting cause this. 

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8 Oct, 2021


A few years ago, institutional investors argue Bitcoin is a scam or a Ponzi scheme. By now, we all know that they were just lying to accumulate BTC for a cheap price.

One thing we can conclude:

Higher prices mean that your fiat currency can buy less in the future, BTC protects you from currency depreciation.

BTC has no weight, is borderless, third party independent. If you live in a country where the money printer goes “brrrr brrrr”, a country with restrictions, a world with a declining economy or government interference, which one would you choose real-estate, gold, or BTC? Your call.... 

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7 Oct, 2021

Go brrrrr

China’s ban on Australian coal purchases causes huge distortions in the energy supply within mainland china with world-wide consequences.

The power shortages have forced many factories to shut down, reducing production and causes blackouts for residential households.

High energy price, in combination with the last 2 years of running the money printing machine on high tempo, this confirms the start of the fiat money depreciation.

Winter is coming. How do you think all this manifest in the rest of the world?

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6 Oct, 2021

Third time.

BTC is back above $50k. This is the 3rd time after the ATH in April.

Will it stay for good above 50k? Once the daily candle is over the $50k7 risk line, the bigger the chance BTC has a new support price. We will know if BTC is on its way to $100k, by the end of October.


Bitcoin dominance is rising, Alt-coins will drop in price and will join the BTC bull later in time.


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3 Oct, 2021


In the last few weeks, major blockchain coins, ADA, BTC and ETH sold out to bottom out the price. For BTC it turned out that 40k is the new 10k bottom, for now.

October is being said to be a bullish month, as if BTC has an agenda. 

No negative news from the SEC. Time will tell, have patience.

Nobody has the magic crystal ball.

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28 Sep, 2021

The #BTC daily chart shows weakness. The red arrow is probably right about a lower price. Time will tell. We don't like surprises, so we will wait on the sideline.

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26 Sep, 2021


While the world trusts on BTC and blockchain, the price keeps falling. Saturday the BTC hovers around 41k-42k, as the weekly candle is closing, a drop occurs. It’s time to buy, or isn’t it?

Buying in a downtrend can be risky. Indicators are just statistical- and mathematical-tools. No one has a crystal ball that can see the future. Reversals can only be called a reversal when it has already happened. Wait patiently for the price to bottom out before buying it.


On the BTC and ETH charts, we see a red down arrow on the daily and weekly. ETH takes the lead as price decline is concerned. On the daily chart, the red arrow warning starts on the 18th of September for ETH, while BTC on 21st. The ETH weekly chart shows a red candle starting this week. So, hold your fire for a little while longer.

Don’t catch a falling knife.

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25 Sep, 2021

Chinese traditions 2

A 6.5% drop for the #BTC on Friday, a typical FUD “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt”. China has already been banning all other cryptos except their own CBDC (Chinese central bank digital currency).

No one understands why the media contributes to confusion and anxiety. The market is responding adequately and #BTC is stabilizing quickly. Be careful though, the price is still vulnerable, as fear is the major weapon of the mightiest. Like last time, trust your indicators.


Remember, it’s not who predicts the future the best, but it’s all about how to handle in certain circumstances that matter. 

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21 Sep, 2021

Chinese traditions.

Turmoil in stock markets, fear for the failing property giant Evergrande. The Chinese real estate developer misses two payments and bankruptcy is almost eminent. Will the Chinese government support this giant or will they bury Evergrande next to Lehman brothers?

Paper money called Joss paper is burnt during Chinese funerals. Made from bamboo or rice paper, they often make Joss paper to look like money and is burnt in order to ‘give’ money to the souls of those who have died. What will the CP burn? These are the choices: #US$, #EUR, #NYSE, #BTC or Joss paper?

Two years after the virus, China is leading the world to another disruptive event.


On the 18th, there was a big red down triangle on the ETH chart. BTC still looks okay, so I paid little attention to it. But still warned, I watched closely what happened on Monday, Daily chart of BTC turns also RED, and a RED arrow appeared. Time to sell and wait. Therefore, trust the indicator you are using!

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18 Sep, 2021

Building bridges

#BTC and #ETH are having a testing week, slowly climbing up, followed by abrupt fallback. We held level twice but yesterday we were too late, as within an hour a down wick erased 10% of our gain. Now that the noise is over. We will do what we have done before, stepping into this roller-coaster at the right time.

More and more investors, products and users are turning into the various kinds of blockchain applications. DeFi, NFT, bridges for swapping to other tokens and coins. Major coins have been the basis for these applications. While BTC is still in need of an update, after four long years. ETH, ADA, SOL, LUNA software is ready for the many projects out there.

Keep an eye on Audius and other NFT, follow what we hold in our strategy. Don’t panic when a drop occurs. Keep it cool by using the dollar averaging strategy.

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