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Jan 14, 2022
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Davidaiz (pronounced ˈdeɪvədz aɪˈdiːəz ) is a strategy with the majority of its crypto holding in strong blockchain projects at the top of its category.

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8 Jan, 2022

Drop and Rise of BTC.

Lets go back a few years, when #BTC approached $20k in 2017. Just moments after its all-time high (#ATH), BTC dropped 80%. This lasted 1075 days before BTC blasted through the $20k barrier.


Last year, in 2021, we had 4 significant drops. The biggest drop was well over 50% and lasted 5 weeks plus 60 days of uncertainty. This makes a total of 95 days (3 working months) recovery. When you bought BTC on the way to the top, you must overcome the mental hurdle of negative earnings just before going on your summer vacation.


Now, in 2022, it looks like we are still dropping since the ATH on the 10th of November. The fear index shows a historic low point. As history tends to repeat itself, people will start panic selling and we could have another month of lows.

To keep your positive psychology, do not evaluate earnings in percentages since your last buying moment, instead view your performance as compounded return over time. By dollar averaging your portfolio over a longer period, your capital will be behave like a positive sine wave.

Happy buying the dip.

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7 Jan, 2022

The start of the year looks very weak, on crypto- and on stock market.

#ETH looks very weak. BTC is testing 40K.

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1 Jan, 2022

Last Friday the Bears did not win from the Bulls. “But the BTC price is still under $50K” you would say. In the run-up to the expiration day, various factors can influence the price. This did not happen last week, as there were equal forces working between buyers and sellers. So, we start the year at a fairly low price, more room for another $31.612 (166.5% ! ) gain like 2021.

January 2021 BTC opening price: $18k9

December 31st 2021 closing price $50k599.6

CAC 40 28.9%

S&P 500 26.9%

Nasdaq 21.4%

Dow Jones 18.7%

DAX 15.8%

Russell 2000 13.7%

FTSE 100 14.3%

Average inflation rate USD 4.42% your 21.4% Nasdaq gain will give you 16,98% capital gain.

Cumulative price change EUR 5.03% your German stocks gives you 10% buying power in 2022.

The Euro money was first used exactly 20 years ago, one euro today only buys 71.30% of what it could buy back then. In other words : when you spend 100 euro in 2002, you need to spend 140$ now.

Not bad compared to the USD. $100 in 2002 is worth $154.50 today.

Hopefully, you made this 54.5% capital gain over the 20 years.

Make wise decisions in 2022, wishing you healthy 2022 (some things you cannot buy, health is one of them)

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25 Dec, 2021


BTC back in the $50k range, but as the weekend is approaching, high pressure is on to go back to $47k. A very difficult week to decide when to go long on certain assets. The trend is flipping from downward to a steep rise toward the end of the year. Options are expiring this Friday. Expect price volatility approaching this event.

Did you buy the dip, could be the last time for this year.

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18 Dec, 2021

BTC major break out.

Has the market some kind of memory? The last 3 weekends, BTC price tries to break to the upside with no success. The year’s ending is in two weeks. Will it pump in December as years before?https://www.tradingview.com/x/V54pc50V/

Check last year, Dec 2020. Although the run-up started in October, the ATH break out was on December 16th.https://www.tradingview.com/x/26Vg3Fhn/

Weeks after the break out there was no stopping the #BTC train, certainly because some companies publicly announced they already accumulate some BTC.

Looks like the holiday seasons pump is shifting every year towards January. Someday this event will move to January, not Santa. He never changes dates.

If #BTC has a memory like a mammoth and this year pump starts at the end of December, one day it will rotate to the beginning of the month.

For now, we keep our eyes on Yearn.finance, they are buying back outstanding #YFI. #Luna is burning tokens as-well and steadily climbing.

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11 Dec, 2021

Target hit.

#Luna hits the target of $64, at this moment trading at $62. Expecting Luna to burn every day which will push the price when #BTC climbs. 

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9 Dec, 2021

Waiting patiently.

#BTC is still below $50000 and hitting hourly support. If BTC doesn’t recover soon, it could fall to $45k-46k area then to $41k-42k daily support. We keep our USD on the sideline and get in as soon as we see the bulls approaching in the distance.

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5 Dec, 2021

This morning #BTC seems to slowly climbing up. As the morning progresses and Asia is starting their afternoon tea, we better be careful and wait for what they discussed at the table. For now, BTC is moving sideways in a tight 6% range. There might be a change to buy another dip…https://www.tradingview.com/x/PVdhEJxg

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4 Dec, 2021

Got a few percentage in USD yesterday evening. Buying the dip, but the week-end has just started, more buying opportunities may occur....

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27 Nov, 2021

#BTC opportunity?

- are you all the way left on the fear index?


- Is it an opportunity to buy in?

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