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$BTC has broken the $45k barrier and it looks like we’re locking in for the bull market we’ve all been waiting for. It’s likely now that we’ll see massive all time highs for all crypto currencies in the coming months. Finally, the bearish month of September has ended.

Research from our favorite analysts are predicting a peak around March of 2022. There will then be a very short lived bear market, and we’ll head into another massive bull cycle again.

Of course analysts can be wrong but they’ve been accurate so far. We could be in for some unbelievable gains. This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I also know that Kraken, Coinbase and Binance are hiring mountains of people and paying absurdly high salaries, way higher than usual in the tech industry. This suggests to me that the crypto market has officially gone mainstream and is going to rapidly gain momentum. Every cycle will be slower and slower. So this is one of the last opportunities to make big gains from crypto before the market becomes huge and the gains become lower and lower and more akin to the stock market.

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We’re balancing again, heavy into $LUNA. The future of it looks very strong.

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I’m rebalancing into a more diverse strategy of blockchains again, while keeping a rule in for if $BTC drops below $40k then we’ll move straight into $USDC. I believe if we go below that level, all hell will break loose and we’ll be heading much lower.

If we can keep holding this level, we should be good to continue a strong bull run soon.

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Yikes. $BTC trading on a knife’s edge. Soon it’ll become clear if we’re heading back into a bull market or not. Here’s to hoping that we’ll solidify resistance at these levels and get moving for a breakout.

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$ATOM just never stops. People are clearly focusing on new blockchain technology more than anything in this bull market. That’s why we’ve seen the rise of $SOL, $AVAX, $XTZ and more. It’s clear that the yearning for a solution to scaling is big in the community.

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We will automatically sell into $USDC if $BTC breaks below $40k to protect investor funds from what we believe could be a significant drop.

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Ouch. I’m hoping $BTC holds the $42k level or else stuff will be starting to look very bearish. Let’s hope we close above that level today and keep building support here.

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The September dip looks like it’s close to being finished. If this settles, we’re looking ready for a huge run for the next couple of months. I’m hesitant to move us off of $ATOM for the moment though, thanks to its outstanding performance as of late. There may be more left in it yet as it finally is getting the recognition it deserves in this market.

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Betting on $ATOM to make a disproportionate comeback is turning out nicely for us and I don’t think it’s even done yet.

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Mid September dip right on schedule. I’m hoping that $ATOM will be able to continue its upward trend and outperform this dip.

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