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Rumors and signs of the GameStop partnership with $LRC being officially announced are building.

Stay strong, hold.

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Nice! Good times ahead :)


We know from the Loopring discord that the counterfactual wallet release is imminent. In fact all they’re waiting for is third party fiat on-ramps to fix their side of the system and get it ready. This is also big news for the NFT marketplace. There’s no way they can launch without having this system fully in place as it’d be too confusing and strange for people to use, not to mention expensive with Ether gas fees to setup a L2 wallet. The marketplace is to be announced in Q4 of this year too and the time for that is closing in. I suspect we’ll see the announcement soon after the release of the counterfactual wallet.

You getting these rumours from the ape community?

I know folks. No updates lately. That’s because my opinion on this hasn’t changed. We’ll continue to hold $LRC, at least until end of year. I don’t think it’s a bad plan. I think we’ll outperform the market if we do. I’m certain of this strategy. I’m holding roughly 50% of the funds in this strategy so it hurts me to see the red too. But I believe in $LRC and the NFT market they’re creating and their major partnership that is likely with GameStop which should be announced this quarter.

The whole market is entering a low part of the cycle, where generally everything loses value, often alts are hit harder than BTC and there might be a bit more pain to go yet. I’m confident however that holding through this pain is a solid strategy. The announcement for $LRC partnership could come any day and cause a spike. I don’t want to miss out. The $LRC subreddit is one of the biggest crypto subreddits out there now and it’s still growing every day. There is mounting interest in the token. It is also being talked about daily on the front page of the main crypto subreddit. So it is continuing to spread and isn’t being ignored. The counter factual wallet will also be released soon and lead to far more adoption as the massive barrier to entry gas fee is not necessarily needed anymore.

The $ETH ecosystem needs an L2 solution and Vitalik talks well about LRC relatively often. There is no doubt in my mind it is going to become a major player in the crypto space.

I’m sticking to the hold here.

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Agreed. No paper hands here either.

Keep calm folks. A correction in the upward momentum of $LRC was expected. Growth like that can’t go uncorrected. We still have a lot of potential here to grow. The hype is only growing and we haven’t even heard the big reveal of their major NFT partnership yet.

Once the WallStreetBets apes see that GME is partnering with Loopring, they’ll pile into it too.

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Even so, I think the technicals are fine. We’re still up quite a lot and the downward momentum is less and less, suggesting that we’re close to bottoming out on LRC. Also weekends in this bull market seem to be very slow in general. Usually the action seems to begin again at the start of the work week. I see no good reason to sell it right now. Patience is key here.

Just keep hodling until gme lrc nft news is official…

In light of the new success of the strategy I’ve decided to bring the performance fee down to 1%. Let’s not take too much of a fee from these glorious gains from our copiers.

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keep up the good work, i like 😃

Thanks @MichelPRO. At the moment I believe that we have a lot of growth left in $LRC and there’s no reason to panic over the next weeks. However, I do envision a price max of around $10 where I will start to put rules in to prevent losses.

Great early move Cracklord. Besides you trading with your own money, pls advise what's your strategy on protecting gains. Thanks.

We just broke €100k assets copying strategy (ACS) thanks to our big bet on $LRC. Of course, the vast majority of the holdings in this strategy are mine (70%). I believe it's important to put your money where your mouth is. If you make money, I'm making money. If you lose money, I'm suffering the loss too.

Let's keep this $LRC train going, thanks to all new copiers. Remember; check our 7 day return, we got onto $LRC before the competition and we have decent historical performance on top of that.

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I’m balancing 100% into $LRC to

take advantage of this small dip. I don’t think the hype is anywhere near finished and we’ve a lot to grow. I’m going to hold this position for quite a while. At least until the GameStop and Loopring partnership is officially confirmed which will happen before the end of the year.

Soon we should also see the ability to create a Loopring L2 wallet for free (currently costs $100). This should also start to

open up the system.

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Welcome to all the new copiers. Welcome to the $LRC hype gang. Don’t falter. We’ve got 5x to go from here on Loopring at the very least.

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If we have 5x for $lrc what would happen to $mute 

$LRC hype is going to hit WallStreetBets next and then we’ll see even more pump I bet. We might see a correction before then, but we’ll continue to rocket. The hype is in now. There’s no stopping the momentum. Don’t hop off.

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All aboard the $LRC moon train!

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Our big bet starting to pay off already as the hype around $LRC continues. We’re hitting the top charts for 24 hour performers. Let’s keep it going.

I think we’ll see very good growth on Loopring in the coming weeks.

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