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Jan 23, 2023
Jan 30, 2023


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chainlink is really cheaply, I wil swap $CHR for $LINK @Revers

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Good morning....

We returned to "standard setup" with the addition of $OMG . Thanks to the $CHR and $SAND that kept us afloat, but it's time to leave (they are not my favorite assets and they are tired)

P.S.I suppose the fund has been taken.


Siamo ritornati in " assetto standard" con l'aggiunta di $OMG . Un ringraziamento a $CHR e $SAND che ci hanno mantenuto a galla, ma è il momento di andare via ( non sono miei assett preferiti e sono stanchi) 

P.S. suppongo che il fondo sia stato preso.

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18 Nov, 2021

Leg 5 could be in place now and I don't want to miss out all the fun!!

Therefore buying the strongest ALTS ($CHR, $MANA and $TOMO) and some$BTC.

A spike down to 56K area can't be traded on the ICONOMI platform and also it wont hurt us. Unless its structurally down which i don't bet on at the moment.

Know that i'm watching this like a hawk 

Correction: I'm waiting till the V-shape is in place

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Locking and closing $SOL at 110$ waiting for a re bounce to high volume nodes at lower prices then targeting 210$

added $ONE with expected pump any second.

rebalanced $CHR and waiting for the pump any day

still holding $SAND Any day the pump +300%

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Locking +30% profit on $SOL , DCA on $CHR and some few other coins added for hedging.

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Adding more to e-sports NFT $AXS $TVK $SAND $FLOW $WAXP $CHR and waiting for $ALICE to be introduced into #ICONOMI

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18 May, 2021

The Axium Fund Unconstrained with Global Capability #CompoundingDigitalAssets #PressWinnersHarder $CHR #UnconstrainedDigitalAssetsFund #RealReturnMatters #DutchMaster 🚀🚀

13 May, 2021

The Axium Fund: Invested in Long Term Value #CompoundingDigitalAssets Join us there should be more of us compounding together $CHR 🚀

invest with care
1 May, 2021

A good finish for high reward crypto strategy in April, closing a difficult month positive and once again outperforming BTC. We're well positioned for the next leg higher IMHO 🚀 top performers of the last 24h were $CHR, $AAVE, $ALPHA

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