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May 6, 2022
May 13, 2022
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Terra Luna Moon Mission (100% Luna HODL strategy)

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It took $USDT  close to 4 years to maintain a somewhat steady peg with centralised asset backing.

$UST  has been around for 1,5 years and doesn't have any centralised backing.

This doesn't mean things are certain for $LUNA  at this point, but it doesn't mean we're all done for either.

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it’s fine, I have other accounts. Just also liked using the 100% Luna strats on the platform. looks like Iconomi has disabled them for now is fairly easy to set up if you want to buy soon

No idea what iconomi is up to

Unfortunately times like this are still part of the crypto game.

Seeing $UST losing peg (at 0.95USD at the time of writing) is hard to watch. However this isn't the first time this happened. This doesn't mean everything is suddenly over for the whole Terra ecosystem. This is just what happens in an unregulated market where whales can influence in conditions of extreme fear and uncertainty. If the peg restores big players will have made insane amounts of profit with arbitrage/shorts/rebuys. Unfortunately at the cost of (mostly) newer investors.

The reason I invested in $LUNA is because their whole team and the other people who invested in it have a long-term, sustainable vision on how to revolutionize finance and don't care too much for short-term trades and get rich quick schemes.

Right now TFL and Do Kwon aren't live broadcasting their actions because there are people/groups targetting them. Letting them know everything they have prepared for situations like this would be downright stupid. But rest assured they have prepared for this. The dust needs to settle and overall fear in the market has to stabilize before the manipulation can loosen it's grip over other participants.

I believe as long as $BTC survives and climbs back up, $LUNA and $UST will survive as well. And the recovery will be epic (just like it was last year after the May crash).

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Perfect time to fill up your bags

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Well I would like to, but I can’t!

Though times to HODL for sure. Corrections like this are healthy in the long run though. Early investors can take their profit and new ones get a better entry point. The only reason $LUNA is kind of bearish now is because of the huge growth over the last year. It's just a matter of time before we go back to the top of this long-term ascending channel and set a new ATH. This is just accumulation in my opinion. The lower we drop the bigger the buy walls are getting on exchanges.

Also, like most stablecoins right now, $UST is being spent to buy the dip on various assets. Once things go up and people take their profits in $UST, you know what happens.

Meanwhile, $UST entered the top 10 by marketcap for the first time.

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Today we already burned over half a million $LUNA tokens and over 3 million were staked. Looks like we're back on track to our supply shock. We also got close to the major support at 0.002 BTC/Luna and started to bounce back up from there.

$BTC is still unsure about where to go though. Macro economics are at play here and time will tell if it's just short term manipulation or the start of a longer downtrend correlation with higher risk assets.

However for Luna, I think it's time to go back up from here. Looks like the FUD is blowing over. We just got rid of a lot of weak hands, time to recover if you ask me.

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Most beautiful chart I've ever seen 


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What do you expect for Luna coming few months on basis of charts??

$LUNA / $BTC bouncing off the 0.002 mark again. It acted like a major resistance back around Christmas when we pumped. It could form a very strong support line here while BTC continues to rise.

Still, we have a lot of sell orders floating around the 100-105USD area. It might take some more time to break through, but after that we should have cleared most heavy resistances until the 130-140 area.

My guess is Luna will get some pretty standard gains compared to the rest of the crypto market in this bull run. And then, when people start taking profits, we'll see a huge demand for $UST and Luna will fly.

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We're retesting the 0.002 $BTC/$LUNA support. We might bounce from here but it's still uncertain. There's a lot of sell orders we have to break through.

Meanwhile UST adoption continues. So many UST trading pairs and pools are popping up all around it's hard to keep track.

The most bullish news I've seen recently is the election of Yoon Suk-yeol for president in South Korea. He's taken on a very pro-crypto stance and wants to turn the country into a crypto-hub. One of the first things he's implementing is raising the threshold for tax exemption for crypto profits from 2000 USD per year to 40000 USD. South Korea has a leading cultural and economic role in Asia and will likely cause a chain reaction of adoption in the area. Chances are Terra will be a blockchain of preference as South Koreans prefer to use technology and products from their own soil. This could play out beautifully for us in the long run.

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I think they need a better stablecoin if you look at their native bnUSD.

What do you think about $ICX in this case?

$LUNA/$BTC is in price discovery mode.

Current ATH: 0.0026 Luna/BTC

There's a lot of sell pressure around the previous USD/Luna ATH (+-105$). However, UST is still in high demand and hype is kicking in aswell.

We flipped $XRP and are currently the #6 coin by market cap.

Let's see if it's enough to push us to new highs or if we need more consolidation before the next move up.

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Yesterday, Astroport ($LUNA 's DEX) hit 627mil USD worth in 24h volume. It ranked second among all DEXes out there while Coingecko hasn't even added it in yet. It has only been running for 2 months and there's 1.3bil+ USD worth of liquidity in there already.

Tomorrow Mars Protocol is finally launching, creating another big market for UST and other assets.

Prism farm is launching as well, which will lock up a bunch of Luna.

Two possible catalysts for another run up.

The Terra ecosystem is coming together nicely and it's starting to take off. While UST adoption among other blockchains is accellerating. We're minting 120-140mil UST steadily on a daily basis. I've got a feeling things are going to get wild soon.

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