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Sep 28, 2022
Oct 5, 2022


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Mentions and Cosmos price predictions by strategists

2h ago

Increased our position in $NEAR, going from 12% to 20%. Lowered $ETH 8% to do this.

Truly impressed with all development and partnerships coming from NEAR. Long term position, betting mostly on $ATOM, NEAR and Ethereum now.

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3 Oct, 2022

Not surprised to see $ETH $ATOM $DOT and $NEAR as the most developed projects in crypto...

Its is a core reason why I hold these projects. Building now for more bullish times!

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3 Oct, 2022


As already mentioned, we will wait a little longer before jumping back into the market. Once we do get more bullish signs, we will also start to accumulate 2 altcoins that we believe will perform extremely well in the next upcycle. $ATOM as well as $LINK have recently announced an improvement of their tokenomics and will likely perform great👀 We liked both projects before but soon holding them will become even more attractive🔥 Since the change in tokenomics will take some time, there is no rush to buy them now. Let’s simply wait and play it safe here

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29 Sep, 2022

Good morning, exciting news coming from Circle, they will take $USDC multichain!

Projects to be supported by USDC are: $ATOM $NEAR $DOT, Optimism and Arbitrum One

Especially excited for Circle to mention about COSMOS:

"Circle is also in discussions with the Cosmos ecosystem to leverage Interchain Security, which plans to be publicly available in early 2023, to benefit from the security of the validators supporting the Cosmos Hub."

The fact that the best stablecoin in crypto is choosing the same L1 projects that we hold is fantastic confirmation of the quality of these projects.


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Fun fact:

Yesterday we managed to sell $ATOM near the top of of Bitcoin ratio, around 0.00076 ✅

Bitcoin was at that time 19100$

Did we buy the bottom of $BTC ?

I don't know, but I rather buy king of crypto at -80% discount rate than FOMO in near new highs 😉

I think our portfolio is properly diversified to bloom in next bull run ✅🚀

Remember investing in alternative investment class like crypto is a marathoon and a true rollercoaster.

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26 Sep, 2022

Cosmoverse Medellín just started, more about $ATOM 2.0 soon...

Follow along with the COSMOS ecosystem here:

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25 Sep, 2022

Excited to learn about $ATOM 2.0 tomorrow!

More info:

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$ATOM has underperformed lately against $BTC

We managed to sell it near the top and did few trades in past weeks.

Now it's time to stack up this bluechip

Expecting huge volatility with start of this week 📈📉

🔥Cosmoverse conference is starting and announcement of ATOM 2.0 will happen, new roadmap release incoming and more info on Interchain Security 🚀

We're also super bullish on $RUNE 🔥🚀

Focus is still on interoperability & DeFi + $BTC

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21 Sep, 2022

Adjusted back to more $ATOM 30% for both ATOM and ETH now.

Post image
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Maybe selling bitcoin at the Historical btc D. resistance level was not so risk free decision after all.

Right move Menno, actually I was thinking one single asset shouldn’t weigh close to 40%

21 Sep, 2022

For now some support is found again, but the trend remains down sadly.

Fundamentals for Crypto, $ETH and $ATOM keep growing:

- Ethereum merge done without any issues, many future possibilities for scaling and new functionality now.

- COSMOS development and ecosystem is growing very fast, ATOM will soon have Interchain Security, this will greatly help value for the token.

- Nasdaq's new digital assets group will offer custody services for Bitcoin and Ether to institutional investors.

As shared before, CARUS-AR will not move out of markers to try to trade... Even if this hurts. Long Term holding projects with potential.

Let's hope sentiment and world unrest changes soon.

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