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Nov 22, 2022
Nov 29, 2022
Momentum Trading


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Momentum Trading (MT) is an actively managed strategy investing in blockchain-based projects. MT aims to capture profits from market divergence, utilizing trend-seeking methods on medium- and long-term time frames.
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Chinese people are uprising due to covid lockdowns. This impacts regular markets and crypto as well. We see it a as a strength signal if crypto starts holding better than stocks in such times. Not yet.

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Momentum Trading
24 Nov, 2022

Crypto bounced a bit. It did not trigger bull market more like a mean reverting move. But given some time bull could develop. Couple coins are trending but seems early or bad place to enter. When btc and eth is trending upwards it is safer to buy alts.

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Momentum Trading
21 Nov, 2022

Crypto market is bearish. BTC, ETH and most other. Market participants await for Genesis news. They are trying to raise $1B due to liquidity issues caused by FTX and 3AC in the past.

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Momentum Trading
19 Nov, 2022

Strategy is beating BTC and almost all active managers. We are long only, can't short. This makes it more difficult to generate positive returns. But active risk management and selection of trending coins outperform others big way. Bears show the skill of the manager.

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Momentum Trading
4 Nov, 2022

Strategy is outperforming BTC 14% YTD. One of best results in this bear market while being long.

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Momentum Trading
1 Oct, 2022

Risks are elevated in most markets. Strategy is in USD. Will re-enter to any major coin when it starts trending upwards.

Momentum Trading
16 Sep, 2022

Strategy is outperforming bitcoin by 10% YTD.

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Momentum Trading
30 Aug, 2022

All major crypto assets are in bear market. $ATOM is the only one showing some strength. Will keep it if strength continues. Otherwise USD is safe choice.

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Momentum Trading
4 Jul, 2022

Strategy is performing better than bitcoin YTD. Most managers are well below. Performing well in bulls shows who is taking most risk and in bears who is managing risks.

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Momentum Trading
5 Jun, 2021

Our strategy experienced large draw down. While we expect strategy to be volatile, these forced liquidations pushed our portfolio a lot more down than anticipated. This is due to a lot more leverage in the system.

To counter large draw downs, we added PAXG and USDC which will be in the portfolio all the time and we do regular rebalances. Meaning, we take profits regularly and in crashes buy the dips. This should be effective even in bear markets.

If we hold 50% of portfolio in gold and cash, max draw down for the portfolio is -45% assuming crypto crashes -90%. Meaning, we can survive even the largest crypto winters. The upside always takes cares of itself.

We will re assess how much of portfolio to hold in cash and gold all the time.

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