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Nov 21, 2022
Nov 28, 2022


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4 Nov, 2022

QUICK Re⚖️balance / Pivot Update

/rm - .18% $ALGO | - .28% $AAVE | - .25% $MATIC

/add + .65% $AR | + .09% $STORJ

Stay healthy, happy & mindful 🙏

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16 Oct, 2022

Moonity is preparing to pivot into a small sized, high risk strategy. Looking as follows:





$DIA (ORACLES) once available on ICN


Surprise = ?

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13 Sep, 2022

Hello 🍂

happy to see You, my dear follower, not being agitated by the bear.

A couple of more weeks or maybe months and the worst is likely to be over. However who can't really tell with current state of the human world.

One thing is for certain, that after the rain comes sun and Moonity is preparing for the (value) decoupling of the legacy from the emerging (DeFi, ReFi, SoFi,...) markets!

Here's a swift explanation on the latest re.balance ⚖️


$WAVES (Cardano is becoming the go to smart contract / programmable validator) platform in 2023; $DNT(ETH L2 future uncertain due to PoS switch, only keeping high profile L2 assets in the strategy and $POLYmath (no longer supported on Iconomi)


$ALGO due to recent huge SDK update that most likely will kick start development and interoperability $STORJ , $AR , $GRT& $ATOM in preparation of Moonity becoming an infrastructure focused strategy and those are the primary assets that'll be integrated

Have a blessed harvest / autumn season, stay healthy in mind & body 🙏

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20 Apr, 2022

Happy 4/20 & quick re.balance update

Moonity took minor profits from $LUNA , $MTL & $STORJ Removed $AKRO and added $NEAR $ATOM has positioned itself as technically more advanced than $DOT - that's why all funds from $DOT were shifted to $ATOM

stay happy, healthy & mindful 

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1 Dec, 2021

Quick Rebalance Update

Moonity took $LUNA & $STORJ profits & increased $BTC as well as $ENJ positions slightly.

Stay happy, healthy and mindful 

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Crypto Rockets
29 Nov, 2021

We are currently up more than 11% in 24h , so I took some gains off the table and redistributed them to add two new assets to our list - the one and only $LUNA as well as $STORJ, a Web 3.0 project. Both show great potential and I think these two are a very good fit for our strategy.

So - buying this recent dip definitely paid off. Congratulations if you did! 

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Alpha Digital
10 Sep, 2021

Minor rebalance.

Taking profit on $LUNA, adding to $ATOM.

Reducing $STORJ and $GNT.

$AVAX and $FTT unchanged.

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Magnus Core
22 May, 2021

Brutal down days, Magnus now 100% long. Coins with solid use cases $SC and $STORJ among the favorites. For those looking to follow: Magnus makes "all stable" or "all alts" calls regularly. We don't generally trade the top-10 by market cap.
Stay sharp out there!

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10 Jan, 2021

Sunday ⚖️

took profits


Bull market activated, $BTC getting ready for next leg up.
Until Iconomi provides interface/option to select delegators for $ADA (and other staking assets) Moonity will decrease allocation in order to achieve higher degree of decentralization.
Stay healthy&happy🙏

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26 Dec, 2020

Taking $BTC profits & buying a.c. blood
$ADA support: 560 sat - new (native tokens) soon = 🔼

Old support/bottom reached:
$MKR 0.021 BTC = 🔼
$COMP 522k satoshi = 🔼
$AAVE, $DOT & $ATOM 17-18k sat = no change
$STORJ 1100 sat = 🔼
$BAT 830 sat = 🔼
$XTZ 7930 sat = 🔼
$MANA 310 sat = 🔼
$ALGO 1200 sat = 🔼
$LOOM, $REN = 🔼

$REP new all time low! = no change yet (still < -12%)
Happy HolyDays!

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