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Aug 7, 2022
Aug 14, 2022
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20 Apr, 2022

Happy 4/20 & quick re.balance update

Moonity took minor profits from $LUNA , $MTL & $STORJ Removed $AKRO and added $NEAR $ATOM has positioned itself as technically more advanced than $DOT - that's why all funds from $DOT were shifted to $ATOM

stay happy, healthy & mindful 

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1 Dec, 2021

Quick Rebalance Update

Moonity took $LUNA & $STORJ profits & increased $BTC as well as $ENJ positions slightly.

Stay happy, healthy and mindful 

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Crypto Rockets
29 Nov, 2021

We are currently up more than 11% in 24h , so I took some gains off the table and redistributed them to add two new assets to our list - the one and only $LUNA as well as $STORJ, a Web 3.0 project. Both show great potential and I think these two are a very good fit for our strategy.

So - buying this recent dip definitely paid off. Congratulations if you did! 

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Alpha Digital
10 Sep, 2021

Minor rebalance.

Taking profit on $LUNA, adding to $ATOM.

Reducing $STORJ and $GNT.

$AVAX and $FTT unchanged.

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Magnus Core
22 May, 2021

Brutal down days, Magnus now 100% long. Coins with solid use cases $SC and $STORJ among the favorites. For those looking to follow: Magnus makes "all stable" or "all alts" calls regularly. We don't generally trade the top-10 by market cap.
Stay sharp out there!

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10 Jan, 2021

Sunday ⚖️

took profits


Bull market activated, $BTC getting ready for next leg up.
Until Iconomi provides interface/option to select delegators for $ADA (and other staking assets) Moonity will decrease allocation in order to achieve higher degree of decentralization.
Stay healthy&happy🙏

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26 Dec, 2020

Taking $BTC profits & buying a.c. blood
$ADA support: 560 sat - new (native tokens) soon = 🔼

Old support/bottom reached:
$MKR 0.021 BTC = 🔼
$COMP 522k satoshi = 🔼
$AAVE, $DOT & $ATOM 17-18k sat = no change
$STORJ 1100 sat = 🔼
$BAT 830 sat = 🔼
$XTZ 7930 sat = 🔼
$MANA 310 sat = 🔼
$ALGO 1200 sat = 🔼
$LOOM, $REN = 🔼

$REP new all time low! = no change yet (still < -12%)
Happy HolyDays!

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11 Nov, 2020

Rebalance ⚖️ Day

* small increase $BTC & $XMR $MTL (each around. 0.1%)
* shaved off profits from $KAVA $STORJ $REN $POLY $LOOM (each between 0.2 - 0.9%)
* added $COMP (2.2%) and $AAVE (1.85%) both signal strength from current TA

stay happy, healthy and mindful 🙏🏼

6 Nov, 2020

$BTC showing signs of slowing down, "altcoins" started moving from their support levels. Taking profits from $BTC and diverted to alts like $DOT $REN $STORJ $ATOM & $KAVA
$ADA - the relatively largest "altcoin" position in Moonity is showing strong support and great tech progress.

Stay Healthy and prosper 🙏

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22 Oct, 2020

Hello fellow humans,

$BTC seemed to have slowed a bit, expecting a small „altcoin“ boost. Hence diverted to:
$KAVA, $ATOM since they are progressing quite well.
$MANA, because in times of crazy lockdown regimes, virtual worlds will become much more popular.
$STORJ same goes for decentralized and encrypted storage, whistleblowers and activist need it! Stay safe, stay healthy 🙏