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Jan 23, 2023
Jan 30, 2023
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This is a mid to long term strategy with assets based on fundamentals and futures.

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News Feed

Smart Crypto
22 Oct, 2021

Together we rise to new ATH!🥳🚀

6 people like this

No Retreat, No Surrender! Let's go. congrats

Smart Crypto
21 Oct, 2021

Small rebalance ass we are on nice highes to set up an usdt position💪

5 people like this
Smart Crypto
21 Oct, 2021

Hi all!! Crqzy times for $BTC as it cloasd at an ATH but as ypu know imy strategy doe not have btc in it cause i believe in the alts. Evrrybody can buy btc on iconomi.not everyone can buy alts so lets be the helping hand😉🚀

4 people like this

ALTS will be grow exponential! :D

Smart Crypto
13 Oct, 2021

Good morninga all good to see a smalle recovery it has not been duee to my rebalance in $FTM or %&%$AR cuause they have bot benen recoverd yet but what not is can still comr lets hope so 🤔🤷‍♂️🚀

3 people like this
Smart Crypto
12 Oct, 2021

Hi all rebalanced in the litle dip to gain some $FTM and$AR as i think there is more to gain from🚀

3 people like this
Smart Crypto
8 Oct, 2021

And higher we rise!!!! 🚀

5 people like this
Smart Crypto
7 Oct, 2021

And again we are playing with ATHS 🚀🥳when you maybe thought i was not possible ..the world of crypto will amaze you😍 i love it!! So i will keep going on like this with believe in the strategy and believe in how maintain it so we can push higgheer and higher🚀#project moon🤑

3 people like this

Congratulations, hope to join new ATH soon also.

Smart Crypto
7 Oct, 2021

Did a small rebalance to take some$FTMprofit and distributed it in to $ADA. Not making big changes as you al know.

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Smart Crypto
3 Oct, 2021

Goood morning! As we are in the green again i am putting in a smalll usdt position to get the gains and doing some cheap groceries if this may change🥳🚀

9 people like this
Smart Crypto
2 Oct, 2021

Hia all yet another milestone and there are no words to express how proud i am...i think it is amazing from where we have come in oktober/november till now and its all thanks to the whole$ SMART CRYPTO comunnity that we have raeched 250k of following assetsand that we have grown so much together it is all thnks to alll of you! So thankk you all an lets go for the moon ! And back offcourse 🏖

8 people like this

Congratulations! Keep it up, great results.