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Nov 24, 2023
Dec 1, 2023

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Schillebeeckx Strategy is a large cap focused strategy. We aim at long-term growth, low risk and stability. LOW management fee, NO performance fee!


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Nov 23, 2023, 6:35:46 PM
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Very glad to see $RUNE and $INJ performing so strong. They keep proving they are the best of best of alts in this bull market. $SOL seems ready to pop as well and keeps showing relative strength.

$ETH and its faster sister $LDO are somewhat lagging $BTC and the strongest alts, but we assume that when the $BTC ETF approval mania hits his high, the news will be sold and the smart money will move to $ETH , the next ETF-approval candidate.

Traditionally year end is good for $BTC and the first months of the new year are strong for $ETH . If history rhymes, we will be ready to profit.


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Very happy to see $INJ outperforming again after we added to our position. We don't take profits yet and let it run until the risk reward becomes less attractive.

The $BTC market is taking a pause around the 38k. We assumed there was a decent chance that there would be a correction at 38k, but although alts did correct, $BTC didn't. It seems just to take some breath before the next leg higher. There are no sellers (except traders) before the ETF-approval. The strength in $BTC keeps us confident to stay agressively into the market and into our favourite alts.

As long as $BTC moves sideways or even modestly corrects to the 36k level, there's no reason to assume the bullmarket won't continue. The price action we see right now is actually very healthy.

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As markets keep very strong, despite the binance-case, there's no reason anymore to be partially out of the market in stables, as everything could start to go crazy at any time with an etf-approval.

The threathening head and shoulders topping formations in coins like $SOL got invalidated as well. Positive sign!

We decided the buy back alts that sold off since our last profit-taking and we were very happy to see $INJ and $RUNE in the red. We increased our stake in both. 🚀🚀🚀

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Small bounce in the alts, so we take more profits as the alt-charts are weakening and we need a confirmed break of 38k for $BTC for this upleg to continue.

We know we go against the crowd with an 8% allocation to $USDT, but we are still participating in a bull continuation with 92% of our funds and we are invested in these coins that proved relative strength to $BTC and $ETH.

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$BNB news seems to give the markets a serious slap in the face. Many alts are creating head and shoulders toppings signs. We take 5% to $USDT in order to protect gains and buy back lower.

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We've set up a rule to buy back below 34k.