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Jun 25, 2022
Jul 2, 2022
Schillebeeckx Strategy
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Schillebeeckx Fund is a large cap focused strategy. We aim at long-term growth, low risk and stability. LOW management fee, NO performance fee!

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$BTC ETF rejected. A new break to the downside. Happy we increased our $USDT position. Too early to buy the blood IMHO, but that may change very fast.

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We even increased our $USDT position, due to continued bad macro signs. It still looks like a new bear flag is forming.

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As usual nothing substantial happened during the weekend. Markets still in a sideways trend. Volatility is decreasing, the trading range of $BTC is getting tighter.

So far $PAXG and $USDT are our strongest performers, since our last rebalance. That could change in the blink of an eye if we break out to the upside, but the trend is your friend. That's why we hedge approximately 20% of our portfolio.

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$ETH is on the rise in $BTC value. I lowered our $ETH allocation a little and added to our $BTC stack.

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Dangerous times for the unexpirienced. The markets are grinding higher but without conviction.

The green days in alts might seem strong with large moves, but that isn't significant from these oversold levels. $BTC and $ETH are still nowhere and there's no good news from CPI-levels or Putin.

We take some profits to $USDT and lower our risk, because a new bear flag seems to form.

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$BTC still going sideways on (very temporary) low volatility around the 20k level. It doesn't look strong. A new bear flag seems to form. Inflation is not over. CPI numbers in the UK yesterday were above 9%, a 40 year high. So no reason to bet the farm this is the bottom.

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Doubled our $USDT position because markets are unfortunately leaning to the downside. Still more than 80% invested for the long term, mainly $BTC, but if we can soften the blow of another pullback by being partially in stables, that's always consoling.

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Due to bad macro signals today, I take a little bit of risk of the table. Small allocation to $USDT in order to buy blood on a pullback.

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The impressive $FTT chart in $ETH . Not everything is in a bear market!

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Very good observation. BNB too is not far from ath

Very happy to see 45 people are already following our LOW FEE Schillebeeckx Strategy.

We use NO PERFORMANCE FEE and are dedicated to a low cost approach, benefitting our investors.

Due to the severe correction, we underperform $BTC at this moment, but that is to be expected in a bear market, because we take more risk by being partially positioned in alts. We have a history of great outperformance of $BTC during the previous bull market and I'm confident, we will outperform again in the next bull market.

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for sure patience is a virtue, let's bulling in 2023 👍

46! thx for all your confidence and patience. You all will be rewarded.