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Jan 19, 2022
Jan 26, 2022
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Schillebeeckx Fund is a large cap focused crypto fund on Iconomi. I focus on long-term growth, low risk and stability. LOW management fee, NO performance fee!

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Jan 24, 2022, 9:34:33 PM
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Interesting chart: $ATOM in $ETH . Previous resistance seems broken to the upside...

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So far it looks like the bottom is in. Very happy we bought back in with our 10% $USDC position right at yesterdays bottom.

I allocated more funds to $BTC because I expect it to outperform many alts in the first fase of the recovery.

We'll see today if we can make a higher high in $BTC above 38k. That would confirm an uptrend, although I expect some resistence at the 40k level. If $BTC pauses sub 40k, it could give room to the best alts to run.

I took some 'profits' in $ATOM . It did very well during the downturn and made new highs in $ETH above previous resistence zones at 0,014. We still have a big allocation because this is very bullish, but I decided to reallocate some funds to the beaten down $KP3R because it is in a strong $BTC uptrend I expect to continue if $BTC holds the line.

$ATOM has a history of oscillating against $ETH and is on the upper band of that range. That's why I lowered our position. Nevertheless, it's breaking out above that resistence! 

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Back in!

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Cryptomarkets still look heavy. Lots of selling pressure because $BTC broke 40k. It's becoming increasingly probable that we touch 30k.

I'm glad I was able to protect some gains and I set a rule to go back fully in the market once $BTC trades below 31700usd. I don't risk to set the entry lower because it can take some time before the rebalance is executed. I expect at least a bounce at the 30k level and we'll see then how strong the rebound is.

Keep the faith. Future of crypto is very bright.

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Strong bounce in the alts from the 35k level in $BTC, but I'm not too optimistic about this yet. I expect strong resistence at 40k.

Happy though to have our largest alt-allocations in $LUNA and $ATOM who are showing relative strength.

If you look at a $LUNA /$ETH chart, there is no pullback or correction. $LUNA keeps grinding higher and higher in $ETH value and will probably soon reach the 0.03 level.

$ATOM is nearing previous tops in $ETH value. It might run into some resistence at the 0.014-0.015 level, but my conjecture is it will go higher in $ETH value because it underperformed its competitors in 2021 and is in vogue now.

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We had a small bounce in some of our alts, but the bounce looks weak.

I grab this opportunity to increase our $BTC position with the alts'profits' we made since our last rebalance. The odds are very high we will revisit 30k. Remember: Americans are still sleeping. They will wake up in panic mode. Because we fell so low, I don't expect expect a very fast recovery. That increases the odds that $BTC will recover first while the alts bleed a little longer. I like the risk reward of increasing our $BTC for now. $ATOM and $LUNA were showing relative strength in the beginning of this spill, but that reversed quickly. If this is a real bearmarket: $BTC (and $ETH ) will be king, besides cash.

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I bought the dip in my own fund and will add more if we go lower.

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Bought some extra blood with our cash position. Impossible to time the bottom perfectly, but nothing wrong with averaging down at this point.

Obviously 30k will be important support for $BTC. At least some kind of bounce has to be expected from there...

For people who are allready in the market, this is a challenge and a test of your capacity to stomach volatility.

For the people who want to start an investment in crypto for the long term: this is a tremendous buying opportunity!

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That might indeed trigger a deflationary black swan event and a liquidity crisis. Could be good for gold and would be good for crypto as well, but in the long run.

I fear the day Russia invades Ucraine..

Bought this dip with 5% of our $USDC position.

Keeping the other 15% in $USDC

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40k broke and I sold our riskiest assets to $USDC.

Why? Small alts can go down and down and down in a bear market.

$LUNA and $ATOM keep showing relative strength. I'll probably add to them on dips. And to $BTC because: the lower we go, the higher the chances for a $BTC only rally later on.

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