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Sep 27, 2022
Oct 4, 2022
Schillebeeckx Strategy


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About this strategy

Schillebeeckx Fund is a large cap focused strategy. We aim at long-term growth, low risk and stability. LOW management fee, NO performance fee!

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Sep 20, 2022, 1:02:51 AM
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$BTC is still moving sideways but volatility is decreasing. A big move is coming and unfortunately we have to assume that the trend will continue and the move will be to the downside.

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As expected another strong selloff shows we're still in a bear market. Overall markets are breaking down and will most probably drag crypto down with it. We stick to our big $USDT allocation for now.

$BTC is trying to hold the 18k level, but below 18k there's not much support left and things could get very ugly. A real capitulation panic move is in the making, but we won't go 100% out as we need to hedge against our own stupidity.

So far protection pays off as we are outperforming $BTC on the 3-month chart by double digits.

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$BTC is still struggling to hold the important support level of the 2017 top. Once it breaks down, there is nowhere to hide in crypto.

It's safer to stay mainly in $USDT until the FED stops rising rates.

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$XRP spike based on speculation. We think its wise to take some profits to $BTC on the way up. Averaging out, so to say. The $BTC value of $XRP is on a yearly high.

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Very glad we positioned defensively before the FED meeting. Cryptomarkets are breaking down with general markets. We stick to the $BTC and $ETH orders we've set up a while ago when prices were way higher.

We don't try to pick the bottom. Long term crypto is very cheap right now, but we buy the blood in tranches and will average down into our favourite projects.

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Small bounce after we bought back some $BTC and $ETH but we already took some profits because the odds are high markets will sell of further after the FED meeting on wednesday and $BTC is reaching the 20k resistance zone.

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Our LOW FEE Schillebeeckx Strategy is coping well with this downtrend by staying out of alts and hedging our portfolio with $USDT.

Remember that bear markets can make you rich. So stay postive, even on these deep red days. It's just a buying opportunity.

We will add to our $BTC and $ETH position and we will initiate a small $BNB position if $BTC dips below 18k.

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We did our first small round of correction buying. Reinitiating a small $ETH position and adding to $BTC.

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Great day to be in $USDT. Our $BTC and $ETH orders are set up at lower prices.

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As expected $ETH sold off post merge. Very happy we were entirely out of $ETH . We'll slowly and increasingly buy the blood as $ETH is a long term no-brainer.

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