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Jan 21, 2023
Jan 28, 2023
Schillebeeckx Strategy


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About this strategy

Schillebeeckx Fund is a large cap focused strategy. We aim at long-term growth, low risk and stability. LOW management fee, NO performance fee!

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Jan 21, 2023, 11:26:59 PM
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News Feed

The bulls are getting tired...

Another rate hike is just around the corner.

China reopening will support commiditie prices and those prices will make inflation sticky.

We still expect a recession and a subsequent liquiditycrisis.

Ready to buy the blood in $BTC , $ETH and our favourite alts.

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Back to safety. The upleg looks tired. Happy with our small gains on alts, but waiting for a bigger correction now.

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Down. If we expected more upside, we wouldn't have sold our alts. So far, we were right, as the markets started to go down after we sold.

correction ... up or down?

Markets are still grinding higher. $BTC is leading this 'most hated' rally ever. History shows that when $BTC pulls back moderately to consolidate, alts will pump.

But if the correction in $BTC is sharp and fast, alts will bleed heavyly. That is why we have a stop loss in place and take profit rules at the same time. Climbing the wall of worries.

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Added $GALA

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Added the amazing project $ATOM as well. 10%. We are protected by thight stop losses and profit taking rules at the same time.

$ATOM will be sold above 15 usd automatically.

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Some short term trades in alts with tight stop losses as the momentum for crypto seems to resume. Small positions in $SOL , $ETH , $DOGE and $MATIC .

We don't think crypto bottomed. We are bearish mid-term. But this is a short term postioning because alts are breaking back higher after a small pull back and some kind of retest of the uptrend.

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Although $BTC is pumping and we are entirely in stables right now, we still outperform the king on the 6-month-chart with way less volatility.

Short time noise can bring us anywhere. We keep the focus on the long term with the moon as our shared destiny.

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We're happy we are out of the markets right now. We sold our last chunck of $BTC near the 21k level yesterdaynight and it is now trading below that level. On the way down we will gradually scale back in. This is a still a bear market rally in our view.

Macro is still awful. Dow Jones index is trading close to its ATH which is crazy in our humble opinion. Lots of risk to the downside in all markets.

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Sold our last $BTC near 21k.

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$BTC touched the 20k. We sold another 10%. Only 10% $BTC now. Ready for a correction!

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