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Jan 14, 2022
Jan 21, 2022
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Schillebeeckx Fund is a large cap focused crypto fund on Iconomi. I focus on long-term growth, low risk and stability. LOW management fee, NO performance fee!

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Added some extra risk to the mix with beaten down .$CRO. $BTC made a promising upleg, igniting the hope that the 40k level will hold.

$CRO broke out of its downtrend and could easyly double from here.

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$LUNA made a new ATH in $ETH value and is on the verge of a new ATH in $BTC value.

Lots of relative strength in $ATOM as well.

Very happy those two are our largest holdings (besides $ETH ).

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Still lots of fear in the market. People want to sell their $BTC and other crypto in anticipation of a bear market.

Of course $BTC can break down from the 40k level in a capitulation panic move to the 30k zone, but it is very dangerous to bet on that.

First of all: if you sell, you need to get out in time. Capitulation moves can go very fast. Once they execute your sell order, it takes a while because everybody is trading at the same time. So you might have sold the bottom.

After a capitulation move, recoveries are often very strong and fast as well. That means: you could touch 30k and shoot back up in the blink of an eye with lots of algo money. It's a long squeeze, immediately followed by a short squeeze. It is untradeable for a human being against computers.

So if you want to get it right, you have to sell before the 40k breaks, you have to be glued to your screen and you have to buy back during the drop in anticipation for a bottom. Good luck with that. Be smart and don't play that game. It will ruin you most probably.

There is still a decent chance that the 40k level will hold. Institutional money will flow into the space for the long run. $BTC spot ETF will be approved and millions of new people will throw money at $BTC . It can take an hour, a few days, weeks or months but it will happen and from there the upside is huge.

Be patient and confident.

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Took some $ADA profits because 1.60usd is a resistance level. I redistributed the proceeds to $KP3R , $LINK and $RUNE that are beaten down to hard.

As long as $BTC holds above 40k, alts are the best place to be.

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Great to see $ADA being the strongest horse in the top 100 on coinmarketcap. You have to be a contrarian in crypto. It was beaten down to hard. I expect it to keep rising in $BTC and $ETH value.

$BNB flies under the radar at this moment but it holds very well in $BTC value and looks ready for a leg up.

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Good old $LUNA , $ADA , $ATOM and $KP3R are feeding our outperformance today. Very happy with our allocations.

$LUNA made new ATH's in $BTC and $ETH value. Don't look to much at the usd-value of $LUNA right now. It's more important that it keeps going up in $ETH and $BTC .

$ATOM is inches away of new ATH's in $BTC and usd. It looks ready for a move into incharted territory. Very promising.

$KP3R is still a small cap but in a massive uptrend. It's always a little bit risky to jump on a coin that went up so much, but I think it has lots of room to grow in a crypto upleg. I'm eyeing 300%500% upside in this one.

$ADA is recovering from a more than 90% drop in $ETH value. I think the odds are in our favor that it will outperform $ETH from here.

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More and more indications that the bottom might be in.

$BTC is grinding higher.

$LUNA is outpeforming once more.

I added the very promising $KP3R .

Overal very optimistic. 

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I raised our $ATOM allocation as it seems on the verge of a breakout into uncharted territory.

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Very happy to see this rebounce. We are allocated to high quality altcoins and they should profit from this bounce first. They all should be able to easyly outperform $BTC in an uptrend and they should be able to outperform $ETH collectively. At least, that's what I'm aiming for.

$LUNA is strong as ever..

$LINK needs some breath after the run up last week.

$ATOM refinds his mojo and looks like it will break out into uncharted territory.

$ADA , $DOT and $AVAX all show relative strength.

$BNB had a great day yesterday and will probably go to 1k in a resumed bulltrend.

$ETH will likely continue its uptrend vs $BTC to at least 0.1$BTC .

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Many reasons to expect a bounce of the 40k level.

Fear and greed index touched 10.

The shorts have to be punished too.

I increased our stake in the projects that show relative strength.

$LINK is very strong and breaking out in $BTC and $ETH value. Even if $BTC goes below 40k, $LINK seems a good bet as it has a history of outperforming $BTC in a bear market.

$LUNA sold of 35% from its ATH. I bought back our initial stake of 15%, after I sold our position partilally near the top.

I added $ATOM that is still close to new ath's in $BTC.

I initiated a small stake in $UNI. Most of the early defi-stars of this bull are 75% below their april 2021 ATH's. I bought the biggest and the best of them. The narrative might go back to 'undervalued' defi and I expect a come back for $UNI , $AAVE , $SUSHI etc...

It's always darkest before the dawn.

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