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Oct 13, 2021
Oct 20, 2021
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Schillebeeckx Fund is a large cap focused crypto fund on Iconomi. I focus on long-term growth, low risk and stability. LOW management fee, NO performance fee!

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Oct 19, 2021, 10:41:15 AM
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Schillebeeckx Fund is pretty stable last weaks in a choppy altmarket. Markets are still building strength and waiting for the $BTC -ETF confirmation. I readded $ANKR to our portfolio in two chunks. It has proved to be an interesting diversifier with lots of upside potential. It moved hundreds of percent against $BTC and $ETH in the past. It's our only smallcap. When it moves, it moves very fast! 

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Nothing to worry about. $BTC is deciding the direction of the market and the direction will be up to new ATH's. After 'the dead cat bounce', markets are scared for 'the double top'. $BTC can take some air now and little untradeable small pullbacks are inevitable but I expect $BTC to break out. We will buy altblood with our $BTC in small steps while $BTC dominance is on the rise. 

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Every strategy that tries to outperform $BTC inevitably struggles when $BTC dominance is on the rise. I'm happy that I allocated more funds to $BTC yesterday as the price is breaking out into uncharted territory due to ETF-approval. If $BTC shoots up to 80k, it will suck the blood out of the alts, but eventually alts will outperform. Our $BTC position is a hedge against the risk of a $BTC moonshot, but I will reallocate $BTC gains to our favourite alts as soon as $BTC momentum loses strenght. Be patient. Don't chase pumps. Wait for the puck to come to you. Massive upside ahead! Long $LUNA , long $DOT , long $SOL , long $FTT !

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After one year of learning, after a lot of ups and downs, i am finally running a Strategy with a steady grow and with answers what to do when market is falling. Strategy, which is compatible with Iconomy platform and it's characteristics.

$BTC approval is coming, new ATH for $BTC are inevitable. I raised our BTC allocation a little to participate in the pump through uncharted territory. I think $BTC wil go for the 80-84k level. $ETH will follow to 5k and then $BTC will slowly bleed into the alts, creating massive pumps. Great times ahead! As long as $BTC dominance goes up, our fund will underperform $BTC , but when the alts start to move we will make up for that very fast. 

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As $BTC and $ETH show strength the market finally starts to understand this is not a dead cat bounce. The alts will probably go up together with $ETH and $BTC now and I believe they will outperform. That's why I sold some $ETH and $BTC to increase our stake in $ADA , $ANKR , $ATOM , $SOL , $RUNE and $XRP . Schillebeeckx Fund is on the verge of new ATH's, has low fees and we will keep it that way! 

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As expected $BTC corrected to the 53-55k level and alts are gaining strength and confidence. $BNB was the first to pop, but we won't chase it. I added to our alts. We have to be patient. Their time to shine will come. $ADA will follow $BNB soon.

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As expected $BTC runs into resistance at the 57,5k level. It's probably correcting to the 53-55k zone. Alts need to find confidence that this is not a big correction or the start of a bear market. If the alts understand that $BTC is only slowly bleeding, they will start to outperform.

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Lowered $BTC further as it probably will correct to 55k usd while alts rise. I bought the $ATOM blood after the sharp correction and I (re)added $RUNE to our altmix. 

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Lowered our $BTC position a little because $BTC is reaching technical resistence levels at 57500 usd. Added to $ETH , $ADA ,$XRP , $SOL and $LUNA as these bullmarketaltstars look more and more ready to melt up. 

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Most market participants are too pessimistic. They still worry over the possibility of a dead cat bounce, while $BTC is clearly in a bullish uptrend and on the verge of a breakout to new ATH's. 

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