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Nov 26, 2023
Dec 3, 2023


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The Sandbox (SAND) History and Overview

Users can develop, share, and earn money from in-world goods and game experiences in the Ethereum-based metaverse and gaming environment known as The Sandbox. The Sandbox crypto, developed by Pixowl, aims to upend the conventional gaming industry in which platforms own and manage user-generated content while limiting the rights of artists and players. Users in The Sandbox metaverse have complete control over the things they make in-world.

The Sandbox ecosystem uses a variety of tokens by offering an ecosystem for tokenized assets in games. The Sandbox coin is SAND, an ERC-20 token, which drives all of the ecosystem's interactions and transactions. SAND tokens are required, for instance, to play games, buy items, or alter your avatar. When The Sandbox DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is founded, SAND will also act as a governance token, enabling its owners to provide feedback on changes to the ecosystem.

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21 Jul, 2023

Unlock the Power of Choice: Single Asset Investments for Customised Diversification

We've added 22 new assets you can buy directly outside of a Crypto Strategy. Now, you can expand your portfolio by purchasing individual digital assets outside of these Strategies, giving you more direct control over your investments. In case you are copying a Strategy but want to invest in a specific coin, for instance, Dogecoin 🐶, you can now buy Dogecoin or any other digital asset in the same way as you would buy Bitcoin—with just a few clicks!

These are the new assets you can buy directly: $AAVE $APT $AVAX $BNB $SOL $UNI $VET $DOGE $DOT $EGLD $FIL $GRT $HBAR $ICP $LDO $MATIC $MKR $NEAR $OP $QNT $SAND

7 people like this

How about $XMR though? I'd love to be able to buy, deposit and withdraw that coin the most out of all!

13 Jul, 2023

Pretty big news today from $SAND imo

"July 12th - Create experience pages using our no-code Game Maker.

Publish your landing page on the map and request Early Access to launch your experience

This fall - Full scale launch with additional features"

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8 Jun, 2023


Morning Update:

Bitcoin continues to stand firm, maintaining a steady position well above the $26k mark, while altcoins face a significant downturn as some coins were mentioned in the SEC lawsuit. Anticipating potential delistings of these coins, we've removed $SAND, $MANA, and $MATIC from our structure. All the changes can be found below👇

Post image
18 people like this

Thanks for the update. Removing $SAND, $MANA, and $MATIC shows a responsible approach. Stay informed, adapt strategies, and diversify for navigating the crypto market effectively.

ARB , ETH and Link are good choices to hold

Btc at 26500$ now and holding this position, giving us hope

Diversitas EW
8 Jun, 2023

Due to the SEC lawsuit mentioning $SAND, $MANA, and $MATIC we have decided to remove them from our structure. Delistings may follow so we replaced them with $ARB, $RNDR and $PAXG 

7 people like this

Taking precautions after the SEC lawsuit, you've replaced $SAND, $MANA, and $MATIC with $ARB, $RNDR, and $PAXG. Smart move to stay ahead amidst potential delistings. Keeping eye on your posts 😉

ARB is good choice

6 Jun, 2023


Apple's latest offering, Apple Vision Pro, signifies the advent of spatial computing, which perfectly blends digital content with your real-world environment. Regardless of your opinion on the product, it unequivocally hints at the future direction of technology.

However, in the wake of being named as securities in the SEC lawsuit, $SAND and $MANA didn't appreciate as expected. We'll cut back our exposure and accept a minor loss on this trade, but we'll retain some holdings in anticipation of a potential rebound once the situation stabilizes and we start to see the hype around the VR.

We are moving part of the assets from $SAND and $MANA into $INJ 👌

P.S. You can watch the presentation for the Apple Vision Pro here:

Post image
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The Sandbox (SAND) price history shows the highest value of 7.73 USD . We recorded this price on November 25, 2021, but we cannot exclude that a higher price was registered before March 4, 2021.

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