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Jan 19, 2022
Jan 26, 2022
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The Sandbox Mentioned by strategists

2022 will be the year of NFT and Metaverse

This is a new option to follow the Metaverse projects

Decentraland $MANA

Axie Infinity $AXS

The Sand $SAND


 Enjin Coin $ENJ

SushiSwap $SUSHI


Chromia $CHR

Have a look:

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4 Jan, 2022

Happy New Year. Ok performance the last week, but mostly due to $YFI. I have rebalanced to equal weights and swapped $SAND (risk of a pullback) for $KAVA. I think more and more people are realising the DeFi sector is relatively undervalued after a wave of NFT & metaverse hype. I'd like to get back to DAO tooling if I can find some good projects at good prices that are on Iconomi.

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Agressively rotating into L1's $XTZ and $ONE . Looking very good on the short-term. Dumping $SAND, $BTC and a little bit of $ETH.

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2 Jan, 2022

Wishing you all a healthy and happy new year!

it will be a huge year for crypto, especially $ADA and all Metaverse protocols like $MANA & $SAND, sadly Moonity will not be able to continue as it is.

One major reason is the missing staking mechanism for assets inside strategies. This is also the primary factor why PoS assets like $ADA are not as prominently featured within Moonity as it is wished for.

The next major reason for discontinuing Moonity is the missing stable coin option.

Since $LUNA 's stable coin (UST) will not be made available through Iconomi, there is no decentralised stable coin option anymore on the near horizon.

Thus & with a heavy heart Moonity has decided to stop operating in its current form. Since it can't be true to the core values, it has to evolve into something different. This transformation will take place sometime towards the end of Q1 of 2022. A more precise timeline will be posted end of January.

Stay healthy. happy & mindful 

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Here's an invite link for you @FluffBanana- and all others who would like to discuss the transformation details or have inquiries:

Thanks for asking @FluffBa At Iconomi and at Mercurius‘ Discord server, which will be revived

where will it be posted? at ICONOMI or elsewhere?

24 Dec, 2021

Good returns and a good market right now. My prediction of upside into Christmas was correct. Now $LUNA has broken $100 I have removed its 35% share unless it makes a new clean break on the BTC chart. This protects against a pullback, but we would not lose much profit if we reenter around 0.00202 BTC.

I am slowly rebalancing to other assets and have added $SAND which I have been watching for a while and looks to be breaking upwards again. It's about time we considered gaming as this trend is only going to get stronger (as is DAOs) in 2022 in my view.

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Fluid Dynamics
23 Dec, 2021

Great run-up lead by $FTM $MATIC $SAND $LUNA . Rebalanced gains and tweaked the structure to give more weight to assets that I think have the greatest potential over the coming weeks.

$FTM is the most undervalued of all L1's, $LUNA and $AVAX have been on fire and show no signs of stopping, $ETH proved to be very strong during the last dip, $NEAR up-and-coming with lots of room to grow, $MATIC entering price discovery.

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Crypto Rockets
23 Dec, 2021

Good news, we're back in all-time green! 

Hit a few high flyers, namely $SAND , $ROSE and $XMR which outperformed $BTC significantly today. Most of our other assets did as well. For me this is a small prove that the trading system I came up with is working, since I just bought into these assets because my alarms got triggered and I thought they are looking very well in their chart setup.

Also, I didn't sell the dip, but rather buy it - keeping to my promise to not panic and instead hold through any bearish times and use the opportunities there.

Let's hope we keep going in this direction and keep the rockets rising!! 

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Adding $SAND to our portfolio, good for a passive swing trade. Charts look excellent and I expect a 'metaverse' pump is coming soon.

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