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Oct 12, 2021
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Welcome to Risky Biscuits.

The focus of the strategy is primarily small cap coins with big upsides.

Enjoy the ride!

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Risky Biscuits
1 Oct, 2021

Thank you to everyone who has chosen to invest with Risky Biscuits!

The focus of Risky Biscuits is mainly on smaller cap coins as that's where I often find the most potential for good returns, but if I see an opportunity in a larger cap coin I'll take that too.

I only trade using fundamental analysis and often with a long term mindset, which is why some coins stay in the strategy for a long time compared to many other strategies.

Enjoy the ride 

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Risky Biscuits
8 Oct, 2021

Took a bit of profit from $FTM and reentered $DYDX with 5%. Fantom does not look like it's done though so for now the position is at 40%.

Still waiting for $KAVA to explode. USDC implementation and eth bridge is getting closer so hopefully it'll happen soon.

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Risky Biscuits
1 Oct, 2021

These kind of days is why crypto is so much fun 

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Should get into shiba. Is about to take off again

Risky Biscuits
9 Sep, 2021

We've recovered even better than I had expected.

For now everything seems perfect for the altcoin bull market to continue.

$FTM has already done really well in the past year but I believe it still has a massive upside. All statistics like unique addresses and network utilization are increasing exponentially.

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Risky Biscuits
4 Sep, 2021

$FTM is really starting to take off.

The fantom network is experiencing a massive increase in use too so there's a good reason for the price increase. In my opinion fantom belongs at least in the top 15.

We're staying heavy in fantom for now.

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Risky Biscuits
30 Aug, 2021

We're moving 👍

I'm still very bullish $KAVA and $FTM but I expect a small pullback, which is why I took a bit of profit and did a small rebalance.

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Risky Biscuits
22 Aug, 2021

So far It has been a good week for Risky Biscuits.

As expected, $KAVA and $FTM are both doing well. Kava touching new all-time-high today.

$BTC is also doing fairly well but we're staying heavy in smaller coins as I expect they'll outpace Bitcoin and ethereum.

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Risky Biscuits
7 Aug, 2021

It looks like we've seen the bottom.

For now we're 75% in small market cap coins and 25% in large cap.

Hoping for a repeat of the ending of 2017!

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Risky Biscuits
2 Jun, 2021

Hopefully today signals the return of the bull market from where we left off a month ago, but you never know in crypto.

During these past few weeks where the market has been moving downwards, I've lowered the $KAVA position significantly and have generally been 20-25% in stable coins. I wish I had put more into stable coins but I expected the jump we saw today, to happen much sooner.

I restructured the strategy a couple of days ago and went back to 35% kava and no stablecoin, as it looked like we had reached the bottom.

So far it looks like I was correct.

(fingers crossed)

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Risky Biscuits
19 May, 2021

A bloody day in crypto!

It seems like bitcoin started a liquidation chain reaction.
At first, alt coins were holding strong and were not too affected but it looks very much like they were sold off to cover margin calls, as everything dropped at the same time and close to the same amount.

This should mean that fundamentally sound projects regain much of their value fairly quickly.

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