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Mountains and Valleys


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Mountains and Valleys Strategy Performance

Mountains and Valleys Strategy Performance

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About this Strategy

About this Strategy

Mountains and Valleys tackles the cyclical nature of the cryptocurrency markets by rebalancing investments between fiat, btc and alts.


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-77.44 %
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+3.84 %



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Bitcoin is making another attempt above the 2021 all time high, this time with quite a bit of strength. Select alts also look eager to run. Let's patiently wait for the next leg of the bull market.

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There‘s lots of talk right now about capitulation, the top being in, this cycle being different from the others etc.

We continue to believe that we are roughly mid cycle. Every indicator we watch points to this. Can we be wrong? Of course! We still believe that bullish continuation is our best bet here and that ETH, together with select alts will outperform in the second half of the bull market. MAV is positioned accordingly.

If this makes you nervous, or even angry, this could be a sign that you are overexposed to the crypto market or have overblown expectations of how fast crypto should contribute to your financial wellbeing. In that case, there’s no harm in adjusting your positioning, by taking some money off the table, consolidating your portfolio into slow moving majors etc. Sometimes a little de risking brings back peace of mind.

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Altcoins have been obliterated while BTC hovers near all time high and ETH sits close to its March high. Market sentiment is dark, dark enough to make us think that things should turn around soon. We remain convinced that the bull market isn't over yet.

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We are moving some weight from SOL to ETH as it seems unlikely that the Ethereum ETF approval has already been fully priced in. We continue to keep an emphasis on the big caps. While it has looked like alt season is just around the corner for months now, the alts arena remains hostile territory. Focus on the ETFs has left little room for sustainable narratives beyond BTC and now ETH. Let's hope that this changes once ETH starts to run.

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@Petr the reduction of SOL was on May 26th, since then SOL/ETH went down from 0.044 to 0.038, so that particular move was correct (for now). Alts are performing worse this time around than in the past, so in hindsight, just holding BTC (and maybe a little ETH) would have been the correct way. These things are hard to predict, and sometimes we'll simply be wrong trying to outperform Bitcoin by holding alts.

Rebalancing has the purpose of stabilizing the overall performance of the portfolio, as some coins will always pump more or dump more than others, only to eventually return to the mean again. So sometimes a rebalance will "buy the dip", sometimes it will "take profit". Taking profit is a happier event, admittedly. We hope that we can return to that soon.

According to latest rebalancing, I though rebalancing is good when most of coins are in profit and and you put profits into weak coins. But now everything is going down so I am not sure why are you rebalancing. Technically we are above the btc ath and my portfolio is down -50%. So I am afraid you will be rebalancing until we got zero?

Rumors started circulating yesterday that the first Ethereum ETF applications in the US could get approved this week. This is an unexpected twist of fate, as analysts and prediction market participants previously only indicated a roughly 10% chance for an approval before August. ETH immediately rallied by almost 20% and all the long-term bagholders (like us) suddenly looked a little less stupid.

More and more signs are now popping up that the approvals will indeed happen. This would very likely be positive for the altcoin market in general, ETH catching a consistent bid and smaller alts following soon. Likely, we'll also start hearing rumors about potential new ETFs for several major altcoins soon. Those would however take a long time to actually manifest.

Looks like the bulls are back 🐂 - let's hope that there won't be any last minute surprises.

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