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May 17, 2022
May 24, 2022
CKP Small Caps
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Flipping Small Caps. All returns shown are after reduction of the fees. High Volatility, enter with DCA! We will time moving out of the Market for you.

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CKP Small Caps
19 Jan, 2022

We are crystal clear in our communications.

We regularly repeat ourselves for newcomers.

1 We don't expect the biggest gains for this Strategy until right before the end of this cycle, when massive amounts of money flow from Bitcoin to Alts.

We are limiting our-selves to re-balances,

only moving out of the market when we believe the macro top is in.

And to gradually Buy back in again during the Bear Market

2 This Strategy exists exclusively of Small Caps. They are New and Small projects which could make you beyond wealthy with even just a minimal investment. The downside is that extreme Volatility in the meantime is not only to be expected, but also pretty much guaranteed.

3 The fee is high for a reason.

We will aim to keep all collected fees locked in the Strategy permanently.

This way locking up Supply for these Small Caps, taking large amounts of coins out of the market, decreasing liquidity and further benefiting the growth of these New and Small projects.

Keep in mind that any performances shown for Strategies, are with the fees already subtracted.

Despite the higher fees, you are earning significantly more from this Strategy during our best times, and not any or much less than the average during our worst of times.

For these three reasons we expect our Copiers to spread their investments over some time!


If you want to invest €1000 in our Strategy in total, do it by moving €20 in every few days or €50 every week, for example.

This way you can take full advantage of the Volatility in the market in stead of risking your entire investment to drop.

Don't panic sell, don't buy high and sell low. don't expect us to have any more control over events than you do.

Don't invest any money that you could not miss for a while..

Do not stalk, bother, or blame us if you yourself make mistakes or faulty assumptions despite the recommendations and conditions that we clearly communicate.

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very unstable guy anyway

he is not choosing to leave. iconomi is kicking him out because of 'bad press ' from some people who are salty they lost money.

you’re funny 🤣🤣

CKP Small Caps
1 Oct, 2021


Telegram Community

(Open the bot and start it, to get the links to our channel and chat groups NL/ENG/FR)


Facebook Page

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CKP Small Caps
16 Apr, 2022

In conclusion;

Consider the +372.67% from the past 16 Months just an appetizer.

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Good things always come to those who wait. Thank you for your tireless efforts!

Rooting for a swift change in the market, patience is key! 🤞

CKP Small Caps
16 Apr, 2022


Current situation in regards to the Dollar has strong similarities to December 2016.

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CKP Small Caps
16 Apr, 2022


Just a little longer

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looking good and looking forward to an increase 🤞🤞

CKP Small Caps
16 Apr, 2022

Notice how the Dollar is also more Overbought than during the entire 2018 - 2020 Crypto Bear Market.

It's more Overbought than it has been in seven years.

These tiring and difficult past four years will be over soon, and the resulting Rally will make up for all the patience and waiting in no time.

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CKP Small Caps
16 Apr, 2022


So far, This is the second longest period the Dollar has shown prolonged Strength.

You know what they say; everything comes to an end.

This is true for Bullish periods for the Dollar as well.

For the past 12 years,

Periods of strength for the Dollar came to an end after 34 Bars on average.

We are now already 53 Bars in.

So statistically there is very little chance for this to last another few months, or even weeks..

The ending of a Bullish period for the Dollar, has always resulted in a huge Bull Market for BTC.

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CKP Small Caps
15 Apr, 2022

"#BITCOIN ONE OF THE MOST ACCURATE BOTTOM DETECTORS I HAVE FOUND. When the 2W-Stochastic RSI K-line of the S&P500 leaves the blue zone, a #BTC bottom has been reached and a huge bull run has followed."


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what is wrong with the crypto knowledge chat?

CKP Small Caps
15 Apr, 2022

For those who are unfamiliar with what CKP is and always has been exactly.

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CKP Small Caps
15 Apr, 2022


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this gives me hope haha