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Mar 19, 2023
Mar 26, 2023
Momentum Trading Aggressive Growth


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Momentum Trading (MT) is an actively managed strategy investing in blockchain-based projects. MT aims to capture profits from market divergence, utilizing trend-seeking methods on medium- and long-term time frames.
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Mar 2, 2023, 1:46:57 PM
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Strategy is closing down. There is too little fees to justify tax reporting.

Strategy performed well above average vs other managers and bitcoin since inception. But it is not about performance but rather marketing, which manager did not focus on.

Thank you everyone for your trust and best of luck to you.

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Market recovering nicely. We are in risk on mode at this point. Statistical signals say it is a bullish market.

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IMPORTANT: there are talks if binance has deposits 1:1. While it does not seem there is a problem, it will be tested by people withdrawing. Iconomi likely has some assets on binance. I would recommend to assess your investment size in our strategies and reduce exposure if you have too much. "Too much" meaning if you lose all it significantly impacts your lifestyle/finances/savings.

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Strategy will get back to more active management as we get better performance this way.

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Strategy is staying large part in blue chips and other part in fundamentally and statistically good smaller projects. Short and mid term it might seem choppy but few months performance should have a lot of upside given btc bull run continues.

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Seems it was not the best time to increase risk. We are slowly going back to safer assets - mostly blue chips that works well for the fund.

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Strategy runs 3 months and is #5 best performing since inception with less risk than others. Algos work well and we are increasing risk appetite since we want to benefit from bull cycle.

Increasing risk, means we should expect more volatility down and up. We could have bigger drops but we can move a lot more up as well 🚀

Lets make this strategy best performing and push further.

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2nd best strategy for the past 1 month. It is behind our "Momentum Trading" strategy.

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Strategy is using same algorithms as our first "Momentum Trading" strategy but has more weight on alts.

When alts are trending more than Bitcoin and Ether, strategy should outperform our first strategy.

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