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Nov 30, 2023
Dec 7, 2023


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dYdX (DYDX) History and Overview

dYdX (DYDX) protocol token is the governance token of the dYdX community. It is used to gain mining rewards and participate in staking pools. Holders receive trading discounts on the dYdX exchange. The dYdX exchange has $11 billion in total volume across perpetual and margins. dYdX provides secure trading services with low gas costs and fees. DYDX holders tokens can be a part of the governance process and propose changes to the layer-2 protocol. 

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28 Nov, 2023

On the flip side, the altcoin market is currently facing its challenges. A significant number of major alternative cryptocurrencies, including $DYDX , Optimism $OP, and Sui $SUI, have experienced price declines due to impending large token unlocks. Nearly $650 million worth of increase in altcoin supply is expected. Such events often lead to price drops as the increase in supply outpaces investor demand.

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17 Oct, 2023

As well as

Render Token (RNDR) Tweet:

🔵 #RenderToken $RNDR

✅ GPU rendering on blockchain

❌ Niche market, adoption rate

🚀 Growing demand for rendering

⚠️ Competition with traditional platforms

🔎 Innovating digital graphics rendering

🔵 #InjectiveProtocol $INJ

✅ Decentralized derivatives trading

❌ Early stage, potential bugs

🚀 Expanding derivatives market

⚠️ Established centralized exchanges

🔎 Promising for decentralized finance (#DeFi)

🔵 #THORChain $RUNE

✅ Cross-chain liquidity provider

❌ Smart contract vulnerabilities

🚀 Demand for cross-chain solutions

⚠️ Reliance on external oracles

🔎 Bridging liquidity gaps in #crypto

🔵 #CurveDAO $CRV

✅ Stablecoin decentralized exchange

❌ Smart contract risk, competition

🚀 Growing stablecoin market

⚠️ Regulatory scrutiny

🔎 Pioneering stablecoin liquidity

🔵 #dYdX $DYDX

✅ Decentralized derivatives platform

❌ New, competitive market

🚀 Rapid DeFi sector growth

⚠️ Scalability and user adoption

🔎 Innovating in DeFi derivatives

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Happy Life
18 Apr, 2023

$BTC consolidating and ALTS gaining strength is a new shift. Previously when BTC lost steam ALTS went down hard. I'm not saying it but we could have entered some kind of alt season. I've changed accordingly and added $MANA $SAND (for GameFi exposure) $DYDX $CVX (for DeFi exposure) and $AVAX (been a laggard up til now but should catch up).

Ready to shift back to either full $BTC (or worst case stables) if my bet turns out to be wrong.

Also welcome to all new copiers! 😘

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Alpha Digital
2 Feb, 2023

Over the past 73 days, we've witnessed a significant increase in the value of $BTC, with a 57% increase from the low of 15.5k to the current high of 24.2k. 

This uptrend has allowed Bitcoin to exit the descending regression channel and trade along the upper boundary of the new channel drawn from the low. 

However, analyzing past market movements, I see a strong possibility of a future retest of the channel's lower bound. The high degree of slope of the linear regression only strengthens my view. 

With the moving averages and range highs above, I remain cautious.  

I left the market in early December 2021 when bitcoin was around 50,000. I am not yet feeling any pressure from FOMO.

Instead, I start looking for sound setups, especially in alternative cryptocurrencies, before making any decisions.

I got my eyes on $ATOM, $FTM, $XMR, $SUSHI, $GNT, $ANT, $SNX, $DYDX, $DOGE, and of course $ETH

I hope you don't find the attached chart too confusing. I tried to give some "historical context" using past regression channels.

As always, these are just my personal thoughts and shouldn't be treated as financial advice.


Post image
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@CryptoEnthuzias Not much has changed, but still gonna work on a new post soon :)

Hi ! Thanks for your update. Any new opinions ? :D

2 Feb, 2023

Crypto News Week 3 and 4 (Part 3)


Highlights of the week:

- Dydx rises 30% after delayed token release

- Polygon rises 16 ahead of mainnet launch

Decentralised exchange dYdX rallied 30% after it was announced that a $156 million token launch will be delayed from February to December.

The announcement, made in a blog post on Thursday, postpones a move that would have doubled the circulating supply as tokens were distributed to "investors, employees and advisors".

Elsewhere in the decentralised exchange ecosystem, Uniswap ended the week on a weak note, failing to respond to a poll showing 80 per cent support for making the protocol available on the BNB chain.

Polygon rises 16% ahead of mainnet launch

One of the best performing cryptoassets in 2022, Polygon , extends its winning streak into 2023.

Ethereum's scalable network rose 16% last week to become the tenth best-performing cryptocurrency, helped by the rise in daily transactions, trailing only BNB Chain.

Since the New Year, the token has risen 48% and some analysts believe the party has just begun. Possible bullish catalysts in the coming weeks include the launch of the zkEVM mainnet and the migration of Solana's main NFT projects DeGods and y00ts.

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