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Mutant Investment Assets Strategy Performance

Mutant Investment Assets Strategy Performance

Feb 25, 2024
Mar 3, 2024

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

Crypto Analyst with over 7 years of experience

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Performance & Risk
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-92.57 %
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Structure changes

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Feb 25, 2024, 2:06:57 AM
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We reduced our $BTC 2% and $ATOM 5% and moved it to our $SOL position.

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We reduced our $ATOM position by 5% and our $BTC position by 3.5%

and moved

to $INJ (total 7%)

And $RUNE (total 7%)

Strong signes of recovery ahead 🫡🚀

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It‘s hard to predict at this point.

I m sure it will be only a short time distraction in the bigger picture we are still at the beginning of a bullrun.

The influence from several sides have a lot of bearish impact at the moment.

For example the sell off at the Grayscale ETF based by high fees was one of the biggest drivers.

Additional news of potential BTC selling orders by FTX and other bankcrupt companies

  • bad economic news from China.

Yeahr hopefully! Thx for fast reply Correction is not over yet. Do you think we go below 35k?

@MeisterCec we just increased our position. I think it still has potential to be a solid winner after the current correction.

We are taking some profits on mainly $ROSE which raised 30% since our last rebalance. Also reduced our $ATOM position by 6%.

We built a 10% $BTC since the chances for the ETF listing in the upcoming weeks are getting higher. We will probably see a dominant BTC with a strong ALT coin season following.

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Yesterday I changed most of our smaller positions to be perfectly prepared for the upcoming months. I won’t build a big cash position because staying out of the market will be the biggest risk.

We replaced $SAND, $MANA, $MLN and our cash position with $INJ, $LINK, $RUNE

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I decided to remove $BNB from our strategy.

I was using it for a long time. Still believe the project is stable but came to the conclusion that other coins will have more potential in the upcoming cycle.

This is why we added 2% to $AVAX and the rest back to our cash position.

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