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Nov 27, 2022
Dec 4, 2022


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We thank $WAVES and $ZIL for there massive growth of resp. 205.4% and 307.7% . Monthly rebalance back to default weight balance.

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TA says $WAVES is still bullish so HODL on for next $WAVES

Andy Storm
27 Mar, 2022

For sure everybody saw what $zil did in the last 24hours.

If we look at $coti chart, it seems that looks the same. Maybe $coti wantto take the same direction and reach 0.5 $ in short time?? 

I hope so because 46% of my strategy is with this very undervalued and low Mcap coin that is $coti. 



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@AndyStorm it only takes time , patience and tobacco 

0.299 for $COTI ...small pullback and then 

Green Power
12 Jan, 2022

Had some issues with $ZIL (iconomi bug) so that's out for now. Added $ROSE as that's a big grower right now. Glad to see everything in the green again, we have some big performers in our portfolio, $FTM and $ONE are doing great!

Green Power
29 Jun, 2021

Adding several coins that are also fairly energy efficient and are currently underpriced: $ATOM $DOT $NEAR $THETA $WAVES $WAXP $XTZ $ZIL

OUT: $ZIL $WAVES $XMR IN:$YFI for long run....

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We took some profits: $ZIL, $ETH, $BCH, and $LTC. 🔥
Added to $USDT

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We took some profits from $ZIL, $ATOM, and $QTUM. They performed well today. The profits are spread out over the other currencies $LTC, $DENT, $LUNA, $ETH, $NEO, $BTC, $UMA, and $LINK

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Stable WCI
6 May, 2021

Taking $ZIL profits!✅ addin to others and $USDT!😎

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Ides of March
4 May, 2021

Added $LINA and $ZIL and deleted $XMR and $ADA for now. Many coins will be popping this month. Taking profits on the way up📈 to buy the corrections which will happen along the way📉. Enjoy the ride everyone🚀

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Stable WCI
28 Apr, 2021

Adding to $ZIL. It looks good! 🤞✅

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