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Jan 23, 2023
Jan 30, 2023


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Antares Global
15 Sep, 2021

New All-Time High for Antares Global at the time of writing this, as it's one of the top 20 strategies in the last 24 hours. This morning we have reduced exposure to $BTC while adding $ADA, $ALGO , $AVAX, $LUNA, $FTT, $MDX and $STEEM . The cryptomarket looks ready for another leg up, the party will probably start when $BTC breaks above $47.5k.

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2 Apr, 2021

Sold both $LSK and $STEEM which both have been very bullish lately. Added 5% $ETH 🚀📈🔥

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30 Mar, 2021

Sold $STEEM since it has gone up +500% since its short-term low, added more to $BCH, $YFI, $REP which to my opinion are clearly undervalued given current market conditions✅📈🤞. Also, recently invested back into $WAVES and $OMG since they have reached relatively low price levels. Buy low, sell high🚀

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25 Mar, 2021

Cashing out $LSK and $STEEM which have performed great lately. Added $OMG and flowing some of our assets into $REP which are both near all time low prices (in BTC). Buy low, sell high🚀📈🤟

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14 Feb, 2021

Increased our positions in DEFI projects to buy the dip and take some profits from $REP, $LSK and $STEEM📈✅🚀

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12 Feb, 2021

Taking some $ATOM profits by increasing our position in $LINK.✅ Taking some $BAT profits by increasing our positions in $LSK and $STEEM✅🚀🔥

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7 Aug, 2020

Added two promising projects as long-term holdings: $kava and @algorand.

Strengthened our positions in $STEEM and $DOGE for short-term profits. I expect a bullish trend for $LTC, $BCH, $DASH and $XRP in the short/mid-term. These are well-known projects which are currently still relatively low in price level and therefore, highly promising as short/mid-term positions. 📈🚀