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SPELL GBP price chart / performance

SPELL GBP price chart / performance

Jun 5, 2024
Jun 12, 2024
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Spell Token (SPELL) History and Overview

Spell Token (SPELL) History and Overview

SPELL coin is the governance token of the Abracadabra.Money decentralized lending platform.

It is an ERC-20 token and is used as an incentive and governance token within the ecosystem. SPELL is mainly used for governance in the Abracadabra protocol and earning fees from the protocol itself. Abracadabra uses interest-barring tokens to mint Magic Internet Money - a USD-pegged stablecoin. SPELL’s maximum supply is 210,000,000,000 and is distributed for team allocation, global farming incentives, and during the initial DEX offering.

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The fastest, most convenient way to purchase Spell Token is to purchase it on ICONOMI. We check Spell Token live prices on 10+ crypto exchanges and buy it at the best market price.

You can buy Spell Token by adding it to your private Crypto Strategy (crypto portfolio). You can also use our recurring buy feature that tends to level out cryptocurrency price volatility effects. You can find out more about how to benefit from smaller investments at regular intervals on our blog article.

We recommend you do your own research and cryptocurrency analysis. Experienced crypto traders use fundamental and technical analysis to evaluate if Spell Token is a good buy/sell. Fundamental and technical analyses are the two most common types of analysis used in trading traditional assets (e.g. stocks and bonds).

If you are unfamiliar with analyzing cryptocurrency prices and want to buy Spell Token, we recommend you read the next section, as copying might be a better approach.

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If you are not skilled at these, consider a different approach to investing in cryptocurrencies. You can learn from and copy seasoned crypto traders on ICONOMI who regularly share their insights and manage their public Crypto Strategies. Go to the strategies page and use the “ticker” filter to find out which public Crypto Strategies have Spell Token in their structure.


Here you can read and comment on all posts made by Strategists about Spell Token SPELL. See all Spell Token price predictions in real time and make the best use of their crypto knowledge.

We reached a new high since the Luna crash and I don’t think the party will be stopped any time soon.

Yesterday the ETF inflow reached for the first time over 1 Billion dollar. 🚀

We will take some profits on our positions in $RUNE after a breathtaking race over 109% since end of January. Also we gonna take profit on $ROSE. After a crazy inflow in $SPELL which also almost doubled in value we gonna remove this position, it was just a short term speculation on momentum which played out well.

All our profits we contribute to $SEI which didn’t really moved much so far. I m expecting a leg up the next coming weeks.

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30 Jan, 2022

I decided to lower our $ETH holding by 3% and buy more $LUNA I'm looking at epic $SPELL recovery and think $LUNA could pull something similar Both tokens crashed due to the same FUD without any valid reason so it is not crazy to expect similar recovery

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The fourth-richest whale bought 135,000 Terra (LUNA) for $6.72 million.


Wait for it...

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@anonymouscrypto thank you for your answer. I have the same opinion. Because some strategy’s will stay heavely in alts when btc make a big run. love to see that it’s something you not will do🙌

16 Jan, 2022


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Added $SPELL , I have mentioned this coin previously in my updates and talks about CRV, CVX, and FXS. I think it speaks volumes that all of the recently added coins by iconomi are DeFi protocols. Capital is starting to move in this direction which we have positioned ourselves in early.

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The Frax $FXS Thesis

Part 2

6/ Interest Rates

FRAX can be minted into collateralized money markets like Aave and Rari's Fuse. The more FRAX that is minted, the lower the interest rates. New pools and token's looking to collateralize no longer need to find 3rd parties for stablecoin liquidity

7/ By creating collateral status, Frax can make any coin a productive asset. They can be used to borrow off of and farm. Yield correlates with return - these coins are easier to hold, and people are less incentivized to sell them.

8/ If Frax can influence the liquidity, collateral ratios, interest rates for any asset, then what does a king make?

9/ Also at Frax's disposal is its ability to influence frax related pools with $FXS incentives. We saw how instrumental Curve Finance has been in the growth of various stablecoin projects ($SPELL).

Now imagine Frax applying that flywheel to non-stablecoin projects 

10/ The Trinity

What we've discussed is just the start. One must imagine FRAX as controlling the entire stack - Frax V3 will achieve The Trinity

11/ So how much are the keys to the central bank worth? We'll find out

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What Is the Highest Price of Spell Token in GBP?

Spell Token price UK history shows the highest value of 0.01 GBP . We recorded this price on January 17, 2022, but we cannot exclude that a higher price was registered before January 10, 2022.

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