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Nov 21, 2022
Nov 28, 2022


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Rebalancing @LongTermFund portfolio to bring asset allocation in line with our medium to long term goals. Our $SNX play had a SCORCHING hot run -- offloading a bit of $SNX, +$CRV and -$LINK .

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$SNX enables swaps of any size almost without any slippage, as well as creation of tokens that can track the value of any asset (stocks, ETFs, indexes, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc). $SNX has generated $11M of revenue in the last month. @LongTermFund  remains bullish in $SNX for the foreseeable future.

Our other main plays are $FXS and $CVX. It goes without saying that we are maintaining $ETH position.

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Pigster Crypto
1 Feb, 2022
Adding a little bit more to $LUNA and $SNX . Also adding $ETH and $ANT to our strategy at low %. Things looking better right now, let's hope the bottom is in.
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Pigster Crypto
28 Jan, 2022
Adding 5% of $SNX to our strategy. The Synthetix L222 roadmap looks very promising. $SNX also standing 85% lower than its ATH.
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24 Jan, 2022

Changed the portfolio to the strongest juiciest looking ALTS at this moment of time; $MKR, $LUNA, $SNX, $ATOM, $KNC and $DYDX.

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7 Jan, 2022

Removed $SOL and $SNX Solana has a lot of technical difficulties now and SNX just keeps making lows, prefer these 2% to ATOM.

Also lowering $MINA to 2%, making $ATOM 25% at this time and $BTC 50%.

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Pigster Crypto
5 Jan, 2022

Rebalancing to original weights. $LINK in $SNX did well, time to give the profits to other projects.

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5 Jan, 2022

Added back in $SNX at 4%.

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GoldHorn Venture
31 Dec, 2021

✅ GoldHorn Crypto® Venture reviewed $WAN exposure case.

Structure rebalanced.

The future of blockchain will be powered by decentralised cross-chain interoperability.


$WAN - King of DeFi.

✅ ✅

Thank you for your trust.

Happy New Year 2022 and lots of ATHs. 

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Mcap vs TVL Analysis (data as at 17th Dec)

Latest analysis and DeFi alpha released on our blog here

$MKR , $AAVE , $COMP , $UNI , $CRV , $SUSHI , $SNX , $BAL , $REN , $YFI , $CVX and $LDO (Since last update in early Nov, TVL locked at $MKR is up 95.6% and $CVX increased MCap by 14.4% in really tough market conditions).

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