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sLOVEnia Crypto Strategy


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sLOVEnia Crypto Strategy Strategy Performance

sLOVEnia Crypto Strategy Strategy Performance

Feb 26, 2024
Mar 4, 2024

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

🚀 Embark on a Profitable Journey in the Crypto Universe! 🚀

Anticipate Movements: Identify and invest in cryptos before they become mainstream.
Mitigate Risks: Diversify your portfolio by investing in multiple strong narratives.
Long-Term Gains: Benefit from the sustained growth of cryptos backed by solid fundamentals and strong stories.
🔥 Key Features of Our Strategy: 🔥

In-depth Analysis: We dive deep into the socio-economic factors driving crypto narratives.
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Performance & Risk

Performance & Risk
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-81.99 %
+5.74 %
+2.80 %



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In the past week INJECTIVE made a lot of gains so I am rebalancing INJ back to TIA, that didn't made any gains in the past 7 days. (-6%).

Crypto market is in great position. Deposits in ETF are huge and in my opinion all BTC in ETF are in hands of long-term holders! Also BTC halving is getting closer and closer, that is very important event for BTC and whole crypto space! Inflation of BTC will be cut in half!


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#Bitcoin today hit $50000 first time since 2021🚀📈

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ETF effect kicked in! Inflows of money into ETF is rising. Outflows from GBTC is getting lower and lower every day!

There are interesting times In front of us.

I am aspecting this trend to continue. In ETF in my opinion are long-term holders and not traders! Numbers in ETF Will rise in future, that will move the price of BTC up significantly.

Money from BTC is going into alts.... So we all know what that means!

I am more bullish now that in the previous cycles!


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Market finnaly started to move up agin. In last few weeks there was a lot of price manipulation so in that time in my experience is best to do nothing (no panic selling/rebalancing) macro os looking great, ETF is also making steps into the right direction, that's why I decided to go heavy in ALTs.

Plan is to slowly take some profits into BTC and ETH. Currently strategy is heavy in alts because we aspect that market in February will go up significantly.

Currently if we look back we can be really satisfied with our gains in 1y, 6 and 3 months time frames. In last correction we did not loose as much as we gain in the past. We still think, that now is the time to be 100% in the market and also to be, like I said several times already, be heavy in ALTs.


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Thanks for updatets, your doing great, vill continu to invest when i can☺️ YesPeace☺️

Today we were witnessing market manipulation with fake news again

I rebalanced during this "collapse" to buy coins that dropped more than BTC and ETH to make more gains.

But generally plan stays the same. Generating profits in BTC and ETH and seek to make profits with finding the right nerative in ALTs.

When ALTs will go back up I will increase BTC position also to be prepareed to use that BTC if another fake news arrive.

Remember when everything is reed, it is time to buy! ;)


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Finally, the strategy has been - 40/50% for ages because i bought it on top without thinking😅 now its down to -24% and its the first time im so near to get on the green side☺️ like this strategy and think youre doing good. Hope yore awake noe to take some profit so i dont have to go back to -40/50% again☺️ hugs frome Norway☺️🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴