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Nov 21, 2022
Nov 28, 2022


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4 Sep, 2022

No more Bitcoin...

Made a significant change in our strategy, have chosen to remove $BTC as I do no longer consider Bitcoin having the innovation, technical potential or support from mainstream that it once had.

The future of Blockchain is (in my view) about: innovation, creative technical solutions, staking, DeFi, digital ownership, gaming, shared and flexible security models.

BTC is simply not the platform where I see the most creative, innovative and profitable Crypto projects happen...

Yes I think Bitcoin has it's place as a digital Store of Value, perhaps digital gold, but this use case is not very exciting to me and I do not think it is where the largest potential lies for investors.

Focus of CARUS-AR: Blockchain projects with fast development, creative solutions and growing ecosystems. This means $ATOM $ETH $NEAR $DOT $LRC $MATIC and $SKL at this time.

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Btw, not criticizing your trades past couple of months. However the btc dominance is low atm and maybe it can suprise us all in the future.

As an EU citizen, I really would like to live in a crypto world, however the euro is clearly failing. Fix the money fix the world.

@structure I could not dissagree more on both 'fiat collapsing' and 'crypto being about storing work energy'... Probably don't follow CARUS-AR if you feel that way.

31 Aug, 2022

Removed $AVAX from our portfolio. After looking into the current scandal and legal issues looming with this project I don't think the risk is worth it and better investments can be found.

Instead of the L1 project AVAX CARUS-AR will invest in Ethereum scaling solutions. Adding 4% $MATIC, 3% $SKL and 3% $LRC.

With the move for ETH to POS, more focus will go to it's technical possibilities and likely scaling solutions.

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Alright things considerd. I sold a percentance of $skl and saved it as a usd position

Btc seems te drop now and needs some charging up before we can reach higher levels.

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I sold $SKL to USD,it had a okay pump but will probably go down with this correction. I buy back cheaper. 

No further changes for now.the markets need to chars up a bit before we can pump Higher

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Goodweekend all 

I am amazed by how well everything stays green. Not only $Rose but $skl is doing good aswell,and no complains about the other altcoins in the structure.

I will keep the $usd position for now, I still expect a drop or retest of the market.if this happens I will take some more profit to put back in later.

Incase this won't happen I'm thinking of adding $one to the strategy. I will probably wait till Monday before rebalancing.

Have a good one!

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22 Aug, 2021

Remove $BTC, $XTZ and add 13% $SKL

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