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Nov 22, 2022
Nov 29, 2022


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While we still think this is a bear rally that has to be sold, we added $SHIB for a short ride because we think it will profit from the bullrun in $DOGE. We have a clear target and will automatically take profits.

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Rebalancing Info 01.09.2022 

Strategy Performance August: -8.71%  vs BTC -11.34%

Best in August: $SHIB +2.03% 

Worst in August: $SOL -25.36%

1x New: MATIC

1x Out: AVAX

Number of copiers no change comparing to July.

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Crypto Index 25
1 Jul, 2022

🤟 Rebalancing Info 01.07.2022 🤟

Strategy Performance June: -26% 

Winner June: $SHIB  -13% 

Loser June: $BCH -49% 

Every month I rebalance the strategy back to 4% each of the Top25 crypto coins without Stablecoins or wrapped Token.

1x New: $VET

24x Rebalanced back to 4%

1x Out: $FLOW

🤟 🤟

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5 May, 2022


Gucci announced that they will begin accepting cryptocurrency in some of its U.S. locations later this month, with plans to roll out the program to other North American stores this summer. 



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21 Apr, 2022


BitPay, a bitcoin payment service provider has announced that Porsche Towson, a US-based Porsche dealer, has started accepting crypto payments for their cars. 

Cryptocurrencies such as $BTC$ETH$SHIB, $DOGE. can be used for buying Porsche cars from the dealer. 

Well if Tesla won't accept crypto, I guess Porsche will 

This is just a start 

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12 Apr, 2022

There it finally is, the long awaited $SHIB listing on Robin Hood App!

Bitstamp listing is still due, lets see how much longer they will wait, now that 20million Robin Hood Users are rushing in :)

Also burning of $SHIB is still happening, could be more by my taste but patience is key here!

Stay tuned!

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Again we did a reevaluation of the current state of our investment strategy. We came to the conclusion that the upside on $MIR  is not as good as the of $SHIB therefore we reallocated our position accordingly.

$SHIB got a great setup for another pump in the upcoming weeks. And thus far it looks like our strategy is paying off. Shiba Inu is pumping today!

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3 Feb, 2022

Today's hottest news:

🧾 A Big Tax Win For Crypto Investors

💰 $325m Stolen in a DeFi Hack

🎥 NFTs Just Outsold the Entire Movie Industry

🎸 Coachella Going Full NFT


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Dramatic moves down. Given the ample liquidity during 2020/21 - people have not settled for a 2-3x, but wanted the 50-100x moves. This is what has led to $DOGE, $SHIB and NFTs rreturn to outperform projects with real use cases.

Ample liquidity leads to a gamble on returns and not the technology, and I was wrong to deny this in the past couple of months.

It wont be until liquidity is drained from the market that 'quality' projects we are invested in will prevail. This will be a healthy move for the market and will lead it to more maturity. Nevertheless it is hard to see our portfolio's tank. I'm convinced the markets will turn around, and liquidity wil flow into projects that actually matter.

For now, we hold.


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19 Jan, 2022

Still here, wanted to remove copy fee, so you guys dont have to pay anything at all, while we wait for $SHIB to turn green again, but I can only reduce it to 1% not 0% :(

Bitstamp listing is still pending

Wouldnt be too surprised when Robin Hood will also announce a listing in Q1

Burning parties for Shiba supply until March

lets see what the next weeks bring!

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