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Aug 7, 2022
Aug 14, 2022
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Oasis Network Mentioned by strategists

So $rose is seeing higher levels finnaly! 

Starting 6 off April there is a Bitcoin conference in Miami. There is a chance this accelerates the market even more! 

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4 Apr, 2022

Rebalance to take $MINA and $ROSE profits. No changes in structure.

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Pigster Crypto
15 Feb, 2022

Adding $ROSE to our strategy.

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This doesn't go's the way we have hoped for and btc might go even lower. 

In the meantime Oasis is working hard and there partnership with meta seems to get some shape. There is plenty of budget for development over there.


Short time period doesn't look verry good while btc is still being a pain in the a. 

Long term, I am getting more and more sure we are betting on the right team.

The only thing to do is wait.


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Green Machine
29 Jan, 2022

Lots of blood since last rebalance a couple of months ago but fundamentals are better than ever. Lots of uncertainty around UST and $LUNA at the minute but doubling-down on it and allocating 25% for $LUNA. Also adding small $ROSE position.

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18 Jan, 2022

Bad times, but let's focus on strong projects that are developing. Removed Bitcoin adding to both $ROSE and $NEAR 10% now each.

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Used the usd position to buy back $ROSE it's back at 80% in the structure. 

$ada and $coti are performing verry good.

Overall Nothing grazy happening just waiting till rose will really take of it has show us good strength the past view days.

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16 Jan, 2022

Lowering $KP3R 2% to 6%. Adding a extra 1% to $CRV and $ROSE.

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Goodweekend all 

I am amazed by how well everything stays green. Not only $Rose but $skl is doing good aswell,and no complains about the other altcoins in the structure.

I will keep the $usd position for now, I still expect a drop or retest of the market.if this happens I will take some more profit to put back in later.

Incase this won't happen I'm thinking of adding $one to the strategy. I will probably wait till Monday before rebalancing.

Have a good one!

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13 Jan, 2022

Regular Rebalance before earnings season in stock market kicks in.

I assume that despite the current situation (FED, interest rates, Covid, techstock sellof) stock marekt overall will do very well in earnings season which could give momentum/positive sentiment to the crypto market.

Therefore I inscreased $FTM $NEAR $ROSE as largest portion of the fund, increased $LINK and added $CVX.

As soon as momentum decreases I will return to my broader strategy. At the moment no $LUNA for me. Will be added again as I really like the project, but think there will be a bit of consolidation in the next few weeks.