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Dec 2, 2022
Dec 9, 2022


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Pump Pump Pump $RLC  

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$RLC coming to the moon 

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Market seem healthy today. Making some change to our structure :

adding new $ETC ,adding more % of $BTC , $ETH ,$MATIC ,$RUNE lowering a little $BNB removing $FTM , $ADA ,$RLC

No change for $SOL and $LUNA who began to recover slowly.

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Rocket one
1 Jun, 2021

Good news! US Legal opinion updated

The $RLC token will not be classed as a security under US jurisdiction.

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are you just hodl rlc? never move

or he just moved to Mars. he hasn’t done anything in months. surprised he still has some funds in there. dear investors pull your money out

This guy rly is one of the worst. Maybe bot?

Pigster Crypto
18 May, 2021

Using 20% $USDT (30% now) to increase positions on our holdings, adding $RLC to the structure. Still on 🚨

Rocket one
14 May, 2021

iExec $RLC is now supported on Coinbase Custody

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Crawler Coinz
14 May, 2021

$RLC Promete, denle una mirada al proyecto

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Rocket one
14 May, 2021

Some links about $RLC:

Youtube: <--- Look at their showcases or demo videos
Adoption roadmap:

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booking some profits to buy when market dips. ENjoy the gains !

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Rocket one
11 May, 2021

Another exchange listing inbound today!
iExec $RLC Trading Begins May 11th 2021 on Bitrue

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