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Nov 23, 2023
Nov 30, 2023


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Optimism (OP) History and Overview

Optimism is a layer-two blockchain that operates on top of Ethereum. It leverages the security of the Ethereum mainnet and helps scale the Ethereum ecosystem through the use of optimistic rollups. This means that transactions are recorded trustlessly on Optimism, but ultimately secured on Ethereum. With over $500 million in total value locked, Optimism is one of the leading scaling solutions for Ethereum, hosting 97 protocols, including Synthetix (SNX), Uniswap (UNI) and Velodrome (VELO). Users can access Optimism by adding the chain to their Metamask wallet and bridging tokens like ETH to layer-two.

Optimism is built around four core principles: simplicity, pragmatism, sustainability and optimism. It aims to minimize the number of components while providing a layer-two solution for Ethereum. This approach involves using existing Ethereum code and infrastructure whenever possible and keeping the code as simple as possible.

The ecosystem is driven by the real-world needs and constraints of the team and users, with a focus on building iteratively and gradually implementing features such as EVM equivalence. The design process prioritizes long-term sustainability and avoids shortcuts to scalability. Optimism uses optimistic rollups and takes advantage of the Ethereum consensus mechanism to scale the network. Transactions are executed on layer-two, while batches of transactions are submitted to layer-one. The layer-two does not have a mempool, and transactions are immediately accepted or rejected, providing a smooth user experience while maintaining security.

Transactions are submitted to Ethereum without direct proof of validity and can be challenged for a period of seven days. After that, a transaction is considered final, which is why withdrawals from Optimism to Ethereum take seven days to complete.

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28 Nov, 2023

On the flip side, the altcoin market is currently facing its challenges. A significant number of major alternative cryptocurrencies, including $DYDX , Optimism $OP, and Sui $SUI, have experienced price declines due to impending large token unlocks. Nearly $650 million worth of increase in altcoin supply is expected. Such events often lead to price drops as the increase in supply outpaces investor demand.

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Andy Storm
24 Nov, 2023

It seems that dip doesn't came. Now I added $OP, $BAL and $LRC to my strategy.

The reasons of this is on my Twitter.

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Alpha Digital
12 Nov, 2023

Quick Update regarding the recent rebalance:

As I have already mentioned, $BTC is facing some resistance in the near term. As long as it does not fall strongly in price, this should give altcoins a tailwind.

I'm personally a big fan of $ETH and do not see many other projects seriously competing with it (even though e.g. $SOL performed spectacularly over the last weeks).

Still, Ethereum faces scaling issues and that's where Layer 2 solutions could come to the rescue.

The largest ones include $ARB and $OP. The latter one shows strength and looks very good from a technical point of view.

At the same time, as long as $ETH holds above 2,000$ I believe it will keep going higher with 2,800$ as my first target.

With all this in mind, Layer 2 solutions could be primed for a surge in price. The structure is well-positioned now, should this scenario play out.

Here goes the usual disclaimer: This is only my own opinion and should not be relied on or considered financial advice.

A lovely Sunday to you all! 

Post image
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If you are bullish on L2, I believe you should check out zksync. And a second largest DEX (for now) mute switch. They have a token $mute, with all in circulation, decentralized, revenue sharing and many more benefits for holders. Maybe you should check it. Although, of course, it's not available on iconomi 😁

Divine Investing
27 Oct, 2023

We're back with a new update after a hiatus. We've been active in the cryptocurrency space since early 2017, experiencing two bull markets and currently entering a third and have learned a lot on our journey.

Our strategy was initiated during the peak of the last bull market (May 2021) when risk-reward ratios were unfavorable. Our primary focus has been on capital preservation, a mission we believe we've accomplished successfully.

While we admittedly missed out on Bitcoin's early-year surge as did many other strategies, we remained active and seized opportunities in the recent rise of alternative cryptocurrencies over the past week or two. As a result, we've positioned ourselves favorably, ranking within the top 6 for all timeframes up to 6 months and in the top 15% of all strategies on Iconomi for the 1-year horizon, despite the earlier mentioned omission at the start of the year.

Looking forward, our strategy will maintain a moderate risk profile, occasionally incorporating $ETH or $BTC for stability during uncertain times. We'll also be diligent in safeguarding gains during suddem market movements (by incorporating $USDC into the portfolio for shorter periods) to counteract potential short-term pullbacks.

Our current bets for this bull market include $ARB, $OP, $INJ and $MINA, all of which are part of our existing portfolio. Notably, the latter two have ranked among the top 5 performers within the top 100 coins by market capitalization over the past two weeks. We've also demonstrated strategic acumen by rebalancing when $INJ surged by 50% and $MINA by 90% in just 24 hours, locking in profits and reallocating them into other assets in the portfolio, which has proven to be a successful move, backed by our performance numbers.

Furthermore, we are monitoring $RUNE and $LINK as potential additions to our portfolio in the future.

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17 Oct, 2023

The updated #ApexCryptoIndex now embodies a fine blend of innovation and stability with a curated asset structure. Each token represents various blockchain segments, aiming for optimized returns and market resonance. #cryptocurrency #cryptoindex

🔵 #Bitcoin $BTC

✅ Pioneer crypto, highest market cap

❌ Regulatory scrutiny, slow transactions

🚀 Adoption as store of value

⚠️ Emerging crypto competition

🔎 Vital for portfolio stability & market credibility

🔵 #Ethereum $ETH

✅ Leading smart contract platform

❌ Scalability issues, high gas fees

🚀 Transition to ETH 2.0, protocol upgrades

⚠️ Rising competition from other platforms

🔎 Crucial asset for smart contract representation

🔵 #Solana $SOL

✅ High-speed, low-cost transactions

❌ Recent network outage concerns

🚀 Growing ecosystem, DeFi, and NFTs

⚠️ Competitive blockchain landscape

🔎 A fast, efficient asset boosting index agility

🔵 #Chainlink $LINK

✅ Premier decentralized oracle network

❌ Smart contract reliance risks

🚀 Expanding partnerships and use-cases

⚠️ Oracle solution competition

🔎 Essential for smart contract accuracy

🔵 #Arweave $AR

✅ Permanent data storage solution

❌ Newer in blockchain space, less known

🚀 Growing interest in data permanence

⚠️ Established competitors

🔎 Promising tech, potential market disruptor

🔵 #Dogecoin $DOGE

✅ High community support, popularity

❌ Lack of substantial use-cases

🚀 Potential for meme-driven growth

⚠️ Highly volatile, speculative nature

🔎 Community-centric, engagement driver

🔵 #Uniswap $UNI

✅ Leading decentralized exchange (DEX)

❌ Front-running and impermanent loss

🚀 Ongoing protocol upgrades, V3 launch

⚠️ Rising DEX competition

🔎 DEX representation, liquidity provision

🔵 #Filecoin $FIL

✅ Decentralized storage solution

❌ Early stage, operational risks

🚀 Demand for data storage solutions

⚠️ Competition with centralized solutions

🔎 Promising tech, market needs aligned

🔵 #Optimism $OP

✅ Scalability solution for Ethereum

❌ Still in development, potential delays

🚀 Layer 2 scaling solutions are vital

⚠️ Competition among L2 solutions

🔎 Enhancing Ethereum's efficiency

🔵 #Arbitrum $ARB

✅ Layer 2 scaling for Ethereum

❌ New, potential technical challenges

🚀 Anticipated mainnet launch

⚠️ Other scaling solutions’ competition

🔎 Boosting Ethereum's throughput

🔵 #TheGraph $GRT

✅ Decentralized query protocol

❌ Early stage, adoption rate

🚀 Expanding multi-blockchain support

⚠️ Dependence on ecosystem growth

🔎 Enabling blockchain data accessibility

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Optimism (OP) price history shows the highest value of 2.90 EUR . We recorded this price on February 25, 2023, but we cannot exclude that a higher price was registered before January 25, 2023.

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