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Jan 23, 2023
Jan 30, 2023


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Green Power
17 Oct, 2021

$FLOW and $NANO are out after performing poorly. $LUNA and $FTM are in because they meet our energy efficiency criteria and are achieving good results.

Rebalancing our portfolio to represent initial structure i.e. switching profits to underperfoming positions.

Dropping $NANO adding more to $SOL ecosystem $AUDIO lowering $ICP etc. Now we have most exposure to L1 infrastructure protocols based on positive fundamentals 1/4 is invested in #defi, #degen and #gaming projects.

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Green Power
23 Aug, 2021

Taking profit from $AVAX $ADA $ATOM $NANO $NEAR $XTZ and especially $WAXP ... it's been a good couple of days 

Bad correction, but it was logical, the American markets were all in the red. It was not worth going to USDT, the dump was checked. I add $NANO

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Diamond hands holding through the dip.
Rebalancing part of assets to include good performers $LUNA, $NANO more $MATIC some $WAVES, still hodling $SOL
Markets are rebouncing, institutionals are accumulating cash looking for a good entry point. 📈🚀🤟

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Rebalance of asssets.🚀

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Having $NANO in our strategy helped to reduce the loss of large $BTC correction which happened last night. $NANO was up by 100,9% since our last rebalance!

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Green Power
13 May, 2021

The growing attention on energy use of the biggest cryptocurrencies ($BTC in particular) is leading to greater interest in more sustainable alternatives. This fund aims to make your entry into greener alternatives easier. We are starting out with $ADA $ALGO $AVAX $EOS $FLOW $HBAR $NANO $TRX $XLM and $XRP, the Top 10 sustainable coins available on the Iconomi platform today.

As $BTC went down, $LUNA went up, with my nice position at 30% :-). Added $NANO, also rising as the market went down, I expect a nice further rally, along with $LINK