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Dec 2, 2022
Dec 9, 2022


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12 Nov, 2022


Those are our thought on the market in general. Now moving to our structure👀 Apart from the positions we currently hold, we plan to add $MATIC, $ATOM, $RUNE, and $LDO into our structure. Those tokens are currently included in the rules we set last night. Once the market starts to show more bullish signs we will start to diversify further

Have a great weekend!🙌

P.S. tomorrow, there will be no update unless something shocking happens😅

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@CryptoMan Those look like the once that will survive and could have a bright future in the next cycle.. there are of course a few more and we plan to diversify further once we start to see more bullish sign.

can you shortly elaborate why did you choose those alts? The are almost the copy of my personal non iconomy portfolio (except Atom).

@djredo rebalances are set based on the $BTC, not $MATIC prices...

Mcap vs TVL Analysis (data as at 17th Dec)

Latest analysis and DeFi alpha released on our blog here

$MKR , $AAVE , $COMP , $UNI , $CRV , $SUSHI , $SNX , $BAL , $REN , $YFI , $CVX and $LDO (Since last update in early Nov, TVL locked at $MKR is up 95.6% and $CVX increased MCap by 14.4% in really tough market conditions).

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