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Nov 28, 2022
Dec 5, 2022


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Diversitas is an actively managed crypto strategy with a focus on Bitcoin and DeFi.

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3 Dec, 2022


Morning update:

Yesterday was interesting, the jobs data came in much hotter than expected and the market first saw a big drop📉 During the trading hours, the stock market managed to rebound and closed just below our trend line🤔

Meanwhile, the same people who told us inflation is transitory are now saying the economy will experience a soft landing. Definitely, time to be cautious as things look top-ish😅We are getting alarm signals looking at the chart as well as listening to people's comments about soft landing🤦‍♂️

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3 Dec, 2022


Secondly, VIX (volatility index) is lining up perfectly with the 2008 chart meaning that a drop in stocks could happen at any moment👀 If this will continue, we will see a collapse by the year-end. Hard to say if this will happen but definitely something to watch🤔

When looking at the chart, keep in mind that when VIX goes up, stocks go down📉

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3 Dec, 2022


Crypto is trading in line with stocks but also looks ready for a correction. $BTC has a hard time staying above $17k while influencers are all convinced that the bottom is in. From our experiences, the bottom will be in when everyone will expect the price to go lower and start to panic sell their coins.

All in all, interesting days/weeks are ahead of us. Definitely buy some popcorn over the weekend and be ready in case we start to see the grand finale of this bear market😆🍿

P.S. Tomorrow there will be no update so we will be back with you on Monday morning🙌

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2 Dec, 2022


Morning update:

Yesterday, everyone was convinced that the stocks will blast higher after Powell’s speech. The reality was far from those expectations and we saw sideways price action. What is more shocking is the fact that there were some huge outflows, $11 billion in total. This may indicate that the big guys used J. Powell pump to dump on retail investors👀📉

P.S. This marks the biggest outflow of the year🤔

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2 Dec, 2022


When it comes to $BTC, we saw a small pullback and are again trading below $17k. At this point, the price action mostly depends on the stock market so let’s wait and see what happens today in the big casino when we get the unemployment data. We do believe a dump is likely👀

The fact that our indicator stopped printing green dots also shows that the rally is cooling down and correction may be around the corner. Again, a lot depends on the stock market but we are so far not convinced that the bottom is in🤔

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1 Dec, 2022


Morning update:

Another clown day in the stock market🤡 After Powell’s speech, the market rallied hard as he signaled that they will do a smaller rate hike in December. That being said, the bulls ignored the comments about recession and the fact that the FED is far from done fighting inflation. In his closing remarks, Powell mentioned that they will need to raise rates higher than expected and leave them there for some time👀

All in all, the speech was not bullish at all but the bulls are so desperate for a pump that they are seeing hopium in every word🤦‍♂️ Below, you can listen to his full speech and see things for yourself👇

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1 Dec, 2022


Looking at the chart, things actually make more sense as this was likely the last bull trap before the stock market starts to reverse📉 As you can see, we are right at resistance so a reversal would make sense at this point. With PCE coming out this afternoon and unemployment numbers tomorrow, the dump may be around the corner👀

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1 Dec, 2022


So yeah, as you can see, we are not too bullish and optimistic about the stock market as the economy is heading into a recession📉

What about crypto? 🤔

We do believe that the drop in traditional markets will have a severe effect also on crypto. The markets are highly correlated so we still believe that we will see new lows and a lot of panic before we finally hit the bottom of this cycle. Therefore, we are using this pump as exit liquidity and are increasing our $USDC holdings to 40% (with a nice profit)

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1 Dec, 2022


If you think we are too bearish, let us mention that crypto exchanges and their analysts are expecting the crypto winter to last another year and are therefore positioning themselves accordingly. Yesterday, the news came out that Kraken fired 30% of its workforce. Do you think they would do it just before the start of a new bull market?🤔

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30 Nov, 2022


Morning update:

Yesterday, stocks moved sideways while today, the pre-market trading is so far showing a small gain of 0,16%. Meanwhile, BTC is up 2,5% but trading near resistance. Now, this may either be the first sign of decoupling or another bull trap🤔 Will need to wait a little longer to see how things will play out over the coming hours/days👀

What is especially important is what will happen after the speech J. Powell will have tonight. Today, all eyes are on him😉

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