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Sep 28, 2022
Oct 5, 2022


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Crypto Index 25
1 Aug, 2022

🤟 Rebalancing Info 01.08.2022 🤟

Strategy Performance July: +42% 

Winner July: $ETC +151% 

Loser July: $DOGE +7% 

Every month I rebalance the strategy back to 4% each of the Top25 crypto coins without Stablecoins or wrapped Token.

1x New: $FIL

24x Rebalanced back to 4%

1x Out: $VET

🤟 🤟

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5 May, 2022


Gucci announced that they will begin accepting cryptocurrency in some of its U.S. locations later this month, with plans to roll out the program to other North American stores this summer. 



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Crypto Index 25
1 May, 2022

🤟 Rebalancing Info 01.05.2022 🤟

Strategy Performance April: -21% 

Winner April: $DOGE -4% 

Loser April:  $WAVES -77% 

Every month I rebalance the strategy back to 4% each of the Top25 crypto coins without Stablecoins or wrapped Token.

1x New: $XMR

24x Rebalanced back to 4%

1x Out: $WAVES

🤟 🤟

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26 Apr, 2022

Hello Toplytic!

We had a rough start of the week, but the news that Elon Musk bought Twitter made the markets jump up, with the biggest winner being $DOGE gaining 25% in one day.

Unfortunately we also had some bad news regarding $BTC today, the spot ETF that was announced for Australia is delayed by at least a week, more on this topic in the article below.

Overal the market is gaining some positivity back, $BTC is fighting for the 40k level and the longer we stay here the bigger the move up will be.

We still have big groups buying a lot of $BTC that being MicroStrategy & LunaFoundationGuard and also $TRX will start buying $BTC to back there stable coin just like $LUNA.

The liquid supply is still being taken of the exchanges, rumors also have it that Jack Dorsey might use his money from the Twitter sale to buy more $BTC, lets hope this rumor is true, this would result in another 1 billion $BTC buy.

Our strategy is simple and still aims towards a supply shock, with $BTC hitting new all time lows with the amount that is available on exchanges, and $LUNA being burned also reaching a new all time low (almost below the 90 million liquid supply mark ) I would say time is on our side, we have to be patient and for that we will get rewarded, our goal with $LUNA is around 50 million liquid supply so we have our ways to go, but I remain patient.

I think that not many people have realized that the delay was announced for the Australian spot ETF, so I do expect some volatility to the down side, but nothing that I would trade.

Have a wonderful week, and see you next update.

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21 Apr, 2022


BitPay, a bitcoin payment service provider has announced that Porsche Towson, a US-based Porsche dealer, has started accepting crypto payments for their cars. 

Cryptocurrencies such as $BTC$ETH$SHIB, $DOGE. can be used for buying Porsche cars from the dealer. 

Well if Tesla won't accept crypto, I guess Porsche will 

This is just a start 

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Alpha Digital
3 Apr, 2022

$DOGE sending, out for now. Let's see, what next week brings 

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1 Apr, 2022

Eigernord pursues a long-term strategy. The circa monthly rebalancing was performed on 4/1/2022 according to the following principle: The trend strength/performance of each cryptocurrency in the portfolio over the last period is taken as a basis and the weighting (strategy) of each asset is adjusted up or down accordingly (rounding +/- 0.25%). Cryptocurrencies < 0.75% are removed from the portfolio. The best performance in the last period was achieved by Thorchain $RUNE with a whopping gain of 220%, followed by VeChain $VET and Ethereum Classic $ETC with around 65%. Terra $LUNA continues to be the weightiest currency at 15%.  The 3-month return on April 1, 2022 is around -15%. The 6-month return is around 7.5%.  The following assets were removed: Fantom $FTM, Dogecoin $DOGE,

Quantstamp $QNT. The following asset was added: Waves $WAVES.

The portfolio consists of a total of 41 assets.

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GoldHorn Venture
5 Mar, 2022

WanLend dAPP (

WanLend is dAPP on Wanchain WRC20 protocol ($WAN). Native token is $WAND.

WanLend is cross chain Money Market Protocol. WanLend is Asset lending allows HODLers to earn passive income even for non-POS coin or tokens. For example, a believer of Bitcoin can deposit Bitcoins to the WanLend liquidity pool and earn interest, without the need to worry about losing the coins.

You can "enter" Wanchain ecosystem by wrapping primary assets ($BTC, $ETH, $XRP, $DOT, $AVAX, $LTC, $DOGE, $USDT, $USDC, $BNB ...) and place it on Supply market and earning passive income (APR). Additionally you receive native $WAND token. Use: MetaMask or WanBridge (

WanLend ($WAND) market capitalisation is currently only $230.000,00 and has already implemented $WAND token burning mechanism.

Atractive APRs for dAPPs build on Wanchain protocol:

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3 Feb, 2022

Today's hottest news:

🧾 A Big Tax Win For Crypto Investors

💰 $325m Stolen in a DeFi Hack

🎥 NFTs Just Outsold the Entire Movie Industry

🎸 Coachella Going Full NFT


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Dramatic moves down. Given the ample liquidity during 2020/21 - people have not settled for a 2-3x, but wanted the 50-100x moves. This is what has led to $DOGE, $SHIB and NFTs rreturn to outperform projects with real use cases.

Ample liquidity leads to a gamble on returns and not the technology, and I was wrong to deny this in the past couple of months.

It wont be until liquidity is drained from the market that 'quality' projects we are invested in will prevail. This will be a healthy move for the market and will lead it to more maturity. Nevertheless it is hard to see our portfolio's tank. I'm convinced the markets will turn around, and liquidity wil flow into projects that actually matter.

For now, we hold.


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