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Sep 27, 2022
Oct 4, 2022


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Mentions and Dash price predictions by strategists

19 Nov, 2021

First Post :-P

I just made another of my regular rebalancings according to the actual market situation.

I increased the positions in solid assets like $SOL $DOT $ADA and $ATOM aswell as in the promising assets $AVAX $LUNA $FTM and $MATIC

Therefore I kicket out the bad performing assets $NEO $EOS $LSK $DASH $KNC $SNX and $KAVA

Happy earnings

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Antares Global
23 Aug, 2021

New ATH in Antares Global helped by $ADA , $AVAX and $DASH as $BTC breaks above 50k!!! 🚀🚀🚀 Let’s how it goes in the coming hours.

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Good morning. $BTC 50,000. Nice performance from $DASH , which is giving us a double digit profit with 10% in strategy. It is difficult to find a dinosaur that performs excellently 

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Antares Global
20 Aug, 2021

FOMO back in the market as $BTC has suddenly reversed and it’s back, ready to test the key resistance area at 47.5-48k as short positions are getting slammed. Last night added several cryptos, many of them related to DeFi projects. Also opened positions in $DASH and $DCR, should provide good news soon.

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Add $XRP & $DASH for Multiple Patterns detected

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Monthly Rebalancing:



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All according to plan ..... I just wanted to give more confidence to $BNB , with a higher percentage in strategy ... but I trust $DASH ... it's only a matter of time ....

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$matic was tired, even $mkr .... I see $dash at $ 290

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26 May, 2021

We left the $DASH and profit to $BTC 🤑

17 May, 2021

we bought a little $DASH 📉

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