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Nov 27, 2022
Dec 4, 2022


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Rebalancing @LongTermFund portfolio to bring asset allocation in line with our medium to long term goals. Our $SNX play had a SCORCHING hot run -- offloading a bit of $SNX, +$CRV and -$LINK .

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1 Jun, 2022

Let's add back in some of my favorite projects: $AVAX $ATOM $CRV $MINA $NEAR $MATIC Focus on DeFi and L1 Crypto projects.

Taking some more risk at this time with ALTS, but keeping $BTC at 50%.

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guys.. I dont want to be offtopic... but if someone doesn't know.. Luna has right now passed 6.5$..

Is this truly the right time to add altcoins on a day when fed starts to reduce its balance sheet?

$AVAX out, $FXS in. Minor rebalance of the rest of portfolio [$ETH $CVX $CRV $AAVE $XMR $MATIC $NEAR]

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AVAX out 11 days after re-introducing it? Was there any recent news?

After reviewing the announcements from the $AVAX team, reintroducing $AVAX. Rebalancing $ETH $XMR $CRV $CVX $AAVE $NEAR $MATIC

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@LongTermFund performed a restructuring earlier today. There are major changes such as removing $AVAX as a risk management step due to its exposure to the Terra ecosystem, as well as removal of $ENJ, $FTM, and $SAND for the time being. $CRV, $AAVE, and $XMR have been added, as well as ramping up our $ETH position. 

While we are navigating rocky waters due to the collapse of $LUNA / $UST, as well as larger macro economic pressures, @LongTermFund remains bullish on $ETH and its ecosystem in the long run.

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Smart Hamster
11 May, 2022

$CVX $CRV and $BAL added.

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Pigster Crypto
2 Apr, 2022

Adding $CRV to our strategy, because of their new $LUNA pool 💪

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Kairos Capital
2 Apr, 2022

Taking some profits from this huge $FXS pump.

Seeing a bit of good DeFi price action again - adding some $AAVE and $MKR, staying bullish on $CRV, $CVX, and $RUNE.

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28 Mar, 2022

Upstream we go, $CRV & $ATOM performing better by the day! 

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Andy Storm
28 Mar, 2022

I sold $CRV at 2.635 and wait for him to buy lower around 2.4 $ area.

he is overbought on 4H and daily also.

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