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Jan 19, 2022
Jan 26, 2022
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Our top preforming picks YTD: $FTM +29% | $ADA +28% | $COTI +25% | $FTT +22%

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Used the usd position to buy back $ROSE it's back at 80% in the structure. 

$ada and $coti are performing verry good.

Overall Nothing grazy happening just waiting till rose will really take of it has show us good strength the past view days.

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I'm putting in a rebalance sinds $ROSE has given us a nice profit I lowered it, and added to $VET and $COTI especially these two are not back at the same level sinds before the drop. So hoping to get some more profit on these altcoins.

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Miner rebalance,

Took some %of $VET en added $COTI to the strategy,we entered for quit a high price. But $COTI seems te have potential for te next period,Mainly because there partnership with $ADA . Keeping $ROSE our largest hold at 80% en try to keep it that way as long as possible.

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Good morning

$LUNA goes its own way. We took a small percentage off, to better diversify, by increasing $ATOM which is very underestimated, and adding $COTI for the upcoming launch of his new service: $ djed is a #stablecoin


$LUNA procede per la sua strada. Abbiamo tolto una piccola percentuale, per meglio diversificare, aumentando $ATOM che è molto sottostimato, ed aggiungendo $COTI per l'imminente lancio del suo nuovo servizio: $djed is a #stablecoin 

P.S. vat'magnat' a' pastier' ?

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...and to fully take advantage of the christmas pump, we allocate our $AXS funds into $COTI , showing big potential for a run-up.

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23 Dec, 2021

Evening! Looks like we get some sort of ALTCOIN Christmas Rally 

I've added $COTI, $YFI, $AVAX and $RUNE, because they are looking extremely nice and haven't popped, yet 

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A short explanation of the latest restructuring:

$AVAX, $DOT, $ATOM, and $FET are Layer 1 blockchains and fill 40% of the strategy.

I'm looking at $SUSHI (decentralized exchange), $LINK (oracle), and $COTI (payments) as DeFi applications. Together they are 32.5% of the structure.

$AR is currently the only web3 investment of the strategy. I plan to add more in the coming days/weeks because I believe web3 is going to play a major role in our future infrastructure. Web3 currently is 7.5% of the structure.

Last but not least: $LTC. Even though it technically is an L1 chain it lacks most of the capabilities (e.g. smart contracts) the other ones have. The chart looks great and I think cyclicality will soon set in and send it to new ATHs. 20% of the strategy.

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369 strategy
29 Sep, 2021

Watch out $COTI , $EGLD, $UTK DAG, ORN something you have to follow.

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$COTI 50% on one day 😍

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