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Ethereal Strategy


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Ethereal Strategy Strategy Performance

Ethereal Strategy Strategy Performance

Feb 24, 2024
Mar 2, 2024

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

The Ethereal DeFi strategy is to focus on investments in the Decentralised Finance space.

Performance & Risk

Performance & Risk
Annualised Return
Max. Drawdown
-91.69 %
+26.87 %
+3.91 %



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Nov 4, 2023, 7:39:10 AM
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I have decided to add Solana into the mix alongside Bitcoin.

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@Madagaara yes strategy is still alive, I just don't see any need to change it at the moment.

Hello @kilojuliets, is the strategy still active ? Since 2 months without rebalance . Thanks 😁

Do you invest invest in something thats short time investment alsow? I dont need the money when im 90😅

Ethereal Strategy
13 Feb, 2023

I have decided to rebalance purely into Bitcoin as I view it as the safest place to be right now to ride out the storm.

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@FruitfuMoos when the time is right, I don't feel its right yet with everything that is still going on.

Any views on when you will diversify? strategy! GOOD JOB

Ethereal Strategy
15 Sep, 2022

Happy merge day everyone. Looks like the decision to purchase ETH a few months ago has been validated. Not selling anytime soon.

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NP. Just checking for an update. Thx

@JumpDistributio still very much alive, we are running a conservative strategy and it hasn't made sense to make any changes.

Is this strategy still ongoing or has it been abandoned?

Ethereal Strategy
16 Jun, 2022

I have decided to re-enter the market with a 50/50 allocation of Bitcoin and Ethereum. We are around the 200 week moving average buy in prices that I flagged previously. If the situation goes south I'll revert back to cash again.

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This is a hard entry FOMO got you but ok is there any news or something because macro is still not looking good ? Is your decision based just on the 200 WMA

Ethereal Strategy
13 Jun, 2022

Well things are looking pretty dire, inflation is out of control, centralised lending platforms are going bust, FOMC meets next week with the bad CPI print, QT ramps up to the full 95 billion in the next few months. I do not think the bottom is in yet. So we are staying in cash for the moment.

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