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Jun 25, 2022
Jul 2, 2022
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Arweave Mentioned by strategists
11 Mar, 2022

Quick re.balance update

Moonity added more $BTC $EGLD & $AR and took small profits from $LUNA & $WAVES

Side note: The strategy will consolidate next bull run, dropping many small assets, as well as assets that could be delisted from Iconomi without prior notice.

Stay safe, healthy & mindful 

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9 Nov, 2021

Tiny Rebalance Update

Reinvested profits, Moonity took at new $BTC ATH, back into bitcoin, $AR & $LUNA

Stay happy, healthy and mindful

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Green Power
7 Nov, 2021

Had a good week and the market looks ready for another good week (with some minor speedbumps along the way). Taking weekly profit from $AVAX (37%) $AR (34%) $BNB (27%) $SOL (26%) and $DOT (23%), amongst others.

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Alpha Digital
5 Nov, 2021

A short explanation of the latest restructuring:

$AVAX, $DOT, $ATOM, and $FET are Layer 1 blockchains and fill 40% of the strategy.

I'm looking at $SUSHI (decentralized exchange), $LINK (oracle), and $COTI (payments) as DeFi applications. Together they are 32.5% of the structure.

$AR is currently the only web3 investment of the strategy. I plan to add more in the coming days/weeks because I believe web3 is going to play a major role in our future infrastructure. Web3 currently is 7.5% of the structure.

Last but not least: $LTC. Even though it technically is an L1 chain it lacks most of the capabilities (e.g. smart contracts) the other ones have. The chart looks great and I think cyclicality will soon set in and send it to new ATHs. 20% of the strategy.

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Paradigm Shift 1
5 Nov, 2021

Removed small remaining $ADA exposure and made some other allocations in favour of $AR and $ONE.

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@SquarAdaptatio im afraid $ADA will struggle if they dont improve their technology / solve its problems.

Good morning

Some interesting days and weeks went by with some interesting developments  $AR and $ENJ showed very strong performance lately. The prices are still reasonable to DCA into balanced positions or add some new ones to the portfolio.

Have a nice and profitable day 

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Good morning .... a spectacular $AR even in the night, there is a 36% profit.

($AR = Datacloud)

Buongiorno, uno spettacolare $AR anche in nottata che ci sta dando un profitto del 36%

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Our $AR allocation is up 83% with more to come from the $SOL conference later this week. #MooNovember is going to be a great month.

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Wow...... and $AR great game..... 

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Good morning .... Another great night. Delete $DYDX , add $AR

Buongiorno, un'altra grande nottata. Eliminiamo $DYDX , ed inserimo $AR

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