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Nov 27, 2022
Dec 4, 2022


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Still sideways action, but interesting to see some alts bottom or show relative strength.

I took the risk to buy this small dip in $LINK 's new uptrend. It has tremendously outperformed in the previous bearmarket and is less correlated to $BTC than other alts. It could be a great diversifier. A new $LINK bull cycle is declared all too often and faded quickly but if it refinds its mojo it could be extremely beneficial for our portfolio.

Other relative strength in $ADA (I didn't sell), $XTZ (surprisingly), $THETA and HELIUM.

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Agressively rotating into L1's $XTZ and $ONE . Looking very good on the short-term. Dumping $SAND, $BTC and a little bit of $ETH.

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As we rebalanced the Index and added $MATIC and $XTZ plus added some % $ADA we are now able the DCA in and profit from the realtive corrections in preparation for the stronger upside of these projects. This is as low risk as it gets these days....In the end nobody can predict the future, but on the other hand what is the alernative?

The bulls have, and must always win, for otherwise there will be blood in the streets.In the end its a collective choise really... demise or life?

What's yours?

As always, have a nice and profitable day. 

SwissWolf Alpha - out

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$MATIC and $XTZ were added to the index, both projects show big potential and they seem on track to deliver the results! Both projects are ready to move. MATIC with its new partnership, and as a gamer well XTZ is a must. Like $ENJ that I hold for so long and made good coins with.... 

Have a nice an profitable day guys.

SwissWolfAlpha - out

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8 Dec, 2021

Great news regarding $XTZ blockchain.

1. Rarible integration

2. Successful Hangzhou integration

3. Ubisoft (Ghost Recon Breakpoint NFT integration) first AAA game title - blockchain integration

4. TezFin lending

5. Successful ArtBasel Miami event

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$CRV in, $XTZ and $ADA out

Curve DAO is criminally undervalued at the moment - target of $10 and then see how the land lies.

Tezos and Cardano are struggling with traction at the moment, so they're replaced for now.

$BTC has filled the CME gap and has good potential for the week - keeping a close eye on it as always.

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16 Nov, 2021

Some of the NFT tokens I favor already recovered quickly, Going back in and swapping $XTZ for $LRC as it is super hot right now.

Tight stop loss at 5% in place in case more blood during the night.

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OK, 5% is definitely too tight for these tokens + 100% in. Trying again with 10%

Rebalance into BTC

We're potentially looking at the start of a bull phase for $BTC - long term holders' distribution has turned negative, just as happened on every previous bull run, we've just had a weekly close ATH, and we both opened AND closed the week above a log of 1.618 - a precursor for bull runs in the past.

We are now 40% BTC, with a primary target of $85,000 and seeing how the land lies from there (potential to end the month on $98,000 as per PlanB S2F).


we've took profits from $ETH, and rebalanced to 20%.$DOT to 10%$MATIC to 5%$LUNA to 10% (big potential for growth over coming months)$XTZ decreased to 5%$ADA increased to 5%$BNB increased to 5%

We've taken profits from $ALGO and redistributed accordingly, although we will probably reinvest in the coming months.

Again, $AVAX is on the watchlist - potentially overbought currently.

$SOL, awaiting more news.

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1 Nov, 2021

Why am i still optimistic for $XTZ

The upcoming Hangzhou upgrade is going to open the road for the Marigold developer's to implement 2 mayor layer two projects. The first one are sidechains (a prototype already exists and is going to be made public soon). The second project are (ORU) Optimistic RollUps (sharding comes after these two upgrades). To add to this I am expecting that tezos is going to be added to the Coinbase NFT marketplace right after $ETH

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Third reason and my main point Tezos is highly effective (gas+throughput) and has great development in the NFT sector.

Why Coinbase NFT marketplace could add Tezos? The first mayor indicator is that Coinbase hired Andrew Eugene Choi (one of the main contributors of the Tezos-HicEtNunc NFT marketplace). The second reason is that Breitmans have a really great relationship with the CEO of Coinbase.

Monthly Structure Change 2021-11

 Added $AXS, $FTM, $SHIB

 Removed $FTT, $ETC, $XTZ

 Rebalance Turnover 6.83%

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