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WistCap Flagship Long


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WistCap Flagship Long Strategy Performance

WistCap Flagship Long Strategy Performance

Jun 12, 2024
Jun 19, 2024
WistCap Flagship Long
Past performanceis not indicative of future results. EUR (€) currency fluctuations can cause returns to go up or down. Returns shown are before fees.See feesandStrategy data disclosurefor more details.

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

The Flagship strategy is a concentrated strategy with bitcoin at its core. The aim is to increase the fund's holding in bitcoin over the medium to long term, by trading in smaller coins and tokens. Our selection process is driven by bottom up analysis, augmented by timing aids, of which relative strength is a key input. Investors should expect bitcoin to represent between 70-100% of the strategy.


Annualised Return
Max. Drawdown
-20.68 %
-5.80 %
+1.79 %



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Another edition of CHAINLETTER hits the planet's inboxes. Entitled "Bitcoin Is Poised To Break Out Again" we tackle the most critical technical, on-chain, macro and crypto specific issues of the fortnight.


Enjoy it and sign up on our website to receive it directly.

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20% corrections have been a consistent feature of $BTC's run-up from the 2023 lows. We are tracing a healthy path back to the medium term uptrend. When the RSI has breached the 40 line over the last year, the price has generally formed an interim low.

This looks like an obvious area of support although as ever much will depend on the macro. That said, this market moves from being "bad news sensitive" to "good news sensitive" in pretty short order.

Eyes on the horizon.

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Enclosing a link to our latest newsletter. (Bitcoin Is A Slow Fix - CHAINLETTER 28).

Markets are entering choppy waters, but Bitcoin is holding up strongly. This is an important phase. $BTC passes the test and proves to be a lifeboat, it will roar. The technical set-up in this regard is encouraging. We examine the case for decentralisation, and look at some blockchain use cases in the poorest parts of the world. Also, why open-source should be the default setting in the free world.

Technical analysis Flag pattern in play, BTC dominance increases

On-Chain Transactions recover

Macro Gold sniffs inflation, MOVE smells trouble

Cryptoverse Blockchain use cases making the world a better place

Ethos Bitcoin is a slow fix, why decentralisation is better for freedom

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Click here for our fortnightly newsletter, CHAINLETTER. This edition entitled "HAVE I MISSED IT (2)?" (The first part was written in November 2023, when the price was US$36,000).

For technical and macro reasons the short term could be choppy, but that's an opportunity to add. Longer term we argue we are entering a new regime.

Also, why:

  • making a new high is as significant as the ETFs.
  • ...bitcoiners in Egypt should be building a pyramid to Satochi.
  • ...BTC should get to more than US$300,000

And more.

In the WistCap Flagship Long strategy we have taken this bout of weakness to add $IMX as part of our "sector leader" process.

Little change elsewhere, delighted by the contrarian price behaviour in $MKR which is behaving like a genuine portfolio diversifier.


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This week's CHAINLETTER - commentary and analysis on $BTC valuation, $RNDR , $UNI , ETF flows, on-chain behaviour (subdued), beneficiaries of the $ETH Dencun upgrade.

Lovely feedback from a subscriber this morning:

"Charlie, Just want to say that I subscribed to a dozens of letters but the one you wrote is the BEST out there. Thanks for pouring your blood and sweat into this gem of a letter. I truly hope millions read this on a regular basis."

It's a very long way from millions, but I hope you find something valuable in here!


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