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WistCap Flagship Long


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WistCap Flagship Long Strategy Performance

WistCap Flagship Long Strategy Performance

Feb 26, 2024
Mar 4, 2024

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

The Flagship strategy is a concentrated strategy with bitcoin at its core. The aim is to increase the fund's holding in bitcoin over the medium to long term, by trading in smaller coins and tokens. Our selection process is driven by bottom up analysis, augmented by timing aids, of which relative strength is a key input. Investors should expect bitcoin to represent between 70-100% of the strategy.

Performance & Risk

Performance & Risk
Annualised Return
Max. Drawdown
-16.12 %
+18.90 %
+3.24 %



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This week's CHAINLETTER - commentary and analysis on $BTC valuation, $RNDR , $UNI , ETF flows, on-chain behaviour (subdued), beneficiaries of the $ETH Dencun upgrade.

Lovely feedback from a subscriber this morning:

"Charlie, Just want to say that I subscribed to a dozens of letters but the one you wrote is the BEST out there. Thanks for pouring your blood and sweat into this gem of a letter. I truly hope millions read this on a regular basis."

It's a very long way from millions, but I hope you find something valuable in here!


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$STX (Stacks) added to the portfolio at 9%. Very simply this is a bitcoin scaling and smart contract solution, and therefore a core holding for us as we see this as a huge area for growth. It's been a part of our non-ICONOMI portfolios for a while (STX only recently listed on ICONOMI so hasn't been possible up until now).

We have also added a small 5% position in $ETH. This is lower conviction trading idea, but there's good reason to expect it to trade well relative to BTC as we get closer to the next upgrade, Dencun, and the possibility of an ETH ETF.

It's hard to ignore ETH's recent price behaviour relative to BTC. It has seemingly put in a low and looks set to break out of a downtrend.

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The latest CHAINLETTER, "Bitcoin's Institutional Age Gets Underway".

How we get to a US$250,000 BTC target, comparisons with gold, analysis of ETF flows, an all-time $BTC high in JPY, a brief comment on $STX and $SOL, and more.

"Think about where it's heading, not where it's come from".

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This week CHAINLETTER includes updates on how BTC has been performing relative to other asset classes, and why it's still good value based on on-chain data. We examine the latest in China and look at an example of fracturing politics in the US. In the crypto section, updates on MATIC and HNT.

The portfolio strategy remains conservatively positioned, heavily dominated by BTC. The latest pronouncements from Powell are unhelpful for high risk crypto/altcoins, but present a buying opportunity for BTC. As we emerge from this bout of weakness we'll be looking for use-case applications rather than infrastructure as the driver of the next leg higher.

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In last week's CHAINLETTER ("Bitcoin can now go mainstream") I argue that Bitcoin's recent price behaviour has been driven more by the macro than front-running the US ETF approval.

This means that wider institutional adoption is not in the price. This is also good news because it means that BTC is doing the job it is supposed to do, which is protect wealth in times of currency debauchment.

I also argue that it is now cheap.

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