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Nov 22, 2022
Nov 29, 2022


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The weekly rebalance was made an hour ago. So far, no changes in structure, 50% $BTC and 50% $USDC  Just like with Diversitas, we are waiting for the final capitulation event before deploying more capital😉

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26 Nov, 2022


Last but not least, we are still seeing negative Coinbase Premium, which is also signaling that the pain may not be over when it comes to crypto. This is also the reason why we are patiently waiting for the final capitulation event with 30% of our position in stablecoins$BTC $USDC

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25 Nov, 2022


Morning update:

Yesterday, the stock market was closed due to Thanksgiving. Crypto on the other hand moved mostly sideways. Today, the trading hours are shorter so this may be another day with little action. Therefore, there is not much to say at this point so have a great day and we will be back with our updates tomorrow🙌$BTC $ETH $BNB $USDC $LINK

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Diversitas EW
21 Nov, 2022

We are rebalancing the structure back to its original weight. Sticking to 50% $BTC 50% $USDC structure here as we could see more volatility over the coming days👀

Below are the changes, as you can see we are buying a little bit more $BTC here

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17 Nov, 2022


Morning update:

Yesterday, Gemini Earn stopped processing withdrawals as their partner Genesis is facing issues due to the FTX collapse. Although the Gemini exchange continues to operate, people started to withdraw funds from it in a big way👀$BTC $ETH $USDC

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@StrangContentio there must be some sort of explanation...

@BluGraf the Genesis story is much different as they are lenders. They also do not have that many users. Exchanges like Gemini can also cover their losses in case they do go down.

Don't you think Genesis issue will drive the price down further similar to FTX issue?

17 Nov, 2022


We are seeing this trend when it comes to overall $BTC exchange reserves. People are doing this in panic but as a result, there is very little $BTC left on exchanges meaning that the selling pressure is extremely low at the momentThis is extremely bullish so we have decided to buy some more $BTC at $16,500. We are increasing our holdings by an extra 5% and lowering our $USDC hedge to 30%.

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14 Nov, 2022


Morning update:

Early this morning, $BTC dropped below $16k and the rebalance to invest an extra 5% $USDC into $BTC was triggered. So far, we have seen a very encouraging bounce but it's too early to call for the bottom. For now, we will keep our rules in place but monitor the market in case we start to see some bullish signs👌

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Diversitas EW
14 Nov, 2022

Rebalance to remove $USDT and go into 50% $BTC, 50% $USDC position

Slowly buying the deep/fear😉

Once we will see more bullish signs, we will start to diversify into altcoins, the plan is to have 10 positions with a 10% weight👌

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We bought back lower what we sold two days ago in $BTC , $ETH and $BNB.

Due to contagion risks, everything is risky now. That's why we position ourself as prudently as possible. We decided to split our stables into a 20% $USDT and a 20% $USDC stake.

Being in the biggest and the best crypto's like we are now, is the safest way to play this crypto winter.

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We zijn maar voor de helft omgeschakeld omdat we zowel $USDT als $USDC vertrouwen, maar het heeft -zeker na het LUNA-debacle- geen zin om onze strategie nodeloos aan extra risico bloot te stellen door te lang een te grote positie in één stablecoin aan te houden. We achten de kans voor een grote en duurzame depeg van $USDT erg klein. Kleine schokken bij grote volatiliteit kunnen altijd, maar worden redelijk snel opgevangen, net als nu.

diversitas copy paste. maar je hebt gelijk, doe hetzelfde 🤣🤣

13 Nov, 2022

More and more rumors are starting about $USDT and with the peg almost back at a dollar, we decided to rather exit it and switch to $USDC. It will cost us something in trading fees but it's worth doing it as we don't want to risk such a big percentage of our structure.

Furthermore, we also increased the $BTC position to 40% and will therefore adjust the rules we have in place. We did this mainly because $BTC could go up in case we see more pressure on $USDC as people will likely sell them for $BTC. We saw this happen in the past so increasing $BTC by 5% at $16,500 (78% down from its ATH) seems like a good idea

Here is also an interesting thread about $USDT 👇🤔

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@Marquito we are slowly entering also with EW and have now invested 50% of our holdings. That being said, we are entering with a different phase as it is an equal weighted strategy and does not allow us to enter with small buys like here (5% for example)..

are you planning to do the same with your EW Strategy, exit usdt?