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Jan 14, 2022
Jan 21, 2022
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Momentum Trading (MT) is an actively managed strategy investing in blockchain-based projects. MT aims to capture profits from market divergence, utilizing trend-seeking methods on medium- and long-term time frames.
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Momentum Trading
5 Jun, 2021

Our strategy experienced large draw down. While we expect strategy to be volatile, these forced liquidations pushed our portfolio a lot more down than anticipated. This is due to a lot more leverage in the system.

To counter large draw downs, we added PAXG and USDC which will be in the portfolio all the time and we do regular rebalances. Meaning, we take profits regularly and in crashes buy the dips. This should be effective even in bear markets.

If we hold 50% of portfolio in gold and cash, max draw down for the portfolio is -45% assuming crypto crashes -90%. Meaning, we can survive even the largest crypto winters. The upside always takes cares of itself.

We will re assess how much of portfolio to hold in cash and gold all the time.

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Momentum Trading
19 May, 2021

Many started selling bitcoin today. This caused forced liquidation in futures markets and started liquidating other assets traders were holding. $6.4B+ liquidated today already.

Alts were holding strong, though forced liquidations pushed it down and they are at deeply discounted prices. Seems bad, but great opportunity to buy those blue chip alts if one has capital available. Spot only.

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Momentum Trading
18 May, 2021

BTC is underperforming as well as some other large assets. Strategy will have more focus on DeFi as it is outperforming other sectors.

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Momentum Trading
29 Apr, 2021

We have $4.5B in btc+eth options expiring this Friday. Meaning we have more volatility in the markets. It could push either side short term and then stabilize.

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Momentum Trading
20 Apr, 2021

Strategy is running a bit more risk than usual. We increased risk on this dip as we expect market to consolidate and bounce. If this does not happen we will come back to our normal risk profile.

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Momentum Trading
18 Apr, 2021

Fake news: "US regulator charges financial companies for money laundering using cryptocurrencies". This pushed prices lower and forced $9+ billion in liquidations.

Price action was driven by the news and then algos and forced liquidations.

Trend does not change, we have a correction, likely short term. So this is buy the dip moment if one was looking for good entry.

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Momentum Trading
14 Apr, 2021

Red day for most managers while our strategy consistently up.

We are entering later stage of bull cycle and likely to see large moves up and later downwards.

We will try to manage risks and upside will take care of itself.

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Momentum Trading
10 Apr, 2021

Our strategy is performing great over past 6 months. Equity curve shows small dips and great momentum. Outperforming bitcoin almost 2x.

Market is choppy but our algorithms find the right assets to maintain growth with manageable risks.

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Momentum Trading
7 Apr, 2021

There is short term correction. Our strategy is holding very well.

Market became choppy, which is normal when we are in mid bull cycle. We have bigger moves both sides.

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Momentum Trading
31 Mar, 2021

On a red day strategy is positive. Shows resilience of our trading models.

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