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sLOVEnia Crypto Strategy


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sLOVEnia Crypto Strategy Strategy Performance

sLOVEnia Crypto Strategy Strategy Performance

Jun 12, 2024
Jun 19, 2024
sLOVEnia Crypto Strategy
Past performanceis not indicative of future results. EUR (€) currency fluctuations can cause returns to go up or down. Returns shown are before fees.See feesandStrategy data disclosurefor more details.

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

🚀 Embark on a Profitable Journey in the Crypto Universe! 🚀

Anticipate Movements: Identify and invest in cryptos before they become mainstream.
Mitigate Risks: Diversify your portfolio by investing in multiple strong narratives.
Long-Term Gains: Benefit from the sustained growth of cryptos backed by solid fundamentals and strong stories.
🔥 Key Features of Our Strategy: 🔥

In-depth Analysis: We dive deep into the socio-economic factors driving crypto narratives.
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I am not into meme, but sometimes you need to listen the market. Meme narative is really strong and currently it is ok to have few % of your portfolio in meme... But with meme we need to be really careful. In long-term I don't see any potential in it. But in short-term they can give massive gains. Today I added some Pepe, this will be short-therm move. (It is down more than 10% in last 24 Hours). Still plan stays the same, keep in portfolio mostly projects that has great potential to succeed in long-term. We just need to be patient!.

Exponential growth is coming...


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Now that Rune lending has reopened there Is a lot of interest in it. All loans have 0% interest, no liquidations, and no expiration.

We saw similar mechanism at Luna, but this at Thorchain is much more complex and in my opinion much safer that things won't go wrong.

Opening new loans creates a deflationary effect on the $RUNE asset, whereas closing loans creates an inflationary effect on $RUNE.If the value of $RUNE relative to $BTC is the same when the loan is opened and closed, there is no net inflationary effect on $RUNE (same amount burned as minted minus the swap fee). However, if the value of the collateral asset increases relative to $RUNE between the time the loan is opened and closed, there will be net inflation of $RUNE supply.

I see huge potential in Thorchain so we will keep big % of rune in our strategy!


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Have faith man, I joined this strategy a few months ago I have +50%

OK I understand... Open it changed soon

Investing is not an one day process... You need to be patient! That is the key to get good results.

In the past week INJECTIVE made a lot of gains so I am rebalancing INJ back to TIA, that didn't made any gains in the past 7 days. (-6%).

Crypto market is in great position. Deposits in ETF are huge and in my opinion all BTC in ETF are in hands of long-term holders! Also BTC halving is getting closer and closer, that is very important event for BTC and whole crypto space! Inflation of BTC will be cut in half!


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#Bitcoin today hit $50000 first time since 2021🚀📈

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ETF effect kicked in! Inflows of money into ETF is rising. Outflows from GBTC is getting lower and lower every day!

There are interesting times In front of us.

I am aspecting this trend to continue. In ETF in my opinion are long-term holders and not traders! Numbers in ETF Will rise in future, that will move the price of BTC up significantly.

Money from BTC is going into alts.... So we all know what that means!

I am more bullish now that in the previous cycles!


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